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itslate 4 points

I understand that life and work makes these things difficult, I do, but that kind of attitude will only ever prevent you from succeeding in this path. You have to find the time, drop your leisurely activities, and do what it takes. The CCNA and NP were fairly easy, but the ccie consumed my life. It pushes you to the brink. And if you want to chase this path, you have to burn the time for it.

earthquake_glue -2 points


I’ve also worried about falling behind on other tech while I focus on CCNA. I really want to get better at programming and it’s hard to dedicate time to that while I’m focused on CCNA curriculum.

riding_qwerty 2 points

There’s no reason you can’t spend a little time here and there programming, say, a subnet calculator in $desired_language to help learn syntax and idioms while also reinforcing networking fundamentals.

earthquake_glue 1 point

Good call. Think I'll carve out some work time to try that....while also learning more AWS, deeper dives into Linux and user support. haha

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earthquake_glue commented on a post in r/GolfGTI
earthquake_glue 1 point

1996 Jetta, purchased in 2005. 2006 Civic, purchased in 2013.

2016 GTI, purchased in 2018. Love this damn car.

Dtrius 1 point

Haha the reliability of the civic must have been nice compared to the Jetta eh?

earthquake_glue 1 point

Entirely. I was 15 when I got the Jetta and drove it until I was ~24. I was not kind to the Jetta, especially given how much and how hard I drove it. Maintenance was not a word in my vocabulary at 15-18.

Fast forward to 29 and I own a GTI. It’s a car that makes me smile and I feel genuinely connected to.

earthquake_glue commented on a post in r/sysadmin
earthquake_glue 2 points

Yes. I have a BA in History and I work as a Sysadmin. It can be done. A lot of soft skills can be honed in the humanities, especially writing and communication.

BBQheadphones 1 point

Soft skills will take you very far in IT.

Assuming you actually have the technical skills too, of course.

earthquake_glue 1 point

Totally. You can teach most people the technical aspects of the job. But, being a good person who can deal with other people can’t really be taught IME.

zanfar 3 points

There aren't many facts in the CCNA that shouldn't be memorized.

Processes, concepts, and logic IMO are better understood--as in you internalize them--instead of memorizing the text. But everything else, yes, you should memorize it.

earthquake_glue 1 point

That’s a good distinction, facts vs concepts.

earthquake_glue commented on a post in r/rawdenim
earthquake_glue 0 points

Looking to sell my Rogue Territory Striders. Size 36. Asking $80

  • Waist 18.5”
  • recently tapered to match my Tellason Elgin’s.
  • soaked twice with some detergent.
  • faces coming in nicely.

Also looking to sell my left field trousers. Size 36. Asking $50.

  • Indigo color
  • recently hemmed to 35”
leftrightstart 2 points

Would you send some pictures please.

earthquake_glue 1 point

Certainly! As soon as I get home tonight. Anything in particular you'd like to see? Both pairs I assume?

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ARCFXX 1 point

Weirdly they only seem to configure the FN key.

You can remap it using OSX's system settings or Karabiner though.

earthquake_glue 1 point

That's what I was afraid of. Don't really wanna go through the hassle of returning the board because it's really great. I'll likely just remap. Thanks!

zanfar 2 points

This is true. While syntax and nomenclature will differ between vendors (notice that on /r/networking the vendor-neutral term LAG is used far more often than on /r/cisco), the concepts remain the same. That's the beauty of standards and is what gives us interoperability.

It's also why I cringe every time someone refers to the CCNA as a "vendor certification". While technically true, it misses the point entirely.

earthquake_glue 1 point

It's also why I cringe every time someone refers to the CCNA as a "vendor certification". While technically true, it misses the point entirely.

Agreed. I'm only going for it because A) It's accessible, from a material/study perspective and B) has been pretty thorough in concepts and practical application. You have to start somewhere and I'd rather start here than with Net+, personally.

_chrisjhart 2 points

The beautiful thing about networking is that the fundamentals remain the same no matter which vendor you work with. A frame is a frame is a frame, a packet is a packet is a packet - it doesn't matter if it goes through an HP, Dell, Cisco, Juniper, Cumulus, or Arista, the fundamental behavior will remain the same. Some more complex implementations of different technologies might differ from one vendor to another, but when it comes to basic switching and routing, everybody's on the same page.

As you mentioned, the syntax and terminology is the most difficult part of transitioning from one vendor to another. This is especially an issue with 802.1Q - it seems like every single vendor has a different definition for an access port vs. trunk.

earthquake_glue 1 point

A frame is a frame is a frame, a packet is a packet is a packet

I was going to use this exact phrase haha. That confirms my assumptions.

earthquake_glue commented on a post in r/GolfGTI
earthquake_glue 5 points

How are the window deflectors? I’ve always wanted a set but I’m worried they won’t be durable or will make additional wind noise with the windows down.

FrozenBananaMan 2 points

I dunno the stock buffeting is already pretty bad I'm willing to try those if they help

earthquake_glue 2 points

Agreed. Driving at 50 or so with both front and rear windows half way down is enough to pop an eardrum.

earthquake_glue commented on a post in r/sysadmin
earthquake_glue 2 points

I would install it on my main PC at work.

Yeah, don't do that. Setup PRTG on a Windows server only running PRTG, or LibreNMS on a Linux VM.

SoftwareJunkie 1 point

Thanks for the heads up. I don't know much about monitoring

earthquake_glue 1 point

Anything that's mission critical or can provide status updates, shouldn't run on your main pc. What if that computer goes down? Then you're without one or more services for your infrastructure.

KashMoney900 2 points

They're called Premier Tint Pros Corp. Paid $295 + $30 for the windshield strip. Went to the Oswego location. Keep in mind that 5% is illegal here so if you want to avoid tickets go with the legal 35%. However I've had no issues with cops so far but your results will vary. My buddy had a GTI with 5% and the Schaumburg cops give him a lot of trouble.

I doubt they'll say anything about the small window but you'll have to ask.

earthquake_glue 2 points

Awesome, thank you!

KashMoney900 2 points

Lmk how the tints turn out if/when you get them. I'd definitely recommend tints since I hate people staring at me when stopped and with the 5% I don't need to wear sunglasses anymore.

earthquake_glue 2 points

I'll likely do it early next month. I emailed them asking about the small triangle windows. I'm also looking at Ziebart in Franklin Park and Umbra in Schaumburg. Definitly going for ceramic and I kind of want to do a full windshield instead of the 6" strip.

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