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eazyvictor commented on a post in r/AskReddit
carolathome 2 points

But it’s so cool when you can just whip it in there perfectly the first time. With friends watching.

eazyvictor 1 point

That's what she said

carolathome 2 points

OP asked for things not worth the effort. I claim parallel parking IS worth the effort.

eazyvictor 2 points

Nah, pay the 3 bucks for a parking garage

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eazyvictor commented on a post in r/explainlikeimfive
eazyvictor 2 points

Movement is caused by a force. Acceleration is the force that pulls the water in, cause by a change in direction by the aircraft. It is dangerous for pilots to fly into low visibility weather and not be aware of this fact. You can experience 1 G force even in a turn, tricking your body into thinking you aren't in a turn.

blowfisch 7 points

I do not share your opinion

eazyvictor 2 points

SIM says you can do either

blowfisch 8 points

You can do eihter. But when the reserve is out and there is slack in your rig the likelyhood of the main deploying is very high, which could lead to a entangelment. Why risk that?

eazyvictor -1 points

I'll agree there, personally out of habit I pull both handles in any emergency

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your_friendly_asi 2 points

We’re fine. We’re all fine here, now, thank you. How are you?

Honestly the hardest part of the job is either sending a training program back to the operator/applicant for the 4th time for deficiencies that were already addressed the 2nd and 3rd time.

Or the guy at the counter telling me his paperwork is more important that everyone else’s paperwork and he won’t leave until his paperwork is signed off. Oh and he needs that manual he just dropped off reviewed by next week since the owner wants to fly to Hawaii then and they need Oceanic approval.

Or it could be not being able to console the CFI applicant that broke down after busting for the 3rd time and just want to make her dad proud.

Exciting? It’s always exciting. Never a dull moment.

eazyvictor 1 point

Words of wisdom, thanks. Tough world out there

mmmmmmBacon12345 15 points

The core of the engine has very high speed exhaust, it takes a relatively small quantity of air and speeds it up to high speed. This is a large change in momentum for a large amount of energy

The bypass fan takes a large amount of air and speeds it up just a bit. This gives a large change in momentum but doesn't waste energy accelerating the air up to high speed.

Momentum is mass*velocity while energy is 1/2 * mass * velocity2 The engine core is giving the fan a certain amount of energy to work with, but thrust is determined by how much momentum it can impart not how much energy. Thus taking a huge amount of air and accelerating it a little gives the biggest change in momentum for the smallest energy usage

eazyvictor 1 point

Perfect, thanks!

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