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Where is the plane?? Ive been there

Both! Mostly the splash

My tv is a quilt

Thank goodness for this sub. Ive never related more to people ever in my life


Thats a big pimple

When Jesus discovers the engine

Trying to recreate the city scene like

I got my red dress on tonight....dancing in the dark in the pale moonlight

"sighs another day of combustion"

So thats where the ideas came from

I went to boarding school. When I was a junior, I signed up to work as a freshman advisor. Advisors showed our charges the ropes, everything from how to create a balanced curriculum based on your interests to how to operate the washers and dryers, basically big brother stuff. Calvin (not his real name) was assigned to me. He was quiet, unassuming, nice kid. He was interested in photography, already had experience, so I suggested he sign up for yearbook. He took to like a duck to water. By the way, this was before digital photography. Our school had a darkroom. Anyway, Calvin was everywhere with his camera, just became that photojournalist kid, which was cool, because it suited his personality, sort of on the sideline but still involved. Anyway, at the end of that academic year, Calvin’s roommate comes to me and says, “Dude, you need to see this.” He takes me to their room. Calvin wasn't there. His roommate opens Calvin’s closet door, the inside of which was basically an homage to me, a collage of photographs taken from afar, zoomed in on me. Me at student government meetings, me at wrestling practice, me in the dining hall eating with my friends, me just walking on campus. It was some serious, obsessed, stalker, serial killer shit. And mind you, I was not a looker. I was on the fat side, athletic but fat. Why would anyone be obsessed with me? I was so freaked out, I took it all down then and there and threw them all in the dumpster behind the boys dorm. Calvin never brought it up. Surely, his roommate told him who took down the pictures. When my senior started, I, like everyone else in my class, threw myself into applying to colleges. Calvin and I rarely interacted, though we were cordial to each other. We never spoke of the collage.

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By far the best

There was a guy at my high school that carried a titanium spork. Never gave any explanation why. He just did

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Actual titanium?

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