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I do not share your opinion

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SIM says you can do either

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You can do eihter. But when the reserve is out and there is slack in your rig the likelyhood of the main deploying is very high, which could lead to a entangelment. Why risk that?

eazyvictor [score hidden]

I'll agree there, personally out of habit I pull both handles in any emergency

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your_friendly_asi 2 points

We’re fine. We’re all fine here, now, thank you. How are you?

Honestly the hardest part of the job is either sending a training program back to the operator/applicant for the 4th time for deficiencies that were already addressed the 2nd and 3rd time.

Or the guy at the counter telling me his paperwork is more important that everyone else’s paperwork and he won’t leave until his paperwork is signed off. Oh and he needs that manual he just dropped off reviewed by next week since the owner wants to fly to Hawaii then and they need Oceanic approval.

Or it could be not being able to console the CFI applicant that broke down after busting for the 3rd time and just want to make her dad proud.

Exciting? It’s always exciting. Never a dull moment.

eazyvictor 1 point

Words of wisdom, thanks. Tough world out there

eazyvictor commented on a post in r/SkyDiving
eazyvictor 2 points

They down voted my video on YouTube too :(

eazyvictor 1 point

Why did this get down voted? I'm genuinely curious...

Meanee 1 point

Because I am sure you can't just push "same assshole who downvotes everyone here, hunted down my youtube video and downvoted it too" because, well, it's very improbable.

eazyvictor 0 points

No, cause right when I noticed my post got downvoted, a dislike on my video occurred moments later. It's a small viewed video, only my closest friends really know about it, and they wouldn't do it. And I don't see any reason for any of you guys to do it either. So that's my logic

mmmmmmBacon12345 14 points

The core of the engine has very high speed exhaust, it takes a relatively small quantity of air and speeds it up to high speed. This is a large change in momentum for a large amount of energy

The bypass fan takes a large amount of air and speeds it up just a bit. This gives a large change in momentum but doesn't waste energy accelerating the air up to high speed.

Momentum is mass*velocity while energy is 1/2 * mass * velocity2 The engine core is giving the fan a certain amount of energy to work with, but thrust is determined by how much momentum it can impart not how much energy. Thus taking a huge amount of air and accelerating it a little gives the biggest change in momentum for the smallest energy usage

eazyvictor 1 point

Perfect, thanks!

D3vilUkn0w 2 points

Here's a story that may provide some insight. My company requires managers and management candidates to take several tests, including Meyers Briggs and the Taylor Protocol. They never overtly say so, but the results of these tests significantly influence how far you will go in the firm. I happened to have a bit of inside knowledge concerning how the results would be used. So, what I did was I thought hard about the type if person they seemed to promote, specifically zeroing in on a certain person I knew well, and who I knew was highly regarded. I answered all the questions as if I was that person. Lo and behold, it worked like a charm...the test results were matched with specific job positions throughout the firm, and it turned out I was a near perfect match for the exact position I wanted (and that I now hold). The crowning moment came when my boss saw my results. It was during a meeting with the CEO, the president, and Lynn Taylor (the guy that developed the Taylor Protocols). My boss exclaimed that he'd known me for almost five years and the test data were not even close to accurate. Mr. Taylor piped up and stated flatly that there was no way to fool the test, that he'd been administering it for over 20 years, and my boss must not have known me as well as he thought. The CEO and everyone else drank the Kool Aide and the rest is history. So this just shows: you can make these tests say whatever you want. My poor boss was dead accurate. The test was full of shit lol!

eazyvictor 1 point

And of course if you think about the opposite of who you are and answer like that...then it's fooled

eazyvictor 1 point

Wow, I had a feeling. I think it's a big money making scheme

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eazyvictor 1 point

For as dumb or pointless as this question may seem, it sparked some controversy. I cannot relate one bit. Hence the question

SometimesClementine 2 points

But it’s terrible and wildly true in a lot of places. As women we have come a long way, but still have a long way to go. The #metoo movement has yet to hit the working middle class. Be thankful then that you have not experienced sexism like many of us have.

eazyvictor 1 point

I see people as a result of their personality and productivity. I figure people (who matter) view me as such as well, hence why I don't give a ton of thought to my appearence.

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unlovedbrokenman 2 points

It got worse after but don't feel bad it's ok, I was 9 back when that happened. I'm 39 now at least I have death to look forward to.

All hail pizza the feel good food that's helped me more then anyone ever could 🙂

eazyvictor 1 point

You should look forward to more than death though. The world has much to offer, I promise.

unlovedbrokenman 2 points

It's a tie between my dad laying on the floor with a needle in his arm after dying from an overdose and my step dad frozen in bed slightly up with his arm out streached like he was trying to ask for help. I was outside his room when he died and found him in the morning.

Or the stupid smile my mom had when she shot up with heroin. God I hated that fucking junkie smile.

eazyvictor 1 point

I'm so sorry you went through all that... I hope the rest of your life brings you happiness okay?

eazyvictor commented on a post in r/AskReddit
eazyvictor 6 points

Pilot here, once had the spinner (the "nose cone" on a single engine prop plane) fly off in flight and smash into the windshield. Didn't break the windshield fortunately. I was a low-time aviator at the time, having never experienced an actual in-flight problem. GF at the time was in the plane with and had a panic attack. I managed to calm her down and land without issue.

viptenchou 6 points

Just want to mention, if you know your gf wants kids eventually then you had better use a condom for protection. Do not rely on her for birth control. She may mess up, forget or in the worst case scenario, purposely stop taking it without telling you. Combining pill+ condom is better and getting snipped if you can is best, as condoms break and pills (which are most common) are easy to mess up.

If she ends up pregnant and wants children, it's unlikely that she'll get an abortion if she gets an early "surprise".

Protect yourself. You don't want that baggage following you the rest of your life. Eventually you will need to end this relationship, but having fun is fine for now (I had a "just for fun" relationship with a man I had no intent to marry and he knew so, not every relationship has to be with the goal of marriage), but you need to be smart and keep yourself and your future interests protected.

eazyvictor 3 points

I guess the thought of a "just for fun" thing never occurred to me as something serious. With her talking about long term and all

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