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Ju_sock_mang 3 points


eddygoombah 1 point

That can only mean one thing....

Junko__Enoshima 2 points

Your optimism is amusing. Trump could rape a baby on national television and his supporters would support him still.

eddygoombah 3 points

I heard that is what he’s planning to do during the 2020 debates

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eddygoombah commented on a post in r/politics
BoogerSlug 0 points

I think the countries and people encouraging oppression are the ones who kill people for being gay, who use slave labor, who consider women property, who marry children, etc...

eddygoombah 1 point


spamalamadingdong 3 points

So wait, that was katzman doing an Australian accent? Surely not, its way too good

eddygoombah 1 point

Goal! Goal! Goal!

FeloniousDrunk101 13 points

Further proof that lyrics don’t necessarily have to make sense in order to have a dope-ass song.

eddygoombah 7 points

Beck made a career out of that exact idea.

maybesaydie [M] 1 point

This submission is merely a political opinion and not a sign of insanity. It's been removed.

eddygoombah 1 point

Having to put this in peoples facebook pages to bolster your own ego is not very sane

maybesaydie 1 point

Yeah but this just political spam made by a marketing firm to get donations for Trump's campaign. We can't allow it. Additionally it's a direct link.

eddygoombah 1 point

Oh shoot. My bad. I didn’t realize

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eddygoombah commented on a post in r/funsized
eddygoombah -1 points

Hi, I’m Logan Paul and I have made a sever and continuous lapse in my judgement and I don’t expect to be forgiven, I just want to apologize. The goal of my content has always been to entertain...

eddygoombah commented on a post in r/AskReddit
eddygoombah 1 point

There was this cute black girl who was into me in college. She took me to meet her dad one day, and during the conversation, he took out a pack of Marlboro redshanks chose one out of the box. Before he could light up, I said,

“You know Marlboro supports the KKK.”

I have no idea why. I have no idea how.

All I know is that was the last time I saw either of them

Brawl___Stars 1 point


Spelled just like that.

eddygoombah 1 point

Ummm.... was that pronounced?

eddygoombah 5 points

My guidance counselor’s name was Hyman Kleinman.

It hurts just remembering it.

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Armadillo19 49 points

There were a bunch of exchange students from Syracuse University (where I went) on that plane. Campus around this time of year was always somber, lots of memorials and vigils, even 20+ years later.

eddygoombah 8 points

I went to SU in the late 90s. There was a series of gruesome sculptures made by one of the victim’s mothers that were displayed near the Student Center. I remember the amount of grief and suffering they displayed. It’s how I found out that our students were involved in the crash.

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