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Sorry I’m not an expert, but I don’t believe bitcoin can be regulated, can it?

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Taxation and exchanges can be regulated. I think we need some form of regulation before the masses will trust crypto enough to invest.

The problem with Coinbase and GDAX is that you can only trade a handful of coins so you end up using another exchange to convert your alts before sending them over. Would be great to have a reliable exchange that allowed shitcoin trading for fiat directly.

The only sensible tax solution would be that you pay the difference between your initial fiat investment and the amount you exchange back into the currency of your permanent residence. Making crypto to crypto trades a taxable transaction is utterly utterly ridiculous and unworkable. The other scenario that makes it bullshit would be if you bought 1 shitcoin at $1 and then another 1 of the same shitcoin at $10 after its mooned. When you come to sell part of your 2 shitcoins... what value is placed on that chunk for tax purposes? We all want to play ball here Mr Tax Man, but it will only work if you apply some common sense to the situation.

The only way this would work is to totally restrict where crypto is exchanged, which means no retail usage, no localbitcoins and no private trading. Otherwise the holder could just continue to claim he's hodling.

Crypto is far more than an asset, far more than an investment. The government thinking is brainlessly narrow on this.

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Another way would be to regulate exchanges so that by law they have to automatically create a tax document linked to a users account activity. Relying on users to manually track their trades (even if their intentions are good) is extremely unrealistic.


Can anyone explain how to backup my GA 2FA codes? Seems like if i lost or broke my phone which runs the app id be totally screwed in trying to log on to my exchange accounts. I dont see any backup keys anywhere in binance, cryptopia or bittrex security settings?

TIA :)


The backup key (or manual key) is only shown ONCE whrn you enable the 2fa. Now, you have to FIRST disable the 2fa on the exchange (be careful, 24h withdrawal suspension on binance when disabling). Then delete the 2fa in GA app. Re-enable, keeping an eye out for any code that appears on the page where you scan the barcode. Take that code and put it on a piece of paper. Store that piece of paper in a safe location.

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Original Poster1 point · 8 months ago

Many thanks

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When setting up GA you are given a code that you can use to reinstall it on a new phone

Edit: can't > can..

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Original Poster1 point · 8 months ago

I dont remember that when i set it up?

Great post. I already made a deal with myself when I got serious about crypto that if my stacks turn into a life changing amount of money where I don't need any (or little) income any more, i'm giving up work and will dedicate my life to charity and helping people through voluntary work.

eetaylog commented on

Top analysis. Just loaded up.

Any more context? How did he lose so much in such a bull market?

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Im not moving my vet off Binance until they lower their ridiculous withdrawal fee.

They just did.

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Great news!

2 +2 that's 4, minus 1 that equals 3, quick math. x10 that's 30.

So, 30 billion USD.

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Perspiration ting.

Should be one of the first things you look for when signing up to any online store of value

One Swallow does not a summer make.

True if big

-13 points · 8 months ago

Fuck. Im long on XP :(


The price is dropping however on thin volumes, scroll out and you can still see the large sell wall. I made a post on this earlier although deleted it after I saw the sell walls still established. Seems like some manipulation of price going on or a huge sell down.

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Original Poster1 point · 8 months ago

Yeah, im glad the price is being suppressed at the moment. Steady growth is whats needed.

That fee is very fair. Transfer is instant-fucking-taneous.

Happy to help

Leave it on the exchange. Dont pay their shitty withdrawal fees until theyre lowered. $15 for a withdrawal is a pisstake.


If anyone has any spare bnb, im itching to vote....



Just gone to withdraw my Ven from binance to my nano s and the exchange wants to charge me 5 tokens! Absolute rip-off, ill take my chances and leave it on the exchange i think.

Original Poster-1 points · 8 months ago

For a bit of perspective to everyone who thinks that 5 ven is a fair fee, it cost me just under $1 to withdraw my bag of ETN from cryptopia yesterday. $15 is just taking the piss.

Itching to vote, please hook me up :) 0xd4d1b95c1386dff8c251fd6243ab8afc892f3424

Great thread, thanks for the offer.Hook me up daddio! 0xd4d1b95c1386dff8c251fd6243ab8afc892f3424


Apologies if this is a noob question but this is my first buy-in.

How many confirmations should i expect to see on the block before my ETN is completed from Cryptopia to the mobile wallet? I sent mine over a few hours ago and it says completed in Cryptopia and my wallet balance is updated, but the wallet transaction underneath still says 'processing' and the number of confirmations on blockexplorer is still increasing (currently up to 91).

Any pointers?


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I got the same issue man.. Recived transactions with 80+ confirmations stuck on processing. This isnt an issue with the blockchain, its a problem with the online wallet synching with the blockchain

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Original Poster2 points · 8 months ago

Ok thanks. When did you make the transfer?

Im having problems with raiwallet today as well. Sent 1xrb over from BG earlier as a test and it completed but it will randomly appear and then disappear when i sign into the wallet. Also having strange issues with getting a 'Not signed in' error when i try to change any settings

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