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I have had the opportunity to work on a number of projects in my adult life that were things I was into as a child. Sesame Street, Ninja Turtles, things like that.

I think the thing is, no matter what you probably have a moment you could pull from when you were a kid that would pair with something in your adult life. Are you a musician? Cut to the first time you held an instrument or heard a song you were into. If you are a chef maybe it was a time you helped a family member in the kitchen. Maybe you are an accountant - cut to you taking a math test. It’s all in the edit.

Don’t these upwards from $400-$1000?

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Original Poster1 point · 5 days ago

If you pre-order or buy around the time of release they are around $200. They usually go up in price after they start selling out and becoming unavailable via normal channels.

Profit starring Adrian Pasdar. Ahead if its time. Pre-cursor to stuff like Breaking Bad, The Sopranos, and Mad Men.

From Wikipedia: “. Controversial themes (largely stemming from the lead character’s amoral, Richard III-style ways) made the show uncomfortable and unfamiliar viewing for mainstream U.S. audiences and Fox network affiliates at the time, leading to its cancellation after just three episodes (not including the pilot) aired.

In 2013 TV Guide ranked the series #4 on its list of 60 shows that were "Canceled Too Soon", calling the series "shockingly memorable.”

The computer stuff in the show probably doesn’t hold up.

Target on 34th in NYC had a bunch of NES Classic today. I think Nintendo Store has both.

Kinda glad this doesn’t have the figure with it tbh.

Scrolling through quickly and thought it was Bruce Campbell

You have a metal arm? That is awesome dude.

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Or he can be Reed Richards

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Emily Blunt as Sue Storm...

The true power of the space stone

I am in the same boat. Following!

Salt Life stickers on cars in the Midwest. We don't even have an ocean, the Midwest is landlocked. What kind of Salt Life are ya'll living?

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Road salt? How clean is your undercarriage?

I won a tournament with an illegal kick and now I own a car dealership. No wait, that was THE Karate Kid. I took Judo and I probably suck now, want to fight?

Because it was illegally parked

If you are coming to New York get out of the way. Don’t ever just stand around in the middle of the sidewalk, on the subway stairs, in entrances, anywhere. Get out if the way.

No death, but someone had a stroke and it was really bad. We are in a strange office that is actually 3 building with 3 different addresses, and the entrance for our part was actually on a different street than the main entrance, so there was confusion when giving 911 the location.

Post the address of your work somewhere in the office so everyone knows where to look if they don’t know it in case of a similar situation.

I find that the things I don’t like the most about others are often also the things I don’t like about myself.

Airport security would be slightly faster.

The WTC would be in a lot more movies.

Security in NYC and other cities might be a bit more relaxed.

Perhaps someone that died that day had a world changing idea that never came to fruition.

Would unlicensed parents be force to abort? How is this enforced?

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