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Looks almost minimal without being oversimplistic :) Great job! Very neat; it may not need much more except for some color adjustments for the buttons to get people more engaged, imo. But there are probably better eyes than mine that can give a better assessment. I commend you for making this contribution, u/MeghanAM. Thank you so much. Always appreciate the time you and the rest of the mods invest in keeping our community up and at it.

ekser commented on a post in r/FuturologyModerators
ekser 3 points

I would say, if time allows, a mod can select one and put it up for a vote here on this forum with a notification perhaps; I would say privately if you can notify us just as efficiently as you ping me for these r/futurologymoderators posts. Then, I think any distinction such as "Unique" flair may help the post attract more votes. Of course, more of the anti-order types may downvote it because they may start calling the stories' visibility bias, I would assume. But you never know until you try.

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