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elloue commented on a post in r/drunk
Vern96 1 point

You’re quite welcome! Have you been back to Baltimore since? I would highly recommend visiting Remington, it’s really nice now!!

elloue 1 point

Remington is where I lived, actually (easier to say Charles Village since no one knows what Remington is). They built Remington Row about a year before I left and the neighborhood really started to turn around. I used to go to The Dizz on weekends and get breakfast at Papermoon and the Lunchbox on 36th all the time. Yep, I’ve been back twice and am visiting friends in August. I live in Raleigh now.

Vern96 1 point

I actually went to Asheville North Carolina for six months for college! Maybe we possibly ran into each other at some point

elloue 2 points

I’ve still yet to go to Asheville but I hear it’s gorgeous in the Fall/Winter. It’s quite possible! Baltimore is a small city after all.

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elloue commented on a post in r/nfl
grilledcheesy 0 points

Here in Baltimore people are chomping for him to be the early season starter. Crazy. I get Flacco has been in decline but this guy had trouble not sticking to first read throws in Louisville's spread offense. He'll need some time to adjust.

elloue 0 points

Flacco never developed as a QB. He makes the same mistakes he has since his rookie season, he’s never modified his throwing motion or adjusted his mechanics and the ONLY season he has ever shown growth was the year under Kubiak. Watch him read the field and you’ll notice that he always looks at his primary target and then immediately checks down if they’re not open. He lacks any ability to read the field, play off the safety or throw his player open. Go back and watch his 2012 playoff run and you’ll see our success had little had to do with Flacco. His WRs were making sensational plays and Flacco was just gunning it all around the field with shit accuracy hoping his WRs would come down with the ball and more often than not they did.

We can’t move on from him fast enough.

Soccer_fucking_sucks 0 points

Lol no

elloue 1 point

Ignorance must be bliss.

elloue commented on a post in r/ravens
elloue 1 point

What I've learned from two decades of being a Ravens fan is whoever Ozzie does pick my initial reaction will be "what THE FUCK OZZIE, SERIOUSLY?!?!? This freaking guy over _______". Then half way through his rookie season I'll say to myself, "god damn Ozzie you genius". Sure, Ozzie has missed on some picks but more often than not his first round picks are slam dunks in hindsight.

elloue commented on a post in r/nfl
bmgblaze 25 points

I would hate to pass on Ridley for the ravens but Lamar Jackson is really intriguing but I really don’t wanna leave the Flacco era because he has done so much for us

elloue 1 point

The more I look in to Lamar the more I like him at a prospect. Give him a year to sit behind Flacco, then in 2019 we can cut our ties from Flacco's albatross of a contract and make Lamar our starter. A 6'2" qb who has a cannon for an arm and runs a 4.3 AND can slide... yes please.

elloue commented on a post in r/UnresolvedMysteries
cozigotgamebitchez 1 point

It's been reported there was a tip off that spurred the investigation

elloue 11 points

During the presser they were asked if a tip led to the arrest and they said no.

farmerlesbian 1 point

I heard the opposite, I thought they said there was a public tip? Am I just an idiot or did they contradict themselves ?

elloue 3 points

No public tip. That was shot down during the questions part of the press conference.

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elloue commented on a post in r/NetflixBestOf
elloue 102 points

“Don't let yourself get attached to anything you are not willing to walk out on in 30 seconds flat if you feel the heat around the corner.”

“What am I doing? I’m talking to an empty telephone cause there’s a dead man on the other end of this fucking line.”

I could quote Heat all day long. My favorite movie of all time!!! What a surprise.

soyouconcur 1 point

I don’t see Fortnite 🤔

elloue 1 point

I don’t have psplus. I was never a heavy gamer and I therefore couldn’t justify the price to get a couple free games. Plus I’ve never been a big multiplayer game fan. Though I totally get how for many on here it’s definitely worth it!

--love 1 point

Fortnite doesn't require PS Plus

elloue 1 point

It does, actually. Required to download, but not to play.

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elloue commented on a post in r/news
meeheecaan 64 points

Why is there any tax on any toiletries at all?

elloue 1 point

Why do some states use tax money to build roads and then build toll booths to charge you to drive on said roads? The roads are funded and maintained through tax payer money, then you're charged a fee to use the roads you helped fund. The government will take profit from anything and everything it can.

KristaDBall 7 points

Have you read everything on the Top Female list or everyone in the Women Who've Written Sweeping epics thread?

elloue 6 points

Thanks for replying! I've of course read Harry Potter along with Earthsea, Broken Earth (third novel really fell flat for me), most of Hobb (her later works weren't of much interest to me), Vorkosigan (one of my favorite series of all time), Golem and Jinni, Raven Cycle, Outlander and a spattering of others. A lot I haven't heard of on that list but I'm not sure of the quality being I haven't heard of so many... any specific recommendations?

KristaDBall 10 points

I'm not sure of the quality

I mean, the vast majority of them are put out by major publishers and many are NYT bestselling novels and/or award winners, so the quality is pretty much on par with what you're reading.

For taste, obviously that's going to vary, but I think the majority of the books are to your tastes (less so the urban fantasy ones, maybe - I don't see any of those on your list - but the others are all well consistent). I'd honestly start at the first one you haven't read, read the sample on Amazon to see if it's to your taste and go from there.

elloue 3 points

Thank you, Krista! You are correct, I avoid urban/modern setting fantasy novels. One of my biggest problems with most fantasy novels is awful female character writing. WOT being a perfect example. Reading some fantasy novels with well written female characters/leads would be a nice and welcome change from the usual. I didn't realize that list existed before you posted it and I'll definitely be Amazon'ing quite a few of then tonight. Thanks again!

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elloue commented on a post in r/raleigh
elloue 2 points

When I first moved to Raleigh I went to quite a few different places before settling on Meraki on Hillsborough. I walked in after not getting my hair cut for ~4 months our of frustration and told the stylist to do what she thought would look good being she's the professional. Been going there every since and couldn't be happier. Feels good to actually have a hair style that works for me.

elloue commented on a post in r/AskReddit
elloue 6 points

Probably nothing. I’m so out of the loop on this it isn’t even funny. All news agencies reporting on Mueller are so biased that I don’t know who or what to believe. CNN is so left leaning and anti trump I stopped watching (and I was an avid CNN viewer for a decade), Fox News is a joke, MSNBC is the furthest left of all, print media is all over the place with reliability and truthfulness. I just want an unbiased lengthy article explaining what the hell is happening. /politics is 75% opinion article links and DNC funded, /t_d might as well be a .ru link, /news is so biased I barely visit, /worldnews is the same as /news and anytime a co-worker or friend tries to talk politics it’s more them trying to ram their belief systems down my throat than have an actual open conversation. So... I have no fucking clue what to think on this anymore.

[deleted] -10 points


elloue 5 points

I'm a sad human being because I realize that 21st century media is primarily corrupt biased agenda driven garbage who rarely informs the public on actual news? Put on any news channel and it'll be the same thing: they say a one sentence news topic, then give their opinion about it on a roundtable for 30 minutes. Rinse and repeat. It isn't news. It's opinion. The only true news shows are 30 minute night news shows because they don't have the time to discuss their opinion. They just state the facts and move on. And those shows are slowly disappearing due to commercial investments and parent company interests. Know what I appreciate though? The fact you replied to me. So I can block you.

elloue commented on a post in r/news
elloue -2 points

Every time I log on reddit I see some major news about how Trump is royally screwed now and how his impeachment or resignation is a sure bet and happening ASAP. Then weeks go by and months and now over a year and Trump is still president and his approval rating (Rasmussen) is edging closer to 50% every week and currently sits at 47%. I don’t get it. Are all these news reports sensationalized garbage or does Trump have an amazingly ability to dodge every single threat that looms over his presidency?

elloue commented on a post in r/ravens
elloue 7 points

What if I told you that the Ravens current receiving core is absolute garbage and consists of Perriman, Chris Moore And Tim White at WR and Boyle and Williams at TE. Our team can't draft a receiver to save its life and we can't compete with other teams in free agency due to our cap situation being a complete mess.

In other words, Flacco is primed to have the worst season of his career.

elloue commented on a post in r/news
davidverner 9 points

Keep in mind that the chief is reacting to people criticizing his police force for a blatant illegal arrest.

elloue -3 points

Perfectly legal arrest you mean.

Edit: it seems you’re some police obsessed weirdo who only posts extremely negative often incredibly exaggerated “news reports”. In other words, you’re a cunt.

davidverner 4 points

Perfectly legal arrest you mean.

The evidence says your wrong.

elloue 0 points

Your post history says anything you say regarding police is fabricated, exaggerated and ignorant.

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