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Aliens: Salvation is a real standout comic because of the excellent Mike Mignola (Hellboy author/illustrator) pencil work. The writing by Dave Gibbons is solid also.

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I want that 2015 hardback. Just look at that cover!

It's my birthday! But I injured my back 2 days ago, so I can't do birthday squats… What should I do? Birthday banch? Birthday chins? Birthday farts?

I can't really hinge, or arch, or walk at a normal pace, but I have to do someting!

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Happy Birthday! Mine is next week and I'm thinking of doing goblet squats instead (just got cleared from a back injury). 28kg x 28reps. Seems doable. I know it will suck though.

Not a workout music reccomendation but lately I've been listening to the Jocko podcast while lifting. Especially the second half, which is sort of a Q and A portion and Jocko basically tells people to get after it.

Trump figured out Ali G was a prank and nonsense within less than a minute. Trump isn't easily fooled as he isn't a fool. Only fools believe Trump is a fool.

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Well, he could have fooled me...

Yeah I didn't get that, why'd he retract it?

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It would be like saying "I was in SEAL Team 6". Mossad is supposed to keep the names of its operators secret. It's a joke.

i love how fast this bully went right to crying. the other dude showed restraint by only flipping him on the grass, and the bully still cried.

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I was certain he would go for the arm triangle, to show him how you really choke someone. This kid is a bigger man than me.

I like it, but I think it would work better for the Black Tapes than Tanis. It lends itself more to a tape-of-the-week format. Maybe use it for that, and hit us with Tanis on the second season. Like, have Alex be the lead on S1, with Nic providing support, and switch roles S2, once the Black Tapes main story is resolved.

I think if you want to write it, write it. Even if it's just for fun. Nothing has to come out of it. You could certainly post it here though.

I enjoyed it, but then again I have a thing for "area-where-weird-things-happen" stories. The Southern Reach, TANIS (even though it's gone downhill), Stalker etc.

The Endless was a play on the tropes of the genre with a very on the nose emotional resolution IMO. I'd still reccomend it though.

This one is a bit of a weird recommendation, because it's a different genre, and has different pacing. However, this was the first book I read between "Annihilation" and when I bought the other 2 books, and it still has stuck with me.

"The Buried Giant" by Kazuo Ishiguro, is a folksy King Arthurian fantasy tale about an old married couple going to visit their son. Lost you yet?

Without spoilers, there's a force or entity at play in the story that is in some way unknowable similarly to "Annihilation." The narrative has a weirdly cheerful veneer that hides a truly unhinged undercurrent of tension happening throughout the story. And it left me feeling a similar bewildered and questioning feeling that I had after reading "Annihilation."

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I second this.

Danielewski's House of Leaves left me as emotionally tapped and reeling. At times confused, but a great experience.

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I've heard so much about this book and yesterday I finally got the remastered version!

I'm getting my fix elsewhere, so it's not so bad now.

Mind sharing what your fix is?

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Nothing that hasn't been mentioned before. Lately though I picked up Archive 81 and the change in style and plot is refreshing. The first half of The Golden Age is something special.

Felt bad for Stipe until I watched his backstage interview with Megan Olivi. He cracked a few jokes, mentioned the baby, gargled some gravel and left me with a warm, fuzzy feeling.

Was there something wrong with ngannou physically?

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Something was off about his pecs I thought

I've never seen a fight so profoundly boring it made me question why I like MMA in the first place

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Because MMA is exciting. Can you imagine those two in an MMA match? It would be bonkers

Got the day off work! Get to watch the world cup today, go to the gym, and be generally unproductive.

I gave up on running nSuns because I was often in a time crunch and switched back to BBB, it's nice to be out of the gym in an hour.

UFC 226 tomorrow, even though Max Holloway is out I'm still super hyped. Hot takes from anyone?

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My heart stopped at that press conference video, I hope DC is OK, otherwise I don't know man...

I call it Turkish Get Up, or Get Up. There isn't a Greek name for it.

Base Building followed by Black + Operator for six weeks. So 14 weeks.

I loved it.

I didn't like the no traditional lifting for 5 weeks on Base Building part, but I liked losing 14 pounds over 8 weeks and being in MUCH better shape. It helped my lifting when I came back. Not sure I'd do it the same again. Five weeks with no lifting was not easy to come back from, to be honest. But something similar... Maybe strength first template with no break in lifting...

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Nice. I'm starting in a couple of weeks. No weights is not a problem as I'm still injured so only bodyweight stuff for me.

Honestly, that's probably the route I'm going to take. Although I don't have the time to run it properly. So that's an issue.

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Not enough time to run Base Building you mean? Skip it and run it later in the year. From what I understand from reading the books it's no big deal. It's a long haul program after all.

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I hope that's true, because the alternative is waaay worse.

Have you heard of the tragedy of marathon? The Greek swoldier that died from running too much?

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Pheidippides, who was a courier, or day-long runner, ran from Athens to Sparta to ask for aid against the Persian army. In 2 days, he ran 240km. Then, after the battle of Marathon, he ran 42km to Athens, to announce that the battle was won after which he dropped dead. After seeing this, one Athenian is said to have asked: "Why don't we use horse riders for this job again?"

I liked running a 5K. But training for it? Pffft...

I need some advice guys. I'm recovering from a minor back injury and it looks like it'll be another week at the very least until I can get back on the mats. But with travelling for work, summer vacations and the school shutting down for a week, I'm looking for maybe 3 weeks of training over the next two months. What do I do? It's a lot of money for 9-10 sessions. Do I pull the plug and start again September?

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