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I'd like to see what you can do or have done.

Has anyone rewatched the first fight between Stipe and Dos Santos?

I remember thinking that Miocic got robbed, is that accurate at all?

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Junior was a blood donor that night if I recall correctly. He was a mess after the fight.

Costa moves like Agent Smith

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What part of Florida are you from? This is relevant to my response

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Sorry to tell you, you're going to have to raise your douche level to fit in this sub.

I'd be in if I didn't already have plans. Good luck!

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Fuck all, wheres tappers


I have a project and I want to use the periodic table as the design for an economics and risk management tool. If anyone would like to participate, I'd be happy to share more about it.

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Is there a specific reason you want to use the periodic table for the design? Or is it just for recognizability or does them the model offer a useful template? Because a lot of non-chemistry designs based on the periodic table end up looking terrible.

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Recognition is one, probably the main one from a marketing aspect. But I think there is a way to use the groups and periods to create a "risk model" and use bonding as a means to create a "balanced" risk transfer model for businesses. I think this website is fantastic;

I'm in the insurance industry and it is changing very fast, and insurers are unable to create policies to properly cover businesses that would be considered part of the "sharing economy" or "gig economy".

Most people that are active in the sharing economy aren't aware of the risks involved or that they are effectively operating a business and need different insurance. I think the emergence of a "Usage Based" risk model would work well with the table.

The look is one aspect, but if there is a way to create a functional and educational design, I think it would help both consumer and company.

No one can put anything on blockchain, otherwise it would have been done.

That's such a bad headline, yet so accurate. All insurers are still viewing the starting line from afar.

Got any more of those details?

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I'll try my best to get you companies with word "gig" if this will not possible for me then you'll get companies in "sharing economy".

Currently, Neither I sell these lists nor I reach to companies to market them.

I'm just spreading words about these lists. Let's see what happens next and I don't have any plan to sell them for now.

I'll let you know when the list will be ready.

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Ok great, thank you. If you're interested in additional research, please let know.

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Yes, I definitely want to know about additional research. I'll do it if it'll be interesting to me.

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Anything related to claimstech in insurance. I'm looking for new ventures that are focused on the claims process in insurance.

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I have no idea what these companies are trying to do!

I think automated claims will reduce the expense fraud generates by 50%. I would love to have a chance to create a control group to test these concepts.

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Corbet Field

Even if you take this as malicious intent (I don't believe it is), there's nothing preventing an end user from accessing their info online and printing off their digital documents.

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Florida statute states the the policies must be easily accessible, at least for commercial policies, and I think an attorney could easily argue that disabling the "paper-option" interferes with the "easily accessible" clause.

So, I could be completely wrong since this is a health policy, and, I'm all for digital docs. I hate printing.

This is illegal. All carriers must allow for easy access and the ability to print online forms. I think.

Makes sense, I add $100 for anyone using AOL or wanting me to fax something.

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Okay, I’ll try that too. Thank you!

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Any luck? If not, let's keep in touch, I may have a way to make that transition and still stik without your already valuable knowledge and experience base.

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I did get some good replies but I’m always open to any tips. Thanks!

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I am building a niche in insurance for NEMTs, ambulances, and other health related transportation risks. It would be underwriting, but it would be consulting and risk management/prevention. Which is the first step in underwriting.

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Do you want insurance for the business or health insurance for you and your family? For the business, you should be able to get an annual policy for $350-$600.

For health insurance, you are going to have to be creative and take some risks.


Keybase proof

I am:



Thanks Parallelism for the feedback. I'm the CTO of Thor Token. You should invest in us because we are going to provide instant pay + job network + health insurance to the contracting community. We are building on top of the NEO network.

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Are you providing health insurance, as in, you are a licensed and admitted health insurance carrier offering major medical insurance, or you are a broker and will be connecting contractors with existing health products? The video made it seem that Thor was going to self insure the health coverage to a degree.

I work with Medicare and this is actually a big problem. Patients with end-stage renal disease calling an ambulance to get to their weekly or biweekly dialysis is a drain on resources, but there is currently no solution as non-emergent transportation is not a covered Medicare benefit.

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Are you in Florida? Logisticare has a contract to offer nonmed transport and gets millions to do it. Logisticare just subs it out to lyft and uber drivers that don't get any of that.

This is true of all rideshare apps but conveniently Uber is the brand that gets free advertising on the day news of Uber's corporate espionage goes public.

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True, and LYFT aggressively targets the healthcare and medicaid system to offer rides for people in need.

I've also been getting a lot of great Spectrum commercials today. All day. Every commercial.

The bad thing is medicare and medicaid are still paying many companies the regular fee for transporting people needing medical care but the uber and lyft drivers aren't getting any of that cut.

Flood usually pays the highest commission and usually doesn't cancel or move.

With almost $1B invested in the third quarter of 2017, that's only wasting $950M in three months. Not too shabby.

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