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envymesammi 2 points

I am okay. I'm still awake because I can't sleep from worrying so much. It's 2:35 am where I live, and I feel like I have lost everyone in my life who's mattered to me in such a short amount of time. I haven't talked to anyone offer then my boyfriend and the people at work in months.

I used to have so many friends. I'm not too sure what happened..

feedyourpigeons 1 point

Maybe you can reach out to them to meet for lunch? And you may have anxiety, so if this continues perhaps see a doctor. I hope this gets resolved :)

envymesammi 2 points

I have BPD, which also stems from having severe anxiety. It's more so I just stopped talking to everyone because I was just sick of putting in all of the effort and getting none in return. None of my old friends have tried to reach me since I have stopped getting in touch with them a month or two ago.

I have been seeing a therapist and doctor for some time ans just recently have gotten meds, so I hope it helps too. Thank you for your kind reply :)

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envymesammi 3 points

For me, it's a constant state of worry. Mainly gets worse when I'm with other people. It tends to lead to me constantly asking them "are you good/okay/feeling fine" to reassure myself there not having a bad time hanging out or something, and then getting anxious thinking about how I must be annoying them by asking so much even though they just told me they don't mind me asking, and it's just a vicious cycle. Recently it's become the people closest to me are starting to just get annoyed with asking and that's causing me to get even more anxious wondering what it's like to try and fix it.

When I'm alone it's just constantly thinking. About anything and everything. Mainly worrying about things I don't need to be worrying about. I have borderline personality disorder and sometimes my anxiety gets so bad it causes me to disassociate from anywhere between 10 minutes to 8 or 9 hours at a time, randomly, with no indication that it's happened until I/someone else snaps me out of it.

My hands and feet are in cold sweats 99% of the time, and any tint anyone says anything remotely sounding like something is wrong (tone of voice, texting me something like "hey can i ask you something/talk to you about something, gasps outloud with no indication of why they did, facial expressions, etc) my heart instantly feels like it's going to literally beat out of my chest and it feels as if someone pitched me straight in the stomach.

TLDR; Anxiety is fucking awful and it quite literally has been ruining my social/personal life, and my mental health since I was 13 (I'm 23 now.)

TheOpus [M] 1 point

Please go back into your exchange and mark no gift from your original Santa and that should fix that right on up.

envymesammi 1 point

Iuno what happen but it was fixed! Thank you.

envymesammi 1 point

I did that a month or so ago, and got rematched and got sent a gift and everything.

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envymesammi 3 points

I've been there twice.

Once when I was 13 for an overdose on 300+ extra strength migraine aspirin. I was in the ICU for three days, and then transferred over to the pediatric psych ward. It was scary at first, the rules were really harsh seeing as we were kids, but I ended up making a few friends and my week and a half stay there wasn't so bad. I learned alot about why I was the way I was (depressed, suicidal, anxious.. Wound up being diagnosed with bipolar disorder) and ways to cope with all of them.

The second time was when I was 21 (I'm 23 now), and I walked into the nearest emergency room one day and told them I wanted to kill myself. About an hour before that I sat on the side of a highway overpass contemplating jumping. I was put into a room and asked about a hundred different questions, and then eventually transferred over to the adult psych ward. It was also kind of scary, but my roommate was really sweet and we talked alot at night when we were just laying in bed, and everyone else on the ward accepted me until their daily routine almost instantly. I left feeling a lot better, and some days are better than others, but I still struggle severely with anxiety/depression/suicidal thoughts. I've considered just going back to be in a place I know I can't hurt myself even if I wanted to.

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envymesammi 685 points

Going skydiving for the first time, jumping from 13,000 ft, and my main chute wouldn't pull and hearing my skydiving instructor go "oh shit," while struggling to pull the reserve chute as well.

Finally got the reserve chute pulled, though we were way lower then we should've been when it did get pulled so the landing wasn't too fun either.

EDIT: For those who keep asking me the same questions over and over..

Its really not that hard to hear when his face practically is right next to my ear and hes screaming. Im not saying I heard him loud and clear, but its not as hard to hear as people say it is, lol.

I knew he was trying to pull the chute because I felt him moving his hand around trying to pull the cord. Its near your side and if someone is trying to grab it its not difficult to feel at all, especially when being tugged on trying to be released.

Everyone is overthinking the landing way too much, I'm saying it was rough because every thing is timed out perfectly so you have a smooth landing. You pull it at a certain altitude while falling, so when you land you don't land harder than you're supposed to. We pulled the reserve, so it was a bit (idk how much exactly) past the time the main chute was supposed to deploy. I ended up landing on my feet/heels pretty hard and that's that.

Overall, 6.5/10, probably would go again.

MrRieper 1 point

I'm curious to know, what's the landing like if you pull the chute later than you should?

envymesammi 1 point

It wasn't terrible but we were going the slightest bit faster than we should've been, which makes a difference. I couldn't lift my legs up high enough for the scooting position, (you just stick your legs out in front of you as if you were going to reach for your toes) and essentially landed on my feet.

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uccheda 2 points

Yes melatonin, I forgot about that! I'll try it out... thanks.

I'll try to find that drink here, I'm from Europe not sure are they selling it here, I'll try to re-create it, I found the ingredient list, I already have some of those teas, maybe if I mix them together.

envymesammi 1 point

Definitely worth a try to recreate it! Let me know how it goes if you do!!

uccheda 2 points


So I managed to source out hops, chamomile, lemon balm (still missing the Valerian root and Passiflora flower) to make Marleys mellow mood tea, and I can say no wonder they use ton of sugar ... Hops tea is one of the bitterest things I ever drank :/ it was a bit of a struggle. Downed with that 4mg of melatonin ... started yawning in about an hour or so, and went to sleep 2 hours later (give or take) ... only woke up once to go to the bathroom, since the tea cup was substantial. So I guess it worked :D I'll tune the recipe tonight and see what will happen.

Thanks for the tips ;)

envymesammi 1 point

I'm sorry the tea was a bit bitter, but hey if you got to sleep, then that's all that matters! Maybe add a bit of honey? That seems to help sometimes lol.

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-eDgAR- 315 points

Kuma's Corner is one of my favorites in Chicago. It's a heavy metal themed bar/restaurant and their burgers are named after metal bands and they are all amazing. The atmosphere is great too with metal music playing and old campy sci-fi movies on the TV. I can be a wait to get food, but it's definitely worth it and they have a decent beer selection.

Here is their menu.

envymesammi 1 point

This is my fav burger place to go in Chicago! Glad to see its upvoted so much 😊

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envymesammi 7 points

I've always slept with stuffed animals, since I was a baby. I have a stuffed broccoli that I named Bickell that I sleep with every night, even bring him to friends houses when I sleep there. It makes me feel better knowing I have something to hold and hug at night. Makes me feel less anxious and alone.

Edit: I'm 23 years old, btw. ;p

ParkGeunhye 4 points

I have a stuffed broccoli as well. Did you get it from Ikea?

envymesammi 2 points


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malvixi 1 point

I would say make sure that you have prepared with a good setting and make sure he isn't to nervous. Also if you can, get a xanax incase worst comes to worst. But, if you aren't having him go to like 400ug a xanax could be overkill. 100ug is a great starting dose, also make sure to have water and fresh fruit. Also art supplies and a music playlist. Anything scary happens, one of the best tips is to change the setting.

envymesammi 1 point

I don't mess around with pills, especially Xanax. I have CBD slabs he could dab if he starts to feel anxious.

malvixi 2 points

Pills aren't good, but I've had them stop violent scary ones desperate.

envymesammi 2 points

I've heard they stop trips but eh. I'm hoping the CBD is enough to mello him out if needed.

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envymesammi 7 points

As someone mentioned earlier, you said you were thinking about reaching out about getting help/talking to a friend about your bipolar disorder.

I, too, am bipolar and it had made such a huge impact on my life along with also being severely depressed and anxious. I've tried to end my life more times then I can count on both hands, some of those times landing me in the hospital.

I was scared that once I told any of my friends or family, they would treat me differently. It might seem that way, but I promise if the people in your life are understanding, it won't hinder any relationships. If anything, it will make you feel better and they will have even more understanding of you. Then you can go about getting professional help if you havent already.

I still sometimes have the thought of trying to end my life, and I am still very depressed and anxious, but things do look up once you get past the hard part of putting yourself out there to get help, I promise. You dont know me at all, but my DM's are always open.

For anyone who sees this, I'm always here. Sometimes its nice to have the unbiased opinion/advice of a stranger. You all matter.

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envymesammi 2 points

I think alot of what I like to do is based off how many tabs I take, but I really enjoy listening to Tame Impala, being outside, and petting my dogs.

Also, I find it ironic you mentioned Puffcorn because thats the only snack I NEED to have while tripping, lol. My brother and I were eating it one time while tripping and all I could think about was its literally just styrofoam-like pieces coated in cheese, but its so good, haha.

IamParticle1 2 points

hahaha dudee popcorn puffs are like a mini universe that explode in your mouth. Especially cuz they're spongy so they just melt ....

envymesammi 2 points

Hahah, I love that analogy. The butter ones especially do too. The best snack food while tripping, definitely.

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amazing-spidermeme 6 points

This was actually taken at the vet for something serious and she wouldn’t stop circling us and just plopping down like this. Thankfully she’s fine now, but you’re spot on with that.

envymesammi 3 points

That's so cute. I love pugs. I'm glad to hear shes doing better at least though! How old is she?

amazing-spidermeme 5 points

She’s 10. She’s been having a hard time with her vision, but it’s actually been improving some so I’m hoping that keeps up! :)

envymesammi 5 points

Awe, she looks good for 10! I'm hoping so too 😊

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envymesammi 126 points

I used to work Best Buy CS as well, and the worst I've seen happen in my store is that two kids came into my store with a large backpack, asked to get a Ps4 out of the cage, went into the restrooms and just put it in their bag and were stopped before they even made it halfway to the door (since the restrooms are in the back.)

Nofriendship34 33 points

Then what happened lol

envymesammi 49 points

Cops showed up maybe 5 minutes later and took him out in cuffs in front of the whole store, which was exceptionally busy because Christmas was coming up soon.

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