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Could I get advice on if my machine works with this patcher or not?

Apple generally does give important updates to High Serra though right?

For context,I use a late 2011 MacBook Pro that is 13-inch.

My card type listed is 0x14E4, 0xD6.

My model identifer is a MacBook Pro8,1.

I'm not voiding the warranty for this am I?

I believe that Apple would classify the product that I have as a legacy product.

Has any MacBook Pro 13-inch users had any problems with their machine after using this patcher to install Mojave?

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looks like you got the oldest model that is supported according to the website. what warranty are you talking about? applecare has long expired past the maximum you can purchase for this model. if you got a warranty from a reseller then that's probably on their policy to look up. it's literally day 1 of release so no one really knows the issues yet. unless you've been testing the betas.

I think I was referring to the AppleCare that I was given for this product that I no longer have.

Is my laptop supported for Mojave or not?

I did not acquire this product from a reseller.

I had a white Macbook from a store called PeachMac which I took into an Apple store to repair, they gave me this machine as a replacement.

I tried clicking the download button and a message said that this version of MacOS 10.14 can not be installed on this computer.

I thought I had the oldest model that is supported according to what Apple's site said.

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Score hidden · 1 hour ago

the official supported model is macbook pro 2012 or newer. you would need to use the mojave patcher to update it. this is not by apple, but a 3rd party software. since your warranty is probably expired, there is no issue with breaking Applecare with this.

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It is I believe. I’m not a car guy but they are all very into cars. It’s called “accidental” tech podcast because they were trying to make a car podcast and just kept talking about Apple instead. It’s one of my favorite podcasts, definitely check it out.

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Marco no longer works at tumblr. his main income is probably just overcast and podcasting

Came here to say this. If apple didn't set the precedent of charging 30% off the top then google probably wouldn't have done it.

Although Google is to blame for not undercutting but why would they undercut Apple? They already undercut apple on their developer and publishing costs and unfortunately most companies still see Android as an afterthought.

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not just apple. it is standard for playstation, xbox, steam, plenty of other online digital sellers.

They are very creepy, reminded me of uncharted 1 creatures

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El Dorado is mentioned in one of the documents. It's both set in South America

92 points · 1 day ago · edited 1 day ago

Do I need to livestream an unpeeling?

Edit: I had no idea an off-hand comment would have such a response. Alright, I'll film it tomorrow and post the results.

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You have to take donations to strip it

657 points · 1 day ago

I'm pretty sure that is Edward's dad from FMAB.

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We've all been saying that since he first appeared. Hohenheim got skinny but ripped. More so than ever, this episode gave me the impression that the show is just a mech show but made of meat instead of metal. His stance is definitely the stance you have when standing on your gundam

the recent update to the site this year (last year?) with the syncing before loading actually did make it work better on mobile, but an app is always nice.

managed switch and a new ap for vlans. you can also isolate his device directly with firewall rules if you don't want to spend money. only allow access to dns and wan

you don't need to use your work/school account as your entire user account to access Outlook if your school/work has Office 365 or Outlook Anywhere enabled. just install Office and setup Outlook with your local user account and provide the login as needed. or use web mail

I think posts like this that "break rule 3" for not being directly related to games should still be allowed. tangentially relevant stories involving the industry still generates plenty of healthy discussion.

if you want to go microsoft, you already have a 2012r2 server (assuming it's licensed). then just install wds and mdt. since it's offline network, I assume it's just a switch not connected to anything else and you don't need to mess with dhcp options or ip helpers in the same subnet.

mdt is pretty straightforward to set up and has tons of customization options for anything you may need (and if it doesn't support it directly, you can write a script to do it).

the different rooms seen from the elevator are the other trial tester's dreams

she went GLaDOS on them


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his child like wonder while she kills all the agents.

"jigsaw pieces are not square you dumb motherfucker"

so many quotable lines in this show

Honestly, I just watched Bleach last night and if they put forth half he effort in Diablo it’ll be worth watching

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so the new Netflix Bleach movie is good?

"I have hyperthermia."

"that's fucked up."

Owen sure has a way with the ladies

45 points · 3 days ago

Mafia braided pig tails Owen & archer elf Annie. I couldn’t ask for more.

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never thought I'd see Emma Stone as an elven ranger.

the unsubtitled japanese is like Isle of Dogs' stylization. it's great for atmosphere but it's kind of tough wondering what is being said (I can catch snippets).

55 points · 3 days ago

Owen’s brother killed the hawk with a hammer. That would fuck anyone up.

I’m just glad Owen stayed for Annie.

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so greta actually did say kill the 1st time right? and then she said cure

98 points · 3 days ago

One thing I noticed was that, when Annie gets plucked out of the dream by the researchers, she blinks out of existence exactly like Owen's visions of his brother do in the "real" reality. Makes me wonder if Owen ISN'T crazy and this whole show is just another layer of testing?

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right when the 1st time she got pulled out and it showed her in the chair with the dress, I immediately thought the 1st layer we've been show may just be another layer from the start.

19 points · 2 days ago

Who patches a switch unless it's required because of a software glitch that's affecting reliability?

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Cisco has had some serious cve patches over the years

Stay out of your cat's uterus

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everyone watching was thinking that, and he said it for us.

Dr. Muramoto is already my favorite character. That introduction video scene was gold.

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"you don't fuck this up, I won't fuck this up. Just kidding"

#edu-sysadmins on

4.1k points · 3 days ago

The Wolf Among Us 2 is cancelled


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wait til THQ Nordic sweeps up the IP's. they're buying everything in sight

set 2ndary mx record to a free forwarding service that points to your personal free account on gmail or other service. i use

Might be a dumb question, but since you just cloned to the new drive, why not disable bitlocker on the original drive and clone again?

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That is actually what I did. Disabled it before cloning and then tried to re-enable it. Maybe I should try to clear the tpm

1 point · 3 days ago

been here since close beta, back in the days of normal ladder system i used to push for rank 15 every new month. now, i dont even care, too many stars to win for my taste, i stay at rank 20 this days.

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even lazier now. i just get my 5 wins for the cardback and stay at 25 when it resets.

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