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ElliottAbusesWomen -5 points

Obongo? Are you 7 years old?

facts_dont_care 1 point

How about Obummer? Obamanation? Or simply... Satan incarnate?

facts_dont_care 2 points


MillionDollaBilly 27 points

They think it’s trendy to be called a slut, no wonder Cali is tearing itself apart

facts_dont_care 14 points

...and thanks to Amy Schumer it’s trendy to be fat AND a slut! What great role models the left is providing for our children!

facts_dont_care 39 points

“What? You want me to wear a condom? Is it because I’m black? Get back in the cuck shed, Carl!”

facts_dont_care commented on a post in r/The_Donald
anonnow 60 points

I've become way too skeptical of everything I read and see ever since I realized the level of propaganda that's taking place. There's definitely a war on our minds.

facts_dont_care 33 points

An.... information war, if you will.

facts_dont_care commented on a post in r/The_Donald
strongbadiophage 29 points

Their face when "u post in t_d your argument is invalid."

facts_dont_care 17 points

Checkmate drumpf!!!

sirbonce 22 points

Because liberalism is a mental disorder.

facts_dont_care 13 points

A brain eating disease

facts_dont_care commented on a post in r/The_Donald
MuhammadsPinkSock 10 points

Nah, my "white privilege" expresses itself in the genius innovations that my forefathers created...

...which contrast vastly to other races who's greatest independent achievements wash away when it rains.

facts_dont_care -2 points

The left uses perceived rasism on the right as a way to shut us down and avoid debating us on actual facts and ideas (an arena where they tend to lose). Comments like this one help to bolster this leftist strategy. They screenshot this kind of stuff and share it among anti-TD groups.

facts_dont_care 2 points


facts_dont_care commented on a post in r/The_Donald
supertots 8 points

yep! I love it :)

facts_dont_care 4 points

Nice choice. Got one recently. Favorite gun ever. Wish we could get the P938 in Cuckifornia.

Trumpsbigbrassballs 30 points

Fully semiautomatic.

facts_dont_care 5 points

Stand back guys, I’m about to go full semi-auto.

facts_dont_care commented on a post in r/The_Donald
Amdtmaga 23 points

China flooded the entire globe with steel.

The us had protections in place, so we didn't get flooded. However, countries like Canada, Brazil, etc. decided to stock up on cheap steel when China was flooding the market. (Close to 50% of world steel production)

This directly effects the US because other counties are now selling us all the steel they stocked up on.......which directly effects our steel industry here.

So yeah, it might effect other countries, but that's our fault!

Other countries just made a poor business decision trying to hoard and sit on cheap ass steel!!!

America First baby!!!! 🇺🇸

facts_dont_care 13 points
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Not being a jerk, just letting you know

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