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techfan92 3 points

But wait I thought SOT's flopped and everyone didn't buy the game at retail? Huge news for the game considering Far Cry 5 is one of the biggest selling IP's ever for Ubisoft. Number 1 on the UK charts and number 2 for the entire month in NA. I have no clue what the future holds for the game, but the rumors that the game sold like shit and only gamepass subscribers bought it can now be put to rest. Also Xbox has been leading revenue for a while now with NPD. Probably because the X is consistently selling a good chunk of units. That's another PS4 fanboy theory that the X was going to flop. For a console with no games people sure bought SOT's.

falconbox 5 points
Ve3ee -10 points

Yeah twitch viewership defined a games success. Stop talking lol

falconbox 7 points

Yeah twitch viewership defined a games success.

Considering at launch everyone showed high Twitch numbers to prove success, you cant just ignore low twitch numbers now.

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[deleted] [score hidden]


falconbox [score hidden]
  1. That's revenue, not unit sales

  2. That revenue is driven by Xbox thanks to the $500 price point of the Xbox One X probably, which must be doing really well.

MolotovMan1263 [score hidden]

Two interesting points:

Sea of Thieves at number 2 is curious. I wonder if that includes gamepass copies, as digital is included here.

NI NO KUNI 2 CHARTED!!!! (Which is interesting as it did not make PSNs top downloads for March, leading one to believe most were physical).

falconbox [score hidden]

Also MLB The Show coming in at #3.

For a game that isn't normally heavily hyped among general online communities, it still does well being the only AAA MLB game available.

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Legend_of_Peaches 113 points

Yeah... I'm gonna be passing on this 40 dollar "remaster"

falconbox 1 point

I'm not. Day 1 for me to play this in 60fps on PS4.

23524_11 128 points

Classic + DsFix (+all the retexture mods) is still the definitive way to play the game it seems.

falconbox 1 point

Most people don't play on PC.

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talklittle [M] [score hidden]

A day later I'm no longer getting HTTP timeouts, meaning Cloudflare is no longer actively blocking the user-agent, but there are still HTTPS errors on Android 4.4 which I'll address with a hotfix update (RIF 4.8.48). Cloudflare might have adjusted their HTTPS configuration recently, since I haven't actually changed the RIF HTTPS configuration in a while.

If anyone still has issues after the 4.8.48 hotfix I'm going to release, then that would probably be due to the MP4 files being encoded in a non-mobile-friendly way. There's nothing I can do about that, it depends on the codecs present on each device. Newer devices tend to have better support for a wider range of codec configurations.

falconbox 2 points

I'm using a brand new Galaxy S9+ and just got the error when opening a direct link to an imgur gif in this comment:

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jackgoffigen 5 points

I did the same. This game is good but lacks much needed progression. No weapons and attachments to earn.

falconbox 2 points

Games don't need that kind of progression IMO. Look at Overwatch.

I'd prefer well balanced guns as opposed to dozens of unlocks.

falconbox commented on a post in r/kindafunny
Caleb902 2 points

Feel free to join the fan rankings!

See where the mass would rank them.

falconbox 0 points

Wasn't there another one of these with over 500 responses? This one says there's only 62 now.

Either way, I put my ranking in.

SouLxTRaPPeR 5 points

This is number 14 for me. I know everyone loves this movie and I'm in the super minority, but man I just do not find the comedy in this movie funny at all. I think what Nick said is very true, that the reason people like this movie is because of the humor. Take the humor out there isn't much more there. Action is phenomenal but the plot and villain is so underdeveloped. The humor and tone of this movie I just don't vibe with.

falconbox 0 points

They could have done so much more with Hela. I was excited when they cast Cate Blanchett, but she was such a 1 note villain.

Side note: I think the Immigrant Song would have been much better used if it ONLY showed up during the final fight, and not also at the beginning of the movie and all the trailers. It would.have been a nice "holy shit, this is awesome" moment instead of "oh, this song again".

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falconbox 1 point

Can't wait to listen. Loving the game so far.

Still haven't finished the game yet, although I already had a couple end things spoiled for me thanks to people PMing spoilers to the /r/PS4 mods :(

Been playing with the HUD totally off (using custom HUD options to show by pressing the touchdpad) and it works great. I like not having enemy health bars, and I don't really need to see my health bar that much either.

Also using performance mode. The extra framerate makes the game feel so good. Resolution mode almost feels choppy in comparison.

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Galrath91 0 points

I never played Dark Souls 1. I jumped into the series with Dark Souls III and loved it. However, I heard that Dark Souls 1 has really clunky controls and this remaster apparently doesn't fix any of it. Also, the graphics look terrible in this trailer compared to Dark Souls III. I thought that with the remaster it'd be at least somewhat equally good looking.

Really on the edge if this will be worth it for me.

falconbox 1 point

Controls are almost identical except you can only roll in 4 directions.

Artie-Choke -2 points

has really clunky controls

This is something souls-fans look past with rose tinted glasses, but to new players, my god you just can't go back to these old games.

falconbox 2 points

It's practically the exact same controls minus omnidirectional rolling.

No idea what you're talking about.

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falconbox commented on a post in r/Games
Sikkaty 181 points

This is really sad to hear, but completely understandable. If you've listened to My Brother, My Brother and Me (the McElroy brothers' podcast), they've brought up several times how doing their podcasts and other work has been a second full-time job on top of working at Polygon. With their growing families adding to their time as well, you could tell the exhaustion was getting to them. It was really only a matter of time until something had to give.

I sincerely hope them and Polygon the best through this. They've provided some of the funniest video content I've seen in a while, and while I'm sad the McElroys' presence in it will be (mostly) ending, I'll always be happy for all of the stuff they've contributed.

For anyone unfamiliar with their content at Polygon, please watch this. It's one of my favorite videos pretty much ever, and it's only part one of three. It's hilarious.

falconbox -14 points

Not really my kind of content. I'll watch reviews and guides, but watching Lets Play videos does nothing for me.

morbo_work 39 points

Not exactly a "Lets Play" and more of a "What kind of fucked up character can we make and put a story behind it"

falconbox 1 point

I mean, I watched it. You're still just watching some people play a game.

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AccountSave 194 points

Why isn’t this on the switch subreddit? Are they moderated by Nintendo staff or something? I’d like to see more discussion on possibilities.

falconbox 1 point

FYI, this shit would never fly over on /r/PS4 or /r/XboxOne. We don't allow any discussion of hacking or piracy.

falconbox commented on a post in r/NintendoSwitch
Blovnt 56 points

Just out of curiosity, why?


Evidently Nintnedo granted you VIP access to their booth af last year's E3.

Now I understand.

falconbox 2 points

Hey, over on /r/PS4 Sony hasn't given us shit and we don't even allow DISCUSSION of hacking or piracy.

It's a grey area with Reddit admins, so why take the risk?

falconbox commented on a post in r/nba
mjy6478 1,600 points

I think this series is peak white. I dare you to name two whiter cities who have a sports franchise in any major league sport.

Edit: I was making a joke about the culture of the two cities, not giving stats about demographics.

falconbox 6 points

I love how people use "white" as an insult. But if someone were to ask what the blackest cities were, everyone would be up in arms.

falconbox commented on a post in r/thewalkingdead
FisknChips 1 point

I cant find link but it says 21 days since Glenn died. Which I personally don't buy but that is what they're trying to sell.

falconbox 1 point

If that's the case, then how long was Daryl imprisoned for when the Saviors took him? Like 2 days?

Let's not forget Carl also was with them for a little bit when he stowed away and tried to kill Negan.

nickpapa34 122 points

Thought for a minute thats how Morgan would get set up with the Fear crew.

falconbox 1 point

Can someone explain this? I don't watch Fear the Walking Dead, but I thought it was a prequel. Wasn't it at one point?

How is Morgan joining them?

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falconbox commented on a post in r/redesign
NicholasCajun 9 points

It's the core purpose of Reddit though to act as a link aggregator. If you weaken your core competency, you provide an avenue for a competitor to swoop in. You need to think very long and very hard about the reasons for doing so before you weaken your core competency. Imagine if Google tried to do what reddit is doing with its modals for its search results. Google's free to mess with almost anything else and stay afloat, but it doesn't mess around with search results to try to keep you on Google.

falconbox 2 points

It's the core purpose of Reddit though to act as a link aggregator.

Maybe 5+ years ago.

But with self-posting to user profiles and stuff now, it's clearly trying to be Facebook.

falconbox commented on a post in r/redesign
LackingAGoodName 3 points

Good to hear the issue was addressed, hope we can have alternative styling in the future.

I know this will be tough to answer, but would it be safe to assume that whenever Custom CSS support rolls around, we'll be able to override Nightmode style restrictions? Ex: Change the Submission Title Color even while Nightmode is active.

falconbox 2 points

The only thing I can see that being good for is helping stickied threads stand out more with a different color font. But not many colors are very readable on a dark background.

falconbox commented on a post in r/Piracy
Sparkdog 67 points

TLDR - The Switch has a hardware-level vulnerability that can't be fixed with firmware. Nintendo is prepping a revision of the console that fixes it. If you buy a Switch before that happens, there will be a very robust homebrew community for it.

falconbox 15 points

Would they be able to prevent consoles that have taken advantage of the exploit from going online?

falconbox commented on a post in r/xboxone
MrMRDA 23 points

If Spider-Man releases with an 85 to 90 score and MS has a "meh" E3 prior. This sub is going to be a complete shitshow.

falconbox 1 point

Which you know it will. Both Sunset Overdrive and Ratchet & Clank were well received this generation. Insomniac knows what it's doing.

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