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Passed CCNP SWITCH 907/1000

Didn't think I made it when I pressed end exam. But I'm happy I was wrong.

Studied using Boson exams. First try I had like 300 score but didn't care because I use their explanations for studying. I recommend their product because it is quite close to the exam questions.

Sometimes Boson's explanations had me curious for a bit more details though. I recommend filling those gaps with the actual online Cisco documentation.

The last day before the exam I studied using a certain site which has questions even closer to the actual exam ;)

Didn't practice any labs except Boson's, but I have a few months of experience managing a nation-wide Cisco network. I think I got 100% on the 3 labs I encountered on the exam.

All-in-all it took me about a month of studying 1 hour a day on average.

Started studying for Route today. I installed GNS3 for some actual labbing this time, and just purchased Boson's Route course.

Oh and shout-out to you guys here at r/CCNP , everytime before studying I gave this sub a quick glance and it got me focused somehow.

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Whatever it takes

Are you also a mid-20s late bloomer? I know I'm technically(lol) attractive to a lot of women because I've gotten some glowing compliments, and improving my physique from where I'm at now wouldn't really make me significantly more attractive. I'm more confident that I was in my youth (back then I basically didn't talk unless spoken to) but I guess I'm still the same shy little runt underneath.

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I think like you're writing about my life aswell lol

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That would be news to me

To all my IT bros. What's a good book and video series to read and watch to pass the A+ cert test? Need to find a new job if my current one isn't gonna give me a shot in their IT dept. Plan is to get the A+ then another CompTIA then CCNA.

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You seem like a bright guy. I just finished CCENT and am about to get certified for CCNA. I think you could try the same instead of doing the piss easy a+ and comptia first


Passed ICND1 894/832

Mostly used netacad for studying both theory and simlets. Have to say quite a few details are missing in that learning material. But it has some nice packet tracer sims.

Some CBTNuggets and udemy vids helped aswell for refreshing topics the days before the exam.

Haven't bought the Boson practice tests yet but I think I might need to since I think ICND2 might be a bit harder.

Shoutout to this subreddit for making me feel part of a clan of warriors all battling against the cisco monster exams :)

Hey, you might want to clean up your post because it seems like you are breaking your NDA big-time.

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Original Poster1 point · 8 months ago

I guess you're right, updated my post.

I do still kind of want to discuss questions and the correct answers of my test today though. Especially since I need the correct thought process for ICND2 aswell.

2 points · 8 months ago

Definitely don’t do it on the internet where you also post your exact pass/fail scores. That’s a good way to get your ICND1 yanked as well!

You have to find ways to skirt around the topics without revealing they were on your test or revealing exact question formats.

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Original Poster1 point · 8 months ago · edited 8 months ago

yep I shouldn't be this careless, appreciate your response

1518 bytes is the size of the ethernet when when no 802.1Q tags are used.

802.1Q tags being 4bytes in size adds upto 1522 bytes.

Mtu at Network Layer is 1500 bytes which consists of data with the transport layer header, That is 1480 byte + 20 bytes of IP header.

When the packet is pushed to Data-Link Layer, it is encapsulated with ethernet header which adds 2 MAC addresses which adds 6 bytes each and two bytes for the type field adding up to 1514 bytes and 4 bytes for FCS completing the frame to 1518 bytes.

Vlan or 802.1q tags are optional and if used adds 4 bytes summing the size to 1522 bytes.

Baby giants feature allows a switch to pass or forward packets that are slightly larger than the IEEE Ethernet MTU. Otherwise, the switch declares big frames as oversize and discards them.

And MTU at L2 does depend upon the hardware, if the switch does not support Jumbo Frames and you send out a frame with a large enough frame, the giant counter at the switch will start to increment.

In the metro, will try to elaborate in my lunch time

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Thank you for this response. OP pay close attention to this. I got this exact question on my exam today!

If I remember correctly the question was: Which MTU size will cause a baby giant error?

a) 10000 bytes b) 1500 bytes c) 1600 bytes d) 1518 bytes

I was in doubt but answered c, which should be the correct answer.

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looks like Blizzard doesn't care anymore

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