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fetch3 1 point

This kind of shit has always bothered me. Regardless of whether or not you dislike your boyfriend's hobby, don't resort to breaking their things. Maybe guys should start destroying women's makeup when they feel they aren't getting enough attention? They usually spend a lot of time putting it on.

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fetch3 1 point

I work for a company with 90+ employees, and I agree with the title post, but that's not always the case. I don't want to get co-workers sick, so if I think I'm contagious, I'll try to stay home. I'm also a big baby with some illnesses, like a stomach virus, and can barely be left home alone, let alone go to work. For instance, I apparently was one of the first few who had caught a stomach virus in the office. I texted my supervisor, as usual, and she said that she already had a few ppl out and really needed me to come in for as long as I could stand it. I drudge in, and after about 2 hours of work, she checks on me, and says go home. WTF?! I honestly think she didn't believe I was sick, or that there wasn't stomach virus going around until after I had gotten there and she saw how obviously sick I was. Not to mention a few other co workers who weren't hiding it as well as I was. Side note, I live 30 min from my work, so I was pretty pissed that I had to come in for all of 2 hours for her to just send me home, but I definitely didn't argue about it at the time. So I really think a lot of the time it boils down to the supervisor, and what pressure they put on their employees. We get accrued PTO for every hour we work, and aren't allowed to take off more than a week consecutively for vacations, so everyone has at least 8 hours of PTO at any given time.

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DrAlcoholocaust -5 points

first of all. its not hard to just make macaroni and cheese. just boil some fucking water.

fetch3 2 points

That kind of defeats the purpose of buying a quick frozen dinner. If you had the time to make it, you wouldn't buy them.

DrAlcoholocaust 1 point

you don't have 5 extra minutes?

fetch3 1 point

I don't really have the extra time, and I'm not able to go home for lunch either (30 min drive), so I don't have access to a kitchen.

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that_nagger_guy -2 points

I am so sick of kids crying on the internet and not to their bosses, teachers or parents and fix their fucking issues already.

fetch3 1 point

As far as jobs go, it isn't always that easy. In an office of roughly 100 women, I can honestly say there are cliques, there are favorites, and sometimes going to a boss or supervisor doesn't fix anything. It's all about picking your battles, which inevitably leads to a lot of pent up anger that you have to let out someway like OP.

[deleted] -1 points

Why Bioshock 2? it's the weakest of the franchise.

fetch3 4 points

well i have aspects from both, but 2 is my favorite. I know, it's dumb, i get shit for it a lot.

pm2501 1 point

Don't back down from what means the most to you. This is a great piece that incorporates the first and second of the series.

fetch3 1 point

Thanks, I won't. It may be dumb to some that I like the 2nd the best, but ehh, don't really care. At some point in the future, I also want to incorporate a few things from Infinite. That one was a lot better than I expected.

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sinurgy 1 point

It's probably just the reddit affect but technically I don't know.

fetch3 1 point

503 service unavailable means the server is busy or under maintenance. I had been on the site for about an hour and then clicked a link and got the error, so my guess is that the server is busy. Probably just too many ppl on it right now.

fetch3 commented on a post in r/powerwashingporn
penisairplane 6 points

As much as I love power washing porn -- Chris Boden is the most pathetic, self-centered tool there is. Not going to watch a video of this douchenozzle (pun intended).

fetch3 7 points

Who exactly is Chris Boden? I'm assuming he's the one actually doing the power washing. I can say he acted like a bitch as far as freaking out over how dirty the shower was. I personally wouldn't expect anything other than extremely dirty in a locker room shower.

penisairplane 5 points

Yup, that's him. He likes to start ALL "geek group" videos by saying his name at least once and acts so cringeworthily condescending to all his fellow "geeks". It's hard to watch, really. That he now calls himself "the captain" fits right into the picture.

fetch3 3 points

Well then I really don't understand why he has any followers/audience. There's a guy like that that was in my close group of friends. He acts as though he's better than you, and constantly tries to embarrass people. Yea, no one hangs out with him now,and people don't return his phone calls.

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fetch3 1 point

You can file a complaint with your temp company against that employer. I would, guy sounds like a dick. Is it part of your responsibility to monitor interactions? If it isn't,tell the guy.

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fetch3 2 points

Brought tears to my eyes, and I'm not really one to get emotional at weddings. Just thinking of how long all these people have loved each other and wanted to be with each other, but were never allowed to be recognized by the state as such. Finally. Just awesome.

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fetch3 8 points

Not all girls are that messy. Some of us big girls know how to clean up after ourselves.

[deleted] 0 points

Not all

That pretty much confirms the stereotype.

fetch3 2 points

What? the stereotype that all girls that are slobs just haven't really grown up yet? that's a fact, not a stereotype. Some girls grow up faster than others.

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fetch3 2 points

That cop had a hell of a lot of patience for that dude. The cop wasn't just trying to be an ass. He said he smelled weed. The resisting just made the dude look guilty as hell.

And I just love how the mom chose to continue recording the altercation instead of taking her son away from the situation. That kid didn't deserve that.

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[deleted] 105 points


fetch3 8 points

It's ONE video, about ONE cat being rescued. There's really no need in going into detail about humans interfering. It would be a shitty thing to do to just let it go if you saw this and were capable of stopping it. Cats are a vastly domesticated animal, so obviously more people are going to sympathize with the cat over the snake. I doubt you'd try to use this same argument if the video was of a human being rescued from the grasp of a snake.

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