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firebane commented on a post in r/sysadmin
feint_of_heart 1 point

Don't forget to deny inter-user bridging (Aruba-speak for stopping devices talking to other devices on the vlan)

firebane 1 point

Hmm wonder if Ubiquiti does this.

mikemosh511 1 point

It does by default just check the "guest policies" box and it blocks

We put guest wifi on a vlan. Block all access to non internet sources for that vlan. Guess has a simple password which is usually written in the conference room white board tbh. Only use a disclaimer when customer wants one (we offer but don't push)

firebane 1 point

Good to hear. I have policies enabled.

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firebane commented on a post in r/Calgary
philsaid 1 point

Check out IFK bike night on Wednesday evenings. Instagram

firebane 2 points

Lucid has been doing hot dog fridays

Iavoidedmakingthis 4 points

Join 403 riders on FB and make a post. Lots of people out for rides that would welcome people to join them.

firebane 2 points

Stupid Facebook. I'd be into riding with some people or going for trips but not doing Facebook.

firebane commented on a post in r/sysadmin
cjstout2050 1 point

So on here it says "Join a device to Azure AD, Desktop SSO, Windows Hello for Azure AD, Administrator Bitlocker recovery"

So with the basic plan I can add a Windows 10 machine to my Azure AD? How would I even go about doing that?

firebane 1 point

Azure Hybrid Join

GldRush98 1 point

People and their mailboxes man. Crazy what hoarders people can be with email. I've been at my company for a long time now and my mailbox is under 2gb on purpose. I don't want to wade through a decade of email to find something.

firebane 1 point

I get why people do it... I really do... Its a simple archive system that allows you to go way back. The issue is that people don't understand the consequences on their support staff that it creates.

With that said its about education and I'm going to try and teach people how to not keep everything in their email and store if necessary.

vodka_knockers_ 0 points

So you set the cache to 2 weeks, but you're complaining about your crappy internet connection? What do you think is going to be the outcome when everyone has to go do an online search for practically everything, because you set the cache retention so small?

Slow down, take a break, learn, develop a strategy, test it, learn more from it, then implement based on what you learned. You're running around like a spaz and you're just going to piss off users.

firebane 1 point

I'm not running around... I'm trying to keep things to a minimum without creating massive OST files.

I've made this post in hopes to learn and understand how to implement things better not be called out about it. :\

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firebane commented on a post in r/Calgary
Whiner_Miner1975 19 points

$115 and a one year ban from owning animals. Wtf.

" He was fined $115 and was prohibited from owning any dogs or cats for a year. He’s permitted to own only one dog for the three years following his probation. "

firebane 3 points

Yup unfortunately animals just aren't put on a pedestal like human beings and assholes get away with stupid shit and lacking serious fines.

firebane 6 points

Yay Beans!

firebane commented on a post in r/Calgary
Ebola_Casserole 19 points

u/firebane is one of the resident cunts of this sub, who trolls pretty much every post on here. Why the mods allow it I have no idea.

firebane -22 points

Lol. Yup got me figured out.

ZergHero 30 points

It's as if English isn't their first language!

firebane -39 points

And lacking to learn it?

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firebane commented on a post in r/Calgary
herpyderpy01 7 points

I tend to let people in no matter what, better than causing an accident. But there are definitely a lot of people who do this to jump the queue, especially the people who hop out of the regular lane into the one that is ending. Those people can suck my piss.

firebane 2 points
robofunk_ 2 points

The point is that zipper merging at the last moment is faster than merging early. If anything better signage would make the problem worse.

firebane 6 points

Zipper merging only works well if traffic is moving. If traffic is not moving it creates issues such as that where people don't let people in because we have been "waiting"

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firebane commented on a post in r/motorcycles
firebane 1 point

Metal Rescue works good but can also find weaknesses in the tanks metal.

How much rust are talking?

clinton-dix-pix 1 point

I used metal rescue, got all the rust out great but it just rusted back up a few weeks later.

firebane 1 point

Needs more gas.

firebane commented on a post in r/Calgary
ReviewyMcReviewface 1 point

It's only $25, which was far cheaper than I thought it might be, and even though the rest of Winsport was busy on Sunday, I was the first jumper of the day at around noon, so no lineups!

Would you do it?

firebane 7 points

Not for $25. Maybe $10?

schurchill39 0 points

Maybe you should mind your own business and focus on your dogs? If people want to let their dogs swim in the river that is their risk to take, not yours to police them.

firebane 3 points

Because if something happens to that dog it becomes my business and everyone around me.

As dog owners we don't want to see bad shit happen ever to another dog and the second something does we will step in and try to do our best to help.

WKRPinCanada 6 points

Very good point by the OP.

I was foolish enough to get a little too close to the Bow by Bowness during the spring. Next thing I knew my Malamute was in the water being slowly swept away. And she was not a small dog.

I went after her, managed to grab her and make my way back to the bank; only problem was it was a straight drop with small trees and shrubs lining the bank. I was facking exhausted and my legs were numb by this time and I had no idea how the fack I was going to get out

Luckily some people had witnessed what was going down because all of a sudden I heard someone say "Hand her to me"

Several people had beat their way thru the bush to come to our aid.

I lifted her as high as I could and he grabbed her and started back thru the brush. Then a man and a woman helped pull me from the river. If they had not done this... well I hate to think what would have happened

Lesson learned - whenever I went anywhere near the Bow during runoff I always made sure I kept her leash on

firebane 4 points

I look at it in the sense that if I won't swim in it why should my dog.

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firebane commented on a post in r/motorcycles
firebane 8 points

Poor bike :-(

GhostfaceHecklah -6 points

don't be a bitch.

firebane 20 points

I'm not. The 2 stroke street bikes by Yamaha are very iconic and are a very good looking bike factory.

This just looks like the OP hacked it up and did a bunch of stupid crap to it and wants to call it a "cafe racer"

firebane commented on a post in r/Calgary
Siendra 10 points

I'm pretty sure those are Bombus Ternarius (Orange-Belted Bumblebee), which aren't typically hostile. I used to get tons of them milling about my garden in the summer, never had an issue with them being hostile - even when my dog chased them.

firebane -12 points

Well I am glad you have had good experiences I have not.

Siendra 4 points

It's not like they're never hostile. No idea why they didn't like you. Maybe something else was disturbing their nests and you ended up the unfortunate scapegoat.

firebane 0 points


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firebane commented on a post in r/Calgary
aef0 5 points

Home Depot is cheap too.

firebane 2 points

Home Depot only allows rentals to store customers.

tax-me-now-and-later 5 points

Have rented from HD lots of times and used truck or trailer for something else entirely

firebane 2 points

Last time I tried they said nope.

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