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in a thousand years we'd probably just have some dude in a giant mech grab the volcano and fling the fucker into the sun

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Ohhh man I wanna see this film!


This too shall pass

You forgot playing along and laughing at the crap they write.

Sometimes if I know it's a catfish I'll play dumb and the things they come up with are ridiculous. I'm currently messaging with a catfish (took me 2 days to figure it out since there were no weird red flags and we were comparing book recommendations for those days). He claims he is being deployed to Israel and wants to meet me in 3 months when he is back and he wants to marry me (yeah right). So I've been asking him for his rank and military information claiming that my friend works with the Israeli army as an interpreter and my friend wants to meet him. The excuses he's been using have been very entertaining. The most recent one was that he has been doing a medical test with the army and any exposure to people not in full hazard gear could catch what they are testing on him and could get sick. When I asked why he's not getting sick, he claimed that he is being tested for his special immunity so they can make a vaccine for the disease that was just discovered.

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Lmao pleease see how far that rabbit hole goes!

Apparently I've lost after a 35 year streak!

Which particular packets get CEF punted?

Original Poster1 point · 14 days ago

Those that aren't found in the FIB, have ACL, ARP redirect?

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Sure, and the commands to disable/enable CEF, change an interface to fast switching / process switching? Just food for thought! You're pretty much covered but there's a few little gotchas I found with CEF

I just hate getting hit with a multi-choice and start second guessing myself

I'm a Northerner and I don't mind it. Only with "fries" though. If I saw someone have mayo with chip-shop chips I'd glass 'em

I've lived in Heaton a little over a year now and have found it really nice. But I've decided to move to Ouseburn as I feel a little out the way and it'd be nice to be a bit more central.

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Is there some sort of quiz you can take to to see what "attachment type" you are?

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I used to do some work in a recording studio. One night, I was staying late in the studio with a very talented, very attractive musician. She had finished recording for the day, everyone had gone home, and we were chilling in the studio. We were shooting the shit, laughing with each other and talking about some of the other musicians that we worked with.

At one point, I had picked up a guitar and was strumming some chords. Eventually, I ended up playing a song that we both knew. She grabbed her guitar and started singing along. We came up with some vocal harmonies on the spot and it ended up being one of those magical, electric musical moments that you only experience a handful of times in your life. We went from some giggling strumming and singing to serious musical vibing before my eyes.

During every harmony, we would lean in close to each other so we could hear each other's notes. During the last lines of the song, we leaned in close and finished the song; but we didn't lean back after we finished.

We both sat there, just inches away from each other. I looked in her eyes and could tell that she had felt the electricity and magic of the song we just sang together. As our eyes met, I could feel her hot breath on my face, and I thought I could make out her lips slowly getting closer to mine...

...the problem was, I was dating this girl who also worked with us. So, I leaned back and cracked some joke about how we should have been recording. I could tell she was disappointed; but I wasn't about to cheat on my girlfriend. I made some excuse to leave shortly after but ever since that moment, I could always feel some tension between us.

Me and my girlfriend ended up breaking up a year later after I moved away. I lost contact with musician-girl for awhile but we ended up getting back into contact recently. Now, I'm seeing her next week, and we're going back to that recording studio.

Wish me luck, y'all.

EDIT: Woah! I'm glad so many of y'all are invested in my unfortunate love life! Thank you all for the encouragement!

EDIT 2: Didn't work out; she was very busy and I didn't get as much time with her as I would have liked.

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That last sentence gave me goosebumps, good luck!

I used all three for practicing and yes, they are super useful. A fair bit more difficult than the actual test actually.

I'd say you could skip not getting the switch/route exams if you feel strong enough in those areas, but I don't think I would have passed TSHOOT without using the Boson exam, really helps to nail down whatever troubleshooting method you go for.

Memorise the topology.

In the time you get before the exam to accept the agreements etc sketch down the full topology. It's soo much easier to have it infront of you rather than having to constantly flick between windows during the exam. I'm pretty sure doing that saved me a good 15-20 minutes.

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Agh I keep seeing ads for that festival on the tube. Hope it's a good one! I'm definitely getting fesitval envy at the moment, though admittedly I'd be sweaty and grumpy AF if I actually went to one.

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Thanks I will! Yeh I’m gonna have to be really careful in the sun, I burn on overcast days lol is Finsbury Park very leafy ?

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Have fun in London! Love QOTSA.

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Thanks I'm sure I will! Iggy Pop and The Hives are playing too, the last time I saw The Hives was when they opened Glastonbury and the front man was so funny so I'm really looking forward to it :)

But why are they always during work hours? Seriously?

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I’m not sure I’ve even seen one advertised during work hours? 🤷🏼‍♂️

Are you from Fleetwood?

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No but my username does have a tenuous link to the place!

fleetwood_rebel commented on
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Add to this: vaguebooking.

Examples: “Ughggg!!!” “Some people have no self respect” “Don’t bother me today!”

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U ok hun?? X


Hi all

Just a quick question. I've got my final TSHOOT exam coming up at the end of the month. I've been reviewing the lab scenario fairly regularly and have a good grasp of it. However, I've noticed on the official exam topics it doesn't mentioned anything about troubleshooting first hop redundancy protocols (HSRP etc). Although I can clearly see it's part of the lab topology and is covered in the OCG.

Is it worth investing time into something that isn't mentioned on the official topic list? I know from experience that the questions usually stick pretty rigidly to what's in the curriculum. And I know they can update the list as/when they want.

Anyone experienced questions that weren't on the topic list with TSHOOT?


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Original Poster2 points · 2 months ago

We use FHRPs a tonne where I work. I'm pretty confident on answering questions about them, I just find it weird that it's not on the official list which is what you're supposed to follow. Feels like a cheap trick...

I did exactly this July last year and I'm 35. Just upped and left my hometown after a break-up. Best decision I ever made.

I have started growing a new group of friends I met through Meetup and I'm a lot happier...

It's been almost a week since Frightened Rabbit's body was found and I'm still really gutted. It's hit me like no other "celeb" death, I feel pretty silly as I didn't know him in person. His band was one of my all time faves and my absolute go-to during any time of heartbreak, wish I could somehow of let him know how much he'd helped me and others whilst he did the walk to the bridge... just can't believe he won't be around any more, it was only two months ago I saw them live and he was hilarious and looked in such a good mood on stage :( I took a half day last Friday as I was so devastated at work when I found out

I've arranged a doc appointment as I can feel a low mood coming on but I'll hopefully pick back up after a bit, urgh

So, so sad. I didn't know his music, but I felt a similar way about Chester Bennington's death last year.

I was at a Frank Turner festival this weekend - they were friends and Scott played at it last year, and Frank played a few songs in tribute over the weekend, including one of Frightened Rabbit's on Friday night. He was visibly crying. It was a very emotional experience. He dedicated his performance of 'Song for Josh' to Scott on Sunday night, minutes after the guy I'm seeing texted me to say he was feeling really low and was struggling and it was a bit overwhelming.

Hope you're feeling a bit better soon.

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Thanks :) But yes it's awful :( I feel so sorry for his family

I really like Frank Turner, I'm not sure I could have watched that gig without losing it tbh but I can imagine how touching it was

Tell your fella to get to the docs... mine is so good and sees low mood / anxiety / depression exactly the same as any other illness, it really helps #ItsOkNotToBeOK

I'm currently studying towards my final CCNP exam so know this topic well

Really, you need the OCG, but also make sure you do your own research on the exam topics from the website. The official guides sometimes really don't cover the topics well if at all.

But for online, I'd recommend Chris Bryant on Udemy. CBT Nuggets is very good as well, but a bit more pricey, I find Jeremy Cioara very effective and not boring like some are.

Finally, get GNS3 for doing the routing topics, and pick up some cheap switches from Ebay or somewhere to set up a lab. And just lab, lab, lab... that's really the best way to learn.

Original Poster1 point · 3 months ago

Thanks for the info! I will probably end up buying some Cisco stuff to get some hands on experience but how good is the network simulator? I'm a bit tight for room at the minute, would I be able to wing the exam on just using a simulator?

Sorry if any of this come across as noob

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GNS3 is perfect for all things routing for the CCNA, you’ll just need to get hold of an IOS from somewhere, there’s plenty of documentation on the site. However it’s no good for switching

For learning switching / layer 2 technologies even 3/4 old 2950s would be enough. I used six and randomly interconnected them to get my head around all the spanning tree stuff, but yeh not sure how you’ll get hands on experience without either some physical kit or access to VIRL which is very expensive. I haven’t used Packet Tracer in years but that might be acceptable for CCNA as well, though it was always pretty limited if you wanted to get in depth

You might wanna see what /r/CCNA recommend

I'm so sick of unreliable men (sorry men, but no females in my life ever let me down). My time is precious, stop being so casual with it. I'm currently ignoring Odysseus' due to this. I'm throwing a strop and I don't care. I'm also ignoring my friend who I posted about yesterday.

Genuinely feel like writing a group message to all the men in my life (except my lovely dad) telling them that they're all selfish pr!cks and explaining that I would have sent separate messages but I actually value my time unlike them. At this stage everyone can just f* off.

Also, Software Engineer didn't want to catch up at the weekend because he was playing God of War. I got shelved for a video game. Now I'm worried that I won't see him for another 2 weeks and by then things may have progressed with Odysseus (if I ever speak to him again) and I will never be able to have the best sex of my life again.

Non-date related; I cried for the first time in 8 months today and now my face feels like a ball of tears ready to spurt out at any moment. My niece was starved of oxygen during labour due to catastrophic failings by our health service and consequently has cerebral palsy, is blind and non-communicative. My sister has PTSD and is in a really bad place. The legal report came in today and seeing in black and white how much they failed my sister and niece and ruined their lives makes me so angry and sad.

I wish I could say I feel better after this rant but I don't.

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Lurking here mostly now, but so sorry to hear about your niece and sis, so awful :(

<clicks next on Civ> <reads thread> It's not a big deal <clicks next on Civ> Just don't let it define you and do other stuff too! <clicks next on Civ>

I got my car from Balkwell Motor Company, on a trading estate just off Norham Road. Decent fella, didn't try to hard sell

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