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fleetwood_rebel 2 points

Get yourself signed up to, there's loads of different groups in Newcastle and it's really active. Young Professionals has over 2000 members alone!

I started earlier this year and have got a really big social crowd now

Czech_cat 1 point

But why are they always during work hours? Seriously?

fleetwood_rebel 1 point

I’m not sure I’ve even seen one advertised during work hours? 🤷🏼‍♂️

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fleetwood_rebel 2 points

Well, I’ve really fallen for a girl I’ve met in my Meetup thing. Bloody, finally! Feels really weird, I haven’t “fancied anyone” in so long. Even when I was doing OLD months ago I really didn’t care for any of my dates sadly... I guess my plan of ditching OLD and just socialising to hopefully meet someone naturally has paid off. But I'm not sure what to do next hah I feel like I'm back in school or college or something

I guess the next step is gauging how interested she might be and asking to hang out. There's a few reasons why I think there could be some potential, but I always was and will remain rubbish at picking up on hints.

We all go out in a big crowd (usually 15-20 of us) pretty much every weekend around bars and things in the city. For the past few weeks I've kinda been aware that when we're stood in a group she ends up next to me fairly often. That could just be coincidence mind. But we do chat a fair bit and I think she finds me funny... And I'm sure I've been getting a fair bit of eye contact, even when she's chatting to other guys in the group. One night we compared Spotify lists and she digs all the same music as me so that was great too.

She travels through from just out of town to come to the Meetup. We've ended up hanging out in McDonalds the past three weeks, after the night out, where she intends to wait for her 830am bus home (we stay out laaate). Each time I've offered her my spare bedroom to stay in instead of waiting around and she's accepted... I'm trying not to read much into that, I'd offer anyone the same rather than sitting in MacDs for hours. But surely you wouldn't stay in someone's flat that you didn't like on some level?

Anyway, she's off to Download festival at the weekend so I won't see her for a couple of weeks.

Even if nothing comes of it, I'm just so glad to actually FEEL something for someone who isn't my ex. I was beginning to think I'd never fancy anyone ever again!

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JennyClownBanger 28 points

I’ve learned how weird it is for the average woman to take initiative and ask a guy out.

I am by no means saying I don’t have room for improvement in this area but it’s amazing how many times the subject comes up.

fleetwood_rebel 3 points

I’m not currently looking to date. I’ve started growing a friend base via Meetup in the city I moved to last year, and it’s pretty much 50/50 guys to gals. We have Facebook group chats and communicate every day, party, film nights, book club etc. Some I find attractive and some not my type, but that’s not to say I wouldn’t give it a go. If any of them asked me if I wanted to hang out outside the group one time I’d say yes as I get on with them all so well.

As a guy, being asked out is a pretty big thing I think. But if I ever feel a real connection to someone in the group I know I’ll have to be the one to make a move 🤷🏼‍♂️

I think it’s just seen as the mans job, but if we’re looking for equality surely the door swings both ways, we all feel pride being bruised if we’re turned down, it’s just being human!

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fleetwood_rebel 5 points

It's been almost a week since Frightened Rabbit's body was found and I'm still really gutted. It's hit me like no other "celeb" death, I feel pretty silly as I didn't know him in person. His band was one of my all time faves and my absolute go-to during any time of heartbreak, wish I could somehow of let him know how much he'd helped me and others whilst he did the walk to the bridge... just can't believe he won't be around any more, it was only two months ago I saw them live and he was hilarious and looked in such a good mood on stage :( I took a half day last Friday as I was so devastated at work when I found out

I've arranged a doc appointment as I can feel a low mood coming on but I'll hopefully pick back up after a bit, urgh

ellef86 2 points

So, so sad. I didn't know his music, but I felt a similar way about Chester Bennington's death last year.

I was at a Frank Turner festival this weekend - they were friends and Scott played at it last year, and Frank played a few songs in tribute over the weekend, including one of Frightened Rabbit's on Friday night. He was visibly crying. It was a very emotional experience. He dedicated his performance of 'Song for Josh' to Scott on Sunday night, minutes after the guy I'm seeing texted me to say he was feeling really low and was struggling and it was a bit overwhelming.

Hope you're feeling a bit better soon.

fleetwood_rebel 1 point

Thanks :) But yes it's awful :( I feel so sorry for his family

I really like Frank Turner, I'm not sure I could have watched that gig without losing it tbh but I can imagine how touching it was

Tell your fella to get to the docs... mine is so good and sees low mood / anxiety / depression exactly the same as any other illness, it really helps #ItsOkNotToBeOK

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fleetwood_rebel 2 points

I'm currently studying towards my final CCNP exam so know this topic well

Really, you need the OCG, but also make sure you do your own research on the exam topics from the website. The official guides sometimes really don't cover the topics well if at all.

But for online, I'd recommend Chris Bryant on Udemy. CBT Nuggets is very good as well, but a bit more pricey, I find Jeremy Cioara very effective and not boring like some are.

Finally, get GNS3 for doing the routing topics, and pick up some cheap switches from Ebay or somewhere to set up a lab. And just lab, lab, lab... that's really the best way to learn.

Fireball_6d6 1 point

Thanks for the info! I will probably end up buying some Cisco stuff to get some hands on experience but how good is the network simulator? I'm a bit tight for room at the minute, would I be able to wing the exam on just using a simulator?

Sorry if any of this come across as noob

fleetwood_rebel 1 point

GNS3 is perfect for all things routing for the CCNA, you’ll just need to get hold of an IOS from somewhere, there’s plenty of documentation on the site. However it’s no good for switching

For learning switching / layer 2 technologies even 3/4 old 2950s would be enough. I used six and randomly interconnected them to get my head around all the spanning tree stuff, but yeh not sure how you’ll get hands on experience without either some physical kit or access to VIRL which is very expensive. I haven’t used Packet Tracer in years but that might be acceptable for CCNA as well, though it was always pretty limited if you wanted to get in depth

You might wanna see what /r/CCNA recommend

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Longirl 6 points

I'm so sick of unreliable men (sorry men, but no females in my life ever let me down). My time is precious, stop being so casual with it. I'm currently ignoring Odysseus' due to this. I'm throwing a strop and I don't care. I'm also ignoring my friend who I posted about yesterday.

Genuinely feel like writing a group message to all the men in my life (except my lovely dad) telling them that they're all selfish pr!cks and explaining that I would have sent separate messages but I actually value my time unlike them. At this stage everyone can just f* off.

Also, Software Engineer didn't want to catch up at the weekend because he was playing God of War. I got shelved for a video game. Now I'm worried that I won't see him for another 2 weeks and by then things may have progressed with Odysseus (if I ever speak to him again) and I will never be able to have the best sex of my life again.

Non-date related; I cried for the first time in 8 months today and now my face feels like a ball of tears ready to spurt out at any moment. My niece was starved of oxygen during labour due to catastrophic failings by our health service and consequently has cerebral palsy, is blind and non-communicative. My sister has PTSD and is in a really bad place. The legal report came in today and seeing in black and white how much they failed my sister and niece and ruined their lives makes me so angry and sad.

I wish I could say I feel better after this rant but I don't.

fleetwood_rebel 1 point

Lurking here mostly now, but so sorry to hear about your niece and sis, so awful :(

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fleetwood_rebel 1 point

Don't think I've done an update on here for a while!

Nothing much to report really. Still been rocking the MeetUps, got really well in with the Metal/Rock one I’m in to the point where a lot have added me as a new friend on FB and invited me to their group chat, starting to feel like part of a good crowd who all love the same music as me. This a way bigger win for me at the moment than a successful date lol As I was struggling to meet people / make friends in my new city.

That said, I did get a message from someone on Match on Monday night. She played the guitar and seemed to be in to the same things, however she was only 23 heh. She last-minute-invited me on Tuesday to an open mic gig her friends were putting on so I went along. She wasn’t 100% my type physically upon meeting, but we actually got along great and I love open mic nights… I even got up and did a song and they really liked it \o/ Walked back over the Tyne Bridge and shared a taxi home. On the way walking she explained she was just two weeks out of a six year relationship (!) and I explained I was mainly in the business of making friends and meeting people, which I do actually say on my profile now and she was cool with it. Going to meet her at another open mic next week I think :)

Tonight I’m going along to watch the band of someone I kind of know, just going to head there on my own I think. Then tomorrow I’m going to a silent disco with my sis and some of her friends, then will head off to meet with the metal meetup at the club they’re going to.

Oh, and its pay day… and shortly I’m off work for 16 days :D Life still going good! Kinda hope I don’t meet someone to mess it up hah

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fleetwood_rebel 15 points

Repetition and stalling

"So... what I think... I think... what I think we need to do essentially is, I think we essentially need to take a look at the server... <pauses a second or two, thinks> we need to essentially take a look at the server when, take a look at the server when the issue, the issue is occuring, and then essentially see... we need to take a look at the issue on the server and see, and then essentially just see what's... see what's in the logs"


Vixenstein 1 point

I have a co-worker who has recently adopted a fake over-dramatized stutter that she trots out in slow motion when she's pretending to be confused. "And I was like 'oh...oh...okaaaay...'" I'm 100% certain the first time she did it someone told her it was cute and then it just became a thing.

fleetwood_rebel 1 point

This is the crux of the matter. I actually think it's on purpose, to get more attention or just to ensure you can get your point across or be noticed or something. At the expense of wasting someone's time. What OP said earlier is pretty true, it's almost like what Trump does.

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gt35r 6,448 points


The whole building concept while playing a shooter multiplayer is too much for my brain to handle. I gave up on it, tried multiple times but just can't get a hang of building while playing, shit is confusing.

No, I don't want to learn anymore, I hate it :(

fleetwood_rebel 1 point

Same here, tried it recently but just can't hack that building thing, love the concept of the game though. Is that building thing in PUBG as well? Because I might try that instead...

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jbrap 514 points

Too much real life on Reddit. I've never had an issue with who she talked to but I noticed her and her "coworker/friend" talked more than anybody else. It came a point where every time we were together I'd see an alert on her phone with a text from him. After a while I asked about him and told her I'm a little uncomfortable with how often they text. I got the "he's just a friend", "trust me" and "don't worry". So I let it go. But my brother who also works with her told me this past Friday a couple co-workers asked if me and her were still together because it looks like her and this guy are very close and talk all day to where everyone notices. So I confronted her about it Saturday and she tried to bs and justify it. "At the time it was true, though. He was just a friend". Pretty much confirming it became more than friendship. I really thought I could trust this gal she's 31 and have been with less than a handful of guys. It's gonna be tough to trust people after this one smh /endrant

fleetwood_rebel 3 points

I'll just say this happened to me, and really it's for the best. Almost a year on and life has improved drastically by not being around someone who lies. Just takes a bit of time.

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fleetwood_rebel 9 points

I started OLDing about Christmas time. I've put it down already... for me, yes you can match with someone, chat, meet up and have sex, rinse, wash, repeat, but it's just not as exciting and very contrived to start. I know it has worked for many though, I wonder what the ratio is to worked:not worked though...

Join groups, go to Meetups, pursue interests... I think you have a better chance that way of finding someone who likes what you like etc

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fleetwood_rebel 7 points

I think seeing eye to eye politically is so important. My ex of 6 years was right leaning and me left, really caused problems 😒 my next SO will have to be a lefty and hopefully drink pints with me in a down to earth way 😆🍻

Panacea4316 2 points

Ive never had an SO who saw eye to eye with me politically, literally never caused a problem. My dad and my stepdad dont see eye to eye with my mom, never caused a problem. It only causes a problem when one person makes it a problem, and that's stupid.

fleetwood_rebel 3 points

Ive never had an SO who saw eye to eye with me politically, literally never caused a problem.

Yet it seems to have caused a problem for you with random internet strangers up above in this thread? :)

No we did have problems agreeing when it came people who liked the word Allah, even that wasn't an actual deal breaker. But from the discussions here you can surely see why I see this topic as divisive, I don't want to have to deal with that no matter what great qualities another lady might have.

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