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People invested in a CHINESE CRYPTO CURRENCY and need a movie called "China Hustle" to warn them about the risks? I know the price is suffering, but these types of fears and concerns stopped making sense months ago. The emotions of this subreddit are as volatile as the price. 2 months ago you got attacked if you didn't say the price would be >$100 EOY, and now people are saying the entire thing is a scam because someone mentioned a movie? The idea that it could all be a Chinese hustle should have been considered before you bought in. If you purchased and NOW are considering that its a scam I feel like you're wildly unfit to manage your own finances.

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agree !

12 points · 7 months ago

Damn, My (sadly small) first buy was at 1.75, but with all this news I fomod more at 40$. Walton is crazy

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very funny... my first buy was at $1.6 and i hesitate to fomo at $40... this is really crazy imo... but i love Walton and will hodl for a very long time

I currently own just Vechain but want some WTC to as I think both are about to dominate China. Both kinda are going for different markets at the moment.

I own only Eth and Ven at the moment with 60% being eth and 40% ven. Would you trade say 20% of Eth to get into Walton. Honestly think etheruem has yet to really flex its muscles and will do great this year. But also believe walton will for sure be a great project that atleast will hit $100 a coin this year

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it depends how much ETH you have. i only have a few ETH but i would not sell them for WTC as i think, that ETH will also be huge in 2018. I am a waltonian since late september and i love that coin. but i don't want to play only one card... it is a tough decision to sell Ven or Eth for WTC. I don't like these moon comments but imo wally will explode after gemini block

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If your new to WTC, the party has just begun. Still to come in the not too distant future. 1. Grand Event tomorrow (mulitple partnership signings) 2. Official Wallet release 3. Staking Rewards announcement 4. Air Drops (MN & GMN holders) 5. More exchanges (bithumb) 6. Mainnet Launch 7. Secret third child chain reveal...I'm sure they will throw in some extra surprises as well!

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regarding all these upcoming announcements i consider to throw all in by now... I LOVE WALTON since late spetember ...

this community is one of the most active, educated and smart ones in this space. WTC is a really long term investment that you send it to MEW and forget it.

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you cant forget checking MEW every minute while enjoying that great greeeeen candle at 1day scale chart

Jeez walton is killing it today. I was looking to get back in but its been taking off since it hit $30.What is a good price point right now? $28, $29 if it dips?

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compared to what Wally will deliver in the next couple of days you should not hesitate to get back in... i think WTC is a time bomb

Original Poster1 point · 8 months ago

As always, I'm wishing I bought more. Got very, very few of these, but it's something anyway. This thing could get into the hundreds easily with a market cap of only $13 million.

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same here, also very few of these babies but had the same Feeling as the Topic describes just a few seconds ago :) nice one

i've heard of WTC end of September and got in at $1.6. at this time i realised the potential of RFID paired with blockchain but at this time i was more concentrated in OMG. but in the meantime i sold more and more of my stack to increase my Wallies. unfortunately i did not make a GMN which is very sad but i am so happy to ride this Train as i know that WTC will be huge in the next couple of months. some of my friends laughed at me in Q4/17 that i was a strong believer of WTC... and guess what... they got in last week at $25... :) Congrats to all you Wallie friends

what do you think will be EOY price realistically?

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$ 19.99 Why do you care about the price?

13 points · 8 months ago · edited 8 months ago

VeChain will be $500 EOY.

Last year, on this same day, Bitcoin was $891.

Ethereum was $10.

We will rise like no coin ever before. If there is anyone who doubts this, then you don't believe strongly enough in the excellence of VeChain technology.

Doubt me? Screencap this. VeChain gang to the moon.

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based on facts?

I'm honestly not even considering selling any wtc until $1500.

Edit: I may sell 1 node at that price to diversify into other younger projects and keep the other for the long run

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reading all these comments makes me dream of being a crypto millionaire. unfortunately i'm not a GMN or MN and that makes me sad because my first buy-in was at $1.6... told all my crypto friends about WTC and they now also jumped on the train...

woke up 20 minutes ago and my heart goes BOOOOOOOMMM... ever knew that my patience could be right... first step on our mission :) I love Chinese mobile partners and i love you all my fellow Waltonions

10 points · 8 months ago

Thank you very much! Nice to have some positive feedback. I thought of deleting that comment because almost everyone is just laughing at me now.

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calm down. only based on money which could not restore your health. everything is going to be fine. buy back later in the dip and be healthy.

48 points · 8 months ago

Incredible. I have been holding this since october. 100% portfolio. I sold it 10hours ago. I have never been this sad and frustrated ever before.

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Sorry, but how could one be so incredible mad to sell now all these fortunated babies?

hopefully i wasn't too late to get in but i bought a nice bunch that morning after watching some Videos on YouTube tonight.

Right there with you. I'm just going to keep buying more when I can. I bout my first batch at $5 and will keep buying more as I think the price is extremely low for this coin. Just wish I didn't have to deal with etherdelta.

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for me etherdelta is the worst exchange i've ever seen...they won't get any money from me in my life

i was in at $5 on NYE with a small bunch and it makes me smile every day. very nice hidden Gem. very low supply and very low Marketing. but i am very patient and look forward what happens in 2018. Cryptos will getting mad i suppose. glad to find this

I wouldn't bet on that... It's still being kept down.

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i sold 15% of my WTC to ride the Ven Train. Unfortunaltey WTC got a push last night and i was emotionally thinking of fomo WTC again. What do you guys think about ?

hahaha, I did the same thing. Sold some WTC to increase my VET, and immediately it dropped, got FOMO and bought back into WTC. Lost 100$, blame it on alcohol. VET is about 30% of my portfolio, it was equal to WTC, but with the recent price increase in VET, WTC has, of course, fallen back. They will both do well, WTC in the medium term.....I hope. It has some huge pluses but VET has the marketing and, like WTC, excellent partnerships.

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i didn't fomo'ed back yet. happy about the news of VET 2 hours ago. I think that it's not a mistake to hold both in the next couple of months i think. maybe WTC will dip next days to increase my babies again.

sold some WTC 3 days ago to go in VEN. ever knew that one announcement could push the price. What do you think? will it dip in the next couple of days or do we have an new level at $13 -$14? unsure to Fomo back with loss

It's tough because you get posts like this one that OP did, where it gets you hecka excited, but then with the volatility of cryptos, you have to think about how this price can easily go back down to $10 like it was earlier today. Tough call my friend. Do not be too emotional (as that was my mistake when I panic sold).

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you are right... The Hope of a light dip silences me right now. don't want to make bad decisions as everyone here told that there are no major moves of the price until the Genesis Block... but wtf. i should close my laptop and enjoy the day. Ven will also make nice gains hopefully.

i was in at $1.6... market research got me to WTC. did not get all in because i held OMG and thought it would be big player. not beeing GMN unfortunately but my biggest positions so far. excited of Q1/18... my babies

based on Information about ODN few days ago, i went in last night with a nice bunch hoping to make some profits in the next couple of days. right now i don't realise big potential in ODN because i need further informations about the Project. where can i get the wallet for staking? did not find it on the Webpage.

Congratulations to all the holders who believed through all the fud

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unpossible to selep now...make coffee and stay awake that night

7 points · 9 months ago

same here, this will be a long night, holding since 1.2$, 2.2 and 4.4

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unfortunately $1.6, $1.9, $2.8... $8.2 FAITH !!! but still no GMN :(

ladies and gentlemen... watch your step...departing :)

12 points · 9 months agoGilded1

I've been here since $1.90 and have hodl since then like no tomorrow. Go Walton!

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5 points · 9 months agoGilded1

$1.6 ... could bite my ass not to go all in that day

what do you guys think the price will do around the 10th? Will people who dont manage to get a GMN sell a part of their 3k/4k wtc?

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i won't get a GMN unfortunately and it makes me very sad but with my nice bunch of these babies i am on the train. . anyone in that community who also didn't make it to trade a GMN yet? seems like everyone got his chance except me... feels bad

Thanks for the message. Based on that i lost a nice bunch of my Babies as i Wanted to Swing trade.

Saw it start pumping, so I decided to look into it. After seeing how amazing WTC was, I was sold. I thought the price was high at $1.40, but I bought some anyways, and I’m very happy I did.

I’ve gotten so excited for WTC, and am truly shocked by the community ignoring it, that I have become a “shill”, and I’m shocked i haven’t been called a paid shill yet.

I’m so happy I stumbled upon this coin and this community.

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i also can't understand why Walton is so unknown all over the crypto family. yesterday evening we could see what is going to happen when all the predictions will come true and Genesis Block will be mined. Unfortunately i won't get a GMN, what makes me really sad, i will be happy to ride the train with you guys having a nice bunch of these golden babies. Edit: read about WTC somewhere in a reddit and then first bought at $1.6 on binance

really thought until Jan nothing would happen...really thought of shifting my stack to mooning coins in the meantime... first time in my crypto life i stayed patient and kept all my babies... lucky day

$4.47? what the fuck

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relax and buy

Buying $500 worth of powr at $0.66. For science.

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My First ICO ever and like the gains of the last Days. Still in the game starting at $0.08. Buying more waltons now

feels so bad to see NEO's pump while sitting on WTC after switching all NEO's to WTC couple of weeks ago. really thought that i choose the right decision so far. Damn...

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