Just watched last week's episode. Kenan Thompson as LaVar Ball was fucking 🔥 by Crankyoldhobo in LiveFromNewYork

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I'm an American, and until I first saw Kenan play LaVar Ball, I had no idea who he was.

About Bryan Singer... by flowerhoney10 in WeinsteinEffect

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I would like to thank all the commentors for being civil with me.

In some ways, I feel like Donald Trump is being unfairly attacked. by flowerhoney10 in unpopularopinion

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I agree that those attacks were all stupid.

Also, Sean Hannity making a big deal about Obama using dijon mustard was just mind-boggling.

Do you think there will be a sketch about Donald Trump and Stormy Daniels? by flowerhoney10 in LiveFromNewYork

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She was, but I guessed that since more information came out, SNL would capitalize on that.

Does anyone else have "Tucci Gang" permanently stuck in your head now? by selfcitymonster in LiveFromNewYork

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I didn't know that, either, although I think I've heard of Lil' Pump.

Also, the week that this aired, I saw a movie that he was in, and I randomly started thinking about this sketch today.

Self-identified SJWs, if such a time happened, when did you think your side was being ridiculous? by flowerhoney10 in AskReddit

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That's fair. I'm not meaning anything bad by it (although I guess that use of the term kind of got imprinted on me).

Medical professionals of Reddit, how do you feel about Donald Trump's recent diagnosis? by flowerhoney10 in AskReddit

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Donald Trump's mental and physical health scored well, according to White House Doctor Ronny Jackson.

What novel do you think would make a good musical? by flowerhoney10 in musicals

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I'm not intimately familiar with the property, but it sounds like it could be a fascinating challenge for the librettist(s) and composer(s) (as well as everyone else involved).

What novel do you think would make a good musical? by flowerhoney10 in musicals

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There's also a musical version of it called Heathcliff.