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flowerhoney10 commented on a post in r/LiveFromNewYork
bloqmon 21 points

I missed it live, how did Hammond pronounce it?

flowerhoney10 6 points

John Mulvaney.

-_Trashboat 108 points

One burger, vagina style

flowerhoney10 65 points

You know, I thought the sketch would be about that.

IambicPentakill 2 points

Kind of?

flowerhoney10 1 point

When you ask this, do you mean you believe that the song is fully creepy, or that I have made a mistake in using that term?

Tratopolous 3 points

I think part of what makes you think it is creepy is the difference in culture. The world was vastly different in 1980 than it is now almost 40 years later. The picture on the wall for instance, printed and frame pictures were much more common at that time. He didn't print it after they split, he just never took it down, or that is how I interpreted it. Also, the underlining in red, may have been when he wrote the letters to her or when he received them from her. It would be like somebody keeping and reading old text messages in modern times.

The 1980s also was a time where relationships were more sacred than they are now. I also assumed this was a failed marriage that had lasted a long time. That would be devastating to anyone. I have always seen the individual this song refers to as a purely heartbroken man who would never recover.

If the song hinted at anything other than viewing old photos and love letters, I would find it creepy. To me, its a simple case of heartbreak.

flowerhoney10 1 point

!delta Thank you for your answer. I believe I understand, and due to the insightful comments by you and others, I no longer wrongfully find the song creepy.

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flowerhoney10 commented on a post in r/LiveFromNewYork
pretty-in-pink 21 points

Wakandan Customs- with Wakanda now opening their borders, they are also allowing vacations travel. However, with it brings stereotypes of all different tourists. Boseman plays a Wakandan custom agent who has to deal with the stream of tourists which include a white trash family who asks if they have a Disneyland, dumb college girls on spring break, and a black guy who is trying to connect with his Wakandan heritage but is unprepared for everything that comes with it.

Monologue - Boseman begins the monologue with noting that because there are way too many characters in Avengers: Infinity War, and for that reason they won’t be doing a sketch on it. He then goes on to say he’s been grateful to see a C-List comic book hero become such a role model for all children. He is then interrupted by a D-list superhero (Gardner as Squirrel Girl) who think he’s being a jerk by forgetting the little guys who don’t even get referenced in movie. Squirrel Girl then adds she doesn’t think Thanos is so scary and could probably take him on by herself. Boseman brushes her off but then is attacked by a bunch of acorns and stuffed squirrels, and then Squirrel Girl claims she just defeated Black Panther.

flowerhoney10 1 point

I love both of these ideas.

flowerhoney10 1 point

Uninterested Black Panther Sketch: A sketch about Black Panther obviously occurs, but Chadwick isn't feeling it. Soon into the sketch, he breaks character, decrying it as too obvious, and expresses a desire to parody James Brown (whom he played in Get on Up), while the others in the sketch break character, trying to get him on track, while one says that it's too obvious for him to be playing the well-known musician. Eddie Murphy then shows up, claiming that he is the only one who could do a good job parodying Brown, while Chadwick defends himself by noting the acclaim for his performance, to which Eddie states that while he may have been a good dramatic James Brown, Eddie will be the best comedic one.

Nancy Allen Phone Calls: Actress Nancy Allen (Kate) repeatedly answers phone calls from idiotic people who discuss her career (like thinking she actually is a prostitute based on her role in Dressed to Kill). Also, despite it taking place in the present day, the characters are shown using push-button telephones.

The David Cronenberg Show: Director David Cronenberg (Mikey) has a talk show, in which he discusses issues with his guests. However, the show randomly cuts to scenes of body horror (the genre Cronenberg is famous for pioneering), shocking the guests. Cronenberg (who, it should be noted, is genuinely pleasant in real life) express shock at the guests' horror, and tries to politely continue with the show.

Romantic Song: A man (Luke) and his girlfriend (Cecily) are enjoying a picnic, when Luke's character, a musician, plays her a song on his acoustic guitar. However, the song is "Every Breath You Take" by The Police, and Cecily is horrified, while Luke is oblivious to what the problem is (referencing the fact that despite the song's subject matter, many have taken it as romantic).

flowerhoney10 commented on a post in r/LiveFromNewYork
johnmurr 2 points

Good catch. My memory is fuzzy on all that stuff.

flowerhoney10 1 point


johnmurr 4 points

During the first few seasons he was a bit more hands on with the writing staff and worked on rewrites—I think Chevy Chase mentioned how they’d have to rework a lot of material early on. I can’t remember what interview though.

His CBC sketch show was called: The Hart and Lorne Terrific Hour.

He also wrote for Rowan & Martin’s Laugh-In and he worked on a few network variety specials too... Phyllis Diller and I think maybe Lilly Tomlin.

flowerhoney10 3 points

He definitely wrote for Lily Tomlin. He won an Emmy for working on her 1973 special Lily.

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