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clickbyclick 288 points

I now have the slowest electric car in the family, my 80yr old mom got a white on white performance model today.

Edit: post got warm, thought I'd chime back in. Mom still works, super sharp, and runs her own real estate company. Raised 4 younger siblings growing up, military background, self-made success, etc. The hate won't stick.

She wants to enjoy an awesome car while she's still kicking and competent to drive. Vision solid, but doesn't drive at night to be safer.

As for smug, that's not the point. Just an 80yr old who understands the future and wants to place a foot on the right side of history when it all settles.

For the coal-fiends... Hawaii leads nation in rooftop solar. Only friction is incumbents/grid.

flyinfishface 4 points

A dude at work got a bolt and was trying to rib me about spending so much on a car. I said you're buying a car that only old people are interested in. He said you're buying a car that only middle aged and older can afford. Touche.

PmadFlyer 1 point

Well played, good sir.

flyinfishface 2 points

I think he got me. I work 2 jobs and get paid pretty well... And no kids.

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BeerJunky 1 point

Well that's terrifying, rebooting systems on a helicopter mid-flight.

I live in CT and we have a love/hate relationship with Sikorsky. They are either contributing billions and tons of jobs or they are laying off half their work force depending on the economy and/or defense spending.

flyinfishface 2 points

Oh, we aren't SUPPOSED to do it in flight. Everything is mechanically linked in the helicopter, even the engines have their own alternators for electricity and a mostly mechanical fuel computer. We have a bunch of computers that make us fly a lot better and look cool (stability augmentation system).

It seems like you can boot the thing up, and boom, there are a ton of errors already up in the flight management system. A dude told me just shut everything down and start over if that happens.

The F-22 did have a bug a long time ago they found, when it crossed the international dateline, it locked up one of their computers.

Sikorsky makes a good product I'd say. But yes, their #1 customer is the US Army for sure. I have a buddy that lives out there who was working in the transmission building shop I guess. It paid really well it sounds like, at least for a job that doesn't require a lot of education/experience.

I do hope Sikorsky wins the next helicopter thing. I will be done with the Army by then either way.

BeerJunky 1 point

That's interesting about the international dateline. Sounds similar to flying too far below sea level:

flyinfishface 2 points

Wow. Yeah, this is why I don't see pilots going away any time soon. If anything, planes have gotten more complicated in terms of systems. The flying is easier. But the understanding and management isn't. It's funny watching all the old guys try and figure out stuff. It used to be pretty easy to understand just about everything on a Blackhawk, but now, when it comes down to knowitalls trying to prove they are the ultimate pilot, they have a huge gap in the avionics and how they work in terms of theory of operation.

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rabbitwonker 1 point

I did get a spurious email myself, but that was after my first rep had set up my delivery date. The spurious email showed a different date range and was from a different rep, so I was worried until I called the first rep and they said to ignore it; something along the lines of it being a "batch email" and they must've missed trimming me off the to: list.

I assume your trade-in means you're also scheduled to pick up the Model 3 tomorrow? I wish you luck! Hopefully being a weekday will mean it's less busy.

flyinfishface 2 points

I was scheduled. They called me at about 6:30 PM to tell me they found a paint run and need to fix it. Which is fine I'd say. I don't want to find it myself. I got red and paid the extra 1500 bucks. I just hope it's fixed immaculately. Better than showing up and finding it though. So we are rescheduling again.....

rabbitwonker 1 point

Yeah -- red especially deserves to be immaculate. I think it's the best color on the 3, even though I got blue because I'm worried about the cop-magnet factor. :)

Just turned mine in to the shop today, for fixing the factory defects. Details in case any are interesting:

  • They talked me out of a few really minor items; another item was "within spec" so oh well.
  • 2 items are going to be on sort of a "watch list," i.e. recognized as problems, but will wait for revised/upgraded parts to fix because not much can do presently. (One of those you may see on yours -- this triangle of smooth plastic on the exterior at the front corner of the passenger-side front window, near the mirror. The top tip of the triangle seems to kind of stick out away from the car a little. But it seems every 3 has this.)
  • Then 2 are likely software, and I agreed to wait to see if future upgrades fix it; the guy said he'd research it in the meantime (yeah right :) ). The alternative was letting the car stay with them for who-knows-how long while he researched it. Yeah no thanks.
  • Finally, one real actual fix, replacing a controller for the turn signals, which were not responding to the stick motions properly. 1-day fix.

They gave a loaner Model S, so it's nice to have some time with one and compare. I think I still like my 3 better. :)

Hope you're in your 3 real soon!

flyinfishface 2 points

Yeah, I have bought only one new car ever, but just about every car I've owned has had pretty damn good paint. Even my Mitsubishi (Evo) didn't have too many issues with the paint other than it was thin.

I wonder how much of the cosmetic defects will really matter to me in 20K miles. I know I'll have rock chips, hopefully no scratches though.

There is supposedly a service center opening up in metro Detroit near my parents' place, so that would be a bit easier than Chicago for me.

Yeah, I wonder about the "research." Don't they have a bug fix submission system on the car?

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ckhaulaway 1 point

6’5”, but wink wink if you’re a bro 6’6” just kinda shrink a little bit.

How often do you hear the my eyes are bad and I’m too tall excuse?

flyinfishface 2 points

When I crewed Vipers we had Chewie. He had to sweat out to get below 250 lbs for the seat. He didn't fit well.

And just about everyone is allowing LASIK now. "Oh, they do? I didn't know that." Yeah because you really didn't want to even try..

vtjohnhurt 2 points

A UFO with ADS-B

flyinfishface 1 point

You're not helping my paranoia

ryrybang 2 points

Definitely a Soviet Mig-25 overflight. Those reds want to blow out our opulent capitalist windows with sonic booms to let us know they are violating our defenseless airspace. And conducting some recon on Muskegon since that would be an obvious target point if we were ever to go to war.

flyinfishface 1 point

Yeah, that's where they send out the winds aloft balloons for Chicago.

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flyinfishface 1 point

So #8, it's slower, and that's an advantage? Ooooook.

I will agree snow tires will make a bigger difference than AWD with bad (stock) tires in snow.

As for driving dynamics, I haven't driven either yet, but if AWD's main pluses are more power and a much easier time putting it down.

My main reason for AWD was snow (and I'll get snow tires). My second reason was that it will be faster.

flyinfishface commented on a post in r/teslamotors
Bobtilton 2 points

I had the exact same thing happen to me with my trade. I had to be rematched and it took an extra 2 weeks. I called my local delivery center and talked to a manager and they made arrangements with Tesla to honor the trade agreement up to about another 1500 miles. I'd give them a call and see if they can't do that.

flyinfishface 1 point

Good idea. I have a beater car that I can use in a pinch, but it's almost 170k miles and pretty much a ticking time bomb to break down.

I'm hopeful I can still get it this week but who knows now.

Bobtilton 2 points

15 minutes before my delivery appointment it showed up. Then the next day it was gone. Then yesterday I discoverd when they updated my account I had the wrong VIN in my account.

flyinfishface 1 point

Ahhhh. Weird. My Vin is gone from the webpage now. Head scratching...

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flyinfishface 5 points

This job is stressful. When I was a half system admin/half helpdesk at a Fortune 500 company, I got deployed to Iraq with the National Guard. It was actually less stressful being over in Iraq (in 2007) than it was at my job, believe it or not. And I was getting shot at. I told my director this after I got back, and he almost spit out his coffee. But it was true. When you are spread that thin, it's rough.

The least stressful IT jobs I've had were DoD/Education. Corporate seems to be the most grinding and demanding. Pay is there, but so are expectations. I'm a network admin, but it's similar.

flyinfishface commented on a post in r/teslamotors
flyinfishface 1 point

Dude, your information is misleading at best, so you shouldn't really complain you got a lot of hate. Trying to help people isn't the same as helping people. But, a lot of people have corrected you already.

It really shouldn't be THAT hard to find your car's address if you know what you are doing. Hostname for instance? Or that it appeared on your network about when you showed up in your driveway? This is really information for people that know how to find this kind of information.

flyinfishface commented on a post in r/Cisco
flyinfishface 1 point

da fuq? No, man up and spend some time learning how to use the system.

Just googled it, and it looks like a fake Meraki interface. Which is fine, but if I wanted Meraki switches, I'd buy the Meraki switches. When I want to run debug commands and not have to call a mouthbreather level 1 tech, I buy the Cisco switches.

flyinfishface commented on a post in r/teslamotors
flyinfishface 2 points

Holy crap man. I was supposed to take delivery for mine yesterday, and it was sitting at the frickin rail depot instead of the delivery center. Fortunately they called me as I was leaving my house, but I now can't drive my trade in without blowing the mileage.

Blows my mind that this stuff is supposed to be scheduled, and they just simply drop the ball SO HARD.

flyinfishface commented on a post in r/teslamotors
TC_PK 1 point

That’s a bummer. I’m having them bring it to a shop to have it tinted, chrome delete, and clear bra protection so it’s good to go when I pick it up. There aren’t many options here in Traverse City for that. I’d have to take it to 2 different places. What color did you get?

flyinfishface 1 point

Nice. We have a place that does a Teflon coat in Kalamazoo, Great Lakes. I got red. How about you? I'm hoping to have mine by the weekend, we are going to our friends cabin in Bellaire and I wanted to drive it up.

TC_PK 1 point

Nice, I switched from red to black when the white interior became available. Have fun in Bellaire. Let me know if you stop at the TC supercharger. I would love to check it out.

flyinfishface 1 point

Heck yeah. I'm black interior but I debated switching white. We take 131 all the way up and probably won't be in TC, but if we make it there I will shoot you a message!

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starmizzle 185 points

"Weren't you just up my ass about being late getting here?" but say it with a smile

flyinfishface 1 point

If you're going to call someone out, you don't need to play it off with a smile. Guy was completely out of line being a hypocrite.

Life_is_an_RPG 524 points

I was interviewing with a small startup for a Unix/Linux sysadmin position. About 10 minutes into the interview, the manager starts asking some very detailed questions about how I would troubleshoot a hardware issue. I give him my spiel on my troubleshooting methodology and then, being a PC hardware guru, I start throwing out possible solutions. The whole time, the manager is taking notes as fast as he can write. I stopped mid-sentence and ask point blank, "Is this a hypothetical problem with no defined answer or something you're actually experiencing?" Sheepishly, the manager admitted it was a problem they were currently experiencing. The system had been barely usable for weeks and they couldn't afford a technical support contract to get help from the vendor. Realizing I was providing free technical support, I asked if a position actually existed or if this was all BS. At this point, the HR rep who had been hired 2 days prior stammered out something about having my resume on file when they could afford to bring on more employees. I told them I don't work for free and left.

flyinfishface 2 points

OMG. At a job I did take, I had a director asking me how I would set up "secure wireless," being 802.1x. I had deployed 2 iterations at previous jobs with similar equipment, so it was pretty simple for me. I realized at some point that the level of detail he wanted wasn't something he would be doing, he wanted to know so he could move their own project along because the dum dum in charge of wifi at the time was about 10 years behind.

I told him if he wanted an 802.1x wifi, he would need to hire me, because that's what I did. It isn't that hard even. He got a little annoyed. I got the job, but there was only 1 other candidate and he sucked from what my boss told me...

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Huey89 50 points

Is that flight radar? And if it is, why the hell is that plane visible there? Makes no sense for that concept in my opinion...

flyinfishface 29 points

Yeah, because you could totally sneak up on it with your mig21 right? And no one knows where the B2 bombers are stationed either.

Huey89 -20 points

Yeah I guess you're right but it just doesn't feel right to have that information available for the public...

Edit: I dont exactly understand why this is getting downvoted. I'm not living in the U.S. and don't know much about the laws there. So I'm not saying that if there are laws regarding this topic they should be changed, it just feels strange from a foreigners perspective.

flyinfishface -2 points
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Teslaninja 94 points

Nice marketing Tesla.

  • Show off cool software track feature
  • Declare it only available for most expensive 3
  • Let everybody get mad
  • Provide a solution by selling more hardware on the cheaper 3’s
  • Make some more profit

They are starting to learn how to make money.

flyinfishface 1 point

They really don't get it. I don't want their stupid PUP. I will buy my own brakes, suspension, and wheels and tires when I want to. Factory "upgraded" suspension is pretty much never a track worthy suspension. The fact that they even call it "Track Mode" is bullshit. It doesn't turn it into a track car.

Teslaninja 2 points

So Tesla gives you the option to buy the Non-PUP version and customize it yourself. Both track mode fans and do-it-yourselves race car tweakers happy now?

A race between both versions should be interesting.

flyinfishface 1 point

I just want the software. Most modern sports cars have the ability to dial down this stuff. Why is Tesla making this cost more with a bunch of frills?

Your imaginary comparison wouldn't be one. People don't put suspension on cars for the race track to do it to waste money.
What do you consider a race? I'm not talking a 13 second jaunt down a drag strip. You don't need upgraded brakes or a spoiler for that.

Take a look at what a Nissan GTR has for brakes. They are ginormous. They look a lot bigger than what the PUP has.

So here's the thing. Unless you're upgrading your brake pads to a racing pad for the racetrack, these PUP brakes aren't big enough for that. They are bling, and that's really it.

Suspension: Pretty much everything from the factory is going to be pretty soft. Mitsubishi had a harder version for the MR version of the Evo. It was still pretty wimpy. And the dampers were built by Bilstein, who makes a good product.

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