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I think this is true in general, but mostly because the physical compliments are very generic (I bet she's heard them all).

I went through this phase in college where I would compliment women that I would encounter while out and about. The reception would be generally positive when the situation is pressure free. If you can come up with a good situational compliment, then I believe it will be relatively well received(most of the time). I think this is true even if you compliment something common like her eyes.

Plus you can't let it get awkward by standing there and waiting for a response. You can't expect any follow up. Let it be a pressure free thing.

I am the same way. Going to the gym is like pulling teeth. I'd like to echo the sentiment that you have to find an activity that you enjoy that also happens to be exercise.

I have been rock climbing for about 4 years and I hope that I will never quit (for any reason). Rock climbing is, for me, a really fun hobby that happens to be exercise. It also clears my mind because once my feet leave the ground, I no longer concern myself with the frustrations of life. The only thing I think about is decoding the sequence of moves that I have been presented with. Once it's over, the frustrations never ever seem as intense as they once were.

so I guess it's a physical and mental thing for me.

What about the hands in his pockets? He does not comply when asked to remove them from the pockets? How does that change the scenario because as I read your post, it doesn't address that particular aspect of the situation. He could potentially have a weapon (even though it looks like he didn't).

It seems that you and I have a lot in common when riding.

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It is administered by the ISU police department. I don't know much more about it but if you feel uncomfortable, you should definitely take advantage of safe walk. A lot of the crimes we get e-mails about occur at evening/night/early morning, so it might be prudent to take extra caution during that window of time.

Seems like they're removing the tonsil using a cautery instrument

A damn TI-83 calculator.

a person must be passionate about something in order to live a fulfilling life.

That something could be woodworking, playing ultimate frisbee, building model cars, reading fiction novels, helping people, or stargazing.

You can usually tell when someone is passionate about something. Sometimes it's in the way they talk, sometimes they way the act. But generally speaking, you can always tell. And it's not because they are miserable.

It is likely that the best advice you will receive is from health services. Health services can also direct you to a more specific service (maybe they have something organized for this particular situation).

my 2 cents.

Good luck with your situation. I hope it turns out how you would like it to.

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I'm a staff member and I am interested in helping out. I am currently watching the GSL as I write this message too. haha. I'm really hoping to find some nice folks who play starcraft.

Make sure on the dial peer you have: dtmf-relay rtp-nte

Do you think it is bad only because your friend did not specify the length of the loan? I am actually going to buy a car soon and I was going to use the "look I want the payments to be X/month for X years. If you can't make that happen, I don't want it." I realize there are many approaches to take, I'm just wondering if there is some particular flaw with this one.

Having a belayer you feel safe climbing with can help a ton

This guy is right. About 3.5 months ago I had the exact same thing happen (except I was using a 2 finger pocket). Felt/heard a pop as I came off the problem. not really initially sore but it felt a little twingy(kind of like slight flash pump) day was significantly more sore.

I stopped climbing and went to see a doc, who referred me to an orthopedic doctor. Apparently, I ruptured the A2 pulley on my left hand and I haven't been cleared to climb yet.

I'm not saying this happened to you, but be weary that the injury could potentially be a little more than just a small sprain.

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First thing is....why did the driver get out of the car when, according to this report, the subject just asked to speak with the driver.

Second thing is that the subject dropped the wallet while running? seriously? The report makes it sound like no one was chasing him either.


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I had access to basically all the applications that were covered on the test. A lot of the stuff I had familiarity since I also work in the UC domain.

I also read the book and the SRNDs. I had a lab of routers/switches/phones that I picked up to learn about CME. I'm lucky because I'm very curious by nature and end up reading/learning about many things that just happened to be covered in the exam blueprint.

Honestly after all that, the most useful thing that helped me pass the test was failing on the first try. After the first try I knew more of what types of questions would be asked and what I needed to study. It was a humbling experience failing on the first try given that I have years of experience with Cisco UC.

Just remember that whether you pass or fail, it is not a measure of your worth. It's only a measure of whether or not you can answer enough of the 60 or so questions correctly.

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Totally from the humane society in Central Illinois! He's a really wonderful and well behaved cat. We are so lucky to have him!

I tried skydiving once. Threw up all over myself and the poor guy attached to me. We did these hard turns to increase the speed of our descent, once the parachute opened.

When I told the guy I was gonna throw up, he did more of the turns to keep vomit away from us. This led to more vomiting. It was a vicious cycle.

I should have taken dramamine.

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Ok, but it's not possible on the pots dial peer. Do I need to make another dial peer with incoming called number and not point it anywhere?

You should have a voip dial peer, for the call leg between your PBX and the CUBE, which uses that sip trunk. On the voip dial peer you can add rtp-nte for your dtmf relay. I would guess that you have an outbound dial-peer for your ISDN/PSTN side.

dial-peer voice 100 voip

  • description calls routed to your PBX
  • destination pattern <insert pattern here>
  • session-target ipv4:<IP of PBX>
  • dtmf-relay rtp-nte
  • session protocol sipv2
  • yadda yadda

side note: typically you would want 2 dial peers, at least, for for a given call (an inbound and outbound). Technically in some situations a single dial peer will match for both call legs, but I would try to avoid that as it's not flexible at all.

second side note: if you don't specify any dtmf-relay methods, DTMF tones will simply be left in the audio stream. I believe a DSP would convert NTE DTMF packets into tones in the audio stream for outbound....and the inverse for inbound.....I think.

At some point in life, everyone gambles on a fart and loses.

We've been receiving alerts about reggienet having problems and needing emergency maintenance. You can see all the past and current tech alerts as well as scheduled maintenance at

edit: when the problems have been resolved, there will be an "all clear" alert that gets posted as well.

would you say there is a possibility that he just happened to make a silly mistake?

You should check with your the sip trunk provider about what they're expecting from your side of the house. This would be a good start. Are they expecting call control from a specific IP? Are they going to bounce you if your ANI isn't within the agreed upon range?

A good place to find some of the topics will be the UC SRND. I can't speak for anyone else, but I found it to be useful.

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