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We have pu er at home. The real thing comes as a round black disk of compressed tea leaves that you break off into tiny parts and brew. Because of how it's made, unlike other teas where you can discern quality by smell or eye, it's near impossible to know the quality of pu er until you drink it.

Pu er has, in recent years, has become a rapidly growing part of the high end gifting section. It's made by aging tea leaves, and much like aging vinegar or whisky, price increase with age. It's the healthier alternative to gifting wine or maotai, and more classy than gifting vitamins/health supplements, all of which are overrun by counterfeits. Certainly an interesting part of the Chinese domestic economy for Vechain to look into.

Holy shit, give me! You have no idea what it's like being the only Pokemon fan in a group of Crypto peeps.

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Playing Pogo as I browse r/cc.

Great post. I agree with everything you’ve written.

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Except it different to ven/thor model on one very significant aspect - if one doesn't have enough tokens to earn a masternode, do they still generate passive income? If the case is no, then for many people, passive generation without requiring a node, such as vet, neo, ark, etc, would appear more attractive.

the miniscule amount you get from holding small amounts of Neo is not even worth mentioning. You need tons of Neo to get any real awards too, they just make it seem like you are getting something when you hold a little, really you dont get jack.

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True, it is small amount, but to those without enough for any nodes, tokens that generate additional anything is better than nothing.

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54 points · 2 months ago · edited 2 months ago

As a Chinese, my take on the quote is, ironically enough, it's somewhat equivalent of "action speaks louder than words". Here "silent" and "mysterious" can equally be perceived as acting without bring any attention to yourself, or keeping silently working instead of announcing/braggging of your plans. By doing so, once your actions are completed, you surprise everyone by how much you accomplished, because you didn't go around telling everyone about it.

There's no "enemy" per-se; a better translation in this context would be... "everyone else"?

It's also not very mysterious or hype for me; honestly it just seems like Sunny's tweeting about what sort of business mindset he has, that's all. Feels like a lot got lost in literal and cultural translation.

-18 points · 2 months ago

I think it's pretty unprofessional to post this kind of stuff. are the people working on VeChain still kids on the inside?

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It's a quote from The Art of War, one of the greatest stragetic books in history. The rules in the book apply beyond actual warfare, and in contempory society, often used in business and politics as means of gaining competitive edge. From a Chinese cultural perspective, it's as much a philosophical teaching as pure strategy.

Don't see how quotes by Warren Buffet on investing is ok, but AoW is unprofessional.

Sohu is a search engine + news + email + blog site. Anyone can make an account and post there, as is the case with this one. What's linked isn't a news article by any reporter, just a blog repost and translation of WTC's roadmap.

Panic 101 in every other post this is getting silly over not understanding the culture of Asia they do biz a bit diffrenent. A lot of things have to be approved with the govt that's probably what happened with the alibaba tweet. Ppl take it easy most of y'all sound like some panic b!tches. No longer am I hearing walton for life now it's all uncertain over some bullsh!t. They still going do the mainnet the tech is there the 6 child chains going come so just wait or gtfo

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No. We don't need approval from the govt for private to private business partnerships. Our government for the most part don't give a damn about private business partnerships unless it's with a non-Chinese partner, then they get involved.

What happened with the alibaba tweet? Most likely Alibaba and WTC had a partnership agreement, but received new crypto regulatory information that's yet to be announced to the general public that may hamper the partnership, so it's put on hiatus until a definite decision regarding how stringent our crypto regulations will be is finalized.

6 points · 4 months ago

That might work out. But with the money they have in hand now, why not just hire a legit firm to handle this kind of thing? Much less risk and proper. There's no reason to run into this kind of screw up at this point.

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3 points · 4 months ago · edited 4 months ago

Because finding someone who knows English is easy, but finding someone who knows the nuance of English is far harder. Professional translators in China tend to go by textbook/university formality translations and rarely understands colloquial English, which is what a community manager/PR needs.

Otherwise, word for literal word translation will just cause more lost in translations and cultural misunderstandings like that last PR disaster. Hell, my family migrated to Australia over 20 years ago, and I still have to explain the context of sentences/jokes to my parents on a regular basis, because literal translations between English-Mandarin can be anything from confusing and making no sense, to downright offensive. It's hard.

Thank you for your thoughts. I just wonder why that should be just be the side of a western view? I would think especially in Asian parts honour is a very important part of life, and "loosing the face" quite very bad.

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It used to be that losing face was bad. Nowadays its debatable. Not sure about other parts of China, but in Shanghai at least, people will happily lose face if it means they "win" any argument or fight, if there's money to be made, or if they can prove someone else is lesser than them.

From personal perception, there seems to be a correlation between caring about losing faith and personal wealth; richer someone is, less they care about losing face, because in current China, money = God, so if you got the money, you can just buy face.

As for how long it took to for the apology to come out, it's most likely WTC trying and failing to understand what's wrong with a team member to be part of the competition (the notion of no team member + no family/relatives in any comp is foreign), and what's wrong with the tweet itself. If you translate the sentence in question directly to Mandarin, "Keep doing the great work" part is something any worker will say to if given a reward/award by their boss. It makes more sense in Mandarin, but translates terribly into a Western culture where employees consider themselves a part of the business (so why would I saw "keep doing the great work" to myself?), whereas for China, employee is more working FOR the business and not part of the business, since the business belongs to the CEO/boss ("keep doing the great work" is towards the boss).

what happened with wraith protocol? did they simply delay it by a couple of weeks? or is it still in the works?

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So the very first Wraith was supposed to be revealed in Oct last year. Then it was delayed because dev lived in Florida during the storm and was affected. Then it was scheduled to be launched in late Nov. Their website had a counterdown timer and the dev even posted on twitter hyping the countdown of Wraith launch.

Countdown ended, nothing happened. The dev then posted that it was the marketing's fault; he knew nothing of the countdown, did not allow it, and fired the marketing guy. He also mocked people who believed he's someone who sticks to deadlines and countdown timers.

Then the third Wraith launch happened after the Macfee pump, except it wasn't a full product launch. Wraith was rolling out as a beta, with bits and pieces slowly added on over time. Think it's still working towards a complete product right now, but could be wrong.

I never understood why people become so obsessed with a holding that they start to self-identify as a supporter. Bottom line is VeChain and Walton are both going after massive industries with very impressive teams, partners, and tech. There are reasons and valid arguments why you might like either over the other. At the end of the day though, whether you choose to invest in one or both (like myself and many others) you're placing a bet. No one knows what's going to happen in crypto in 1, 3, 5, or 20 years.

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I think it's the inherent human condition of always wanting to prove they are "right", and made the "better" decision. In crypto, where MC and price fluctuates so easily with shill and fud, it becomes all too easy to fud a competitor coin in hope of seeing their price/MC drop then go "see, I'm the better one with the smarter decision."

If wabi had focused its initial product launch on the alcohol and pharma industry in China, then I'd say 50/50. Alcohol and medicine are two of the largest counterfeit industries in China and dearly needs authentication. However, they instead opted for the baby formula and supermarket industry, which, despite common misconception, not a target of counterfeit goods but horrible management decision-making to drop basic food health and safety for quick profits by replacing actual food ingredients with cheaper, but often fatal industrial chemicals.

If wabi ever does find partnerships with, say, a brand like Maotai or Shaoxing, or a Chinese pharma productions and supply company, then it'll be an great investment. Until then, I don't see many people actually paying to use its tokens to authenticate purchases.

From what I recall, it costs around 50K USD to list a Dapp on NEO. As good as NEO is in tech and speed, the high cost is a big barrier many forget about.

Yeah but that helps by not biggung down the network with garbage dapps thrown up by anyone killing performance

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5 points · 5 months ago · edited 5 months ago

It does help, but it's also a barrier for entry. Isn't the ideology of blockchain to create movement of power away from monopoly and oligopoly institutions to the individuals? Cost of entry is a primary factor in retention of power by organisations over an industry.

Not saying curating Dapps is a bad thing; there certainly needs quality control over what content is produced. But having a high price is more a negative than positive.

Original Poster-1 points · 5 months ago

Is it just me, or does it seem like all the negativity pointed my way is coming from people with low karma ? Just a coincidence I assume.

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No, negativity from here also, and I've been with XBY since late September.

  • The six child chains listed on the video at the start are smart cities, pharmaceutical, food, art, agriculture, and clothing.

  • A data management software for their clients to oversee their child-chains. The conference put high emphasises on security of any data within their child-chain; the client can choose what data to be public to other chains and what be kept secret within the company. WTC understands sensitivity of business data and the importance of discretion and security with it.

  • Plans to create a blockchain research foundation/group with focus on tech/software innovation and integration.

  • Plans to further integrate blockchain with other tech, SUCH AS (not definitely) Bluetooth v5.

  • "Human security" - No matter how secure your software code and hardware tech is, humans can still impact any tech. Proofing against people is a large part of a secure blockchain tech.

  • An interesting part is where they spoke of the blockchain/crypto market. 2017 is "spring and summer"; everything flourished. They perceive 2018 to be "autumn and winter", and predicts the majority of cryptos with no real world implications or actual real usage cases to die off. WTC aims to be one of those who succeed in 2018 with real world impact to improve a business on the fundamental supply chain and data basis.

  • They actually put some time into saying where they failed in 2017, and apologised for the communication/marketing letdowns to the international/western community. Grateful for feedback, learned from the experience, and aims to improve on this, along with any other weak points going into 2018.

  • A recurring theme throughout the conference is "trust". Trust between B2B, B2C that WTC is trying to foster, and trust between WTC and its investors/clients. WTC understands that trust is to be earned through action and proof, not just words. If they seem to be slow in delivering products, its because they want to make sure the WTC blockchain/hardware is truly trustworthy and in working order. It was also a reason for the GNM; they wanted to reward WTC investors who trusted them with their money, and trusted that they would achieve their goal.

  • They also called WTC holders "bros".


His first bullet point is inaccurate. We only know that 1 of the 6 chains is a smart city in korea, and another 1 of the 6 is in the agriculture industry. That's all. We don't know what the other 4 are, but we can speculate based on the industries that were mentioned in the conference. Cannot confirm anything, though.

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Original Poster1 point · 5 months ago · edited 5 months ago

At the very start of the conference there was a video (the one with english subtitles) which showed 6 types of industries (six bubbles placed in a ring formation with wtc in the middle). As the video did not translate what industries were displayed in the bubbles, I thought people might like to know what was written there for more context of the video

2 points · 5 months ago

Why did you write it is non-hype sort? The points did increase my hype-ometer ;-)

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Original Poster1 point · 5 months ago

Because no partnership or child-chain info, which is what people hype of.

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forgemark commented on
r/waltonchainPosted byu/[deleted]

To clarify, the direct translation of that sentence is "we have plans to integrate blockchain into other technologies, SUCH AS Bluetooth version 5.2."

So not definite.

Original Poster2 points · 5 months ago

Got it thanks! And 1m question lol. Is there an online wallet or only desktop?

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Only desktop and a paper wallet generator. The desktop wallet is quite good.

Original Poster-1 points · 5 months ago · edited 5 months ago

This is a redundant answer and only applicable if you're a random user online, but not if you're being trusted to develop a large scale platform where peoples intentions are constantly under scrutiny.

You're building an online based platform for large volumes of people, but you don't want to be exposed to the internet. It makes no sense.

How does being a known developer harm someone? Why is there an aversion to transparency?

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3 points · 5 months ago · edited 5 months ago

Being a known developer doesn't harm someone, but unlike off-line, you can't control who can know your personal details online and what they'd do with said details. There can be many, many aversions to putting details online that links to real world impacts; extortion/blackmail, unwelcome "visits", kidnapping, strangers coming to your workplace/home address, etc. If the price of XBY tanks and investors become angry, things can easily become worse in real life if they know your name, face, Linkedin and can easily find where you live and work to vent their anger at. Unfortunately, humans are capable of many things, even more when wealth and money is involved.

Some people have no issues detailing their personal information for anyone to see, some do. It's a personal choice. XMR have more anonymous devs, BTC have Satoshi. On the other hand, Confido had "personal details + photo" of their dev team members on their website, as well as a Linkedin.

The other 2 partners on that picture are very big too.

Moutai is a very expensive alcohol brand. And SF is a large courier company " second largest courier in China, after China Post"

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Maotai is the rarest and most prestigous rice wine in China. The real thing is made in barrels placed inside cave systems of one single mountain, where the unique bacteria that lives only in that mountain gives the wine its unique taste.

Because of how little is produced annually, it's also the pinnacle of alcohol counterfeiting. Worse thing is, most people never know they've bought fake maotai because they've only ever bought fake and never drunk the real thing. The real deal is hella expensive, but good fakes can be as much as half the real one's price.

Being able to authenticate a maotai via WTC's chain is huge for China. As to why. Due to its rarity, Maotai has the image if being prestigious. This translates into it being a "present" alcohol - you don't buy it for youself, but for guests or special events to show how important and highly valued the people you are gifting maotai to are. For obvious reasons, you do not want to gift counterfeit maotai. Being able to validate the authenticity = further showing how important your guests are.

Hopefully that made sense. The culture of "gifting" is somewhat hard to explain.

I saw some people on r/CryptoCurrency say that the event is going to be televised on chinese national television but no one gave a source for it. Is this true?

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If it's televised on CCTV (the national tv channel), you MAY be able to find it on the CCTV streaming site:

Since the conference is in Shen Zhen, you can also try find a stream of Shen Zhen city's own channel.

forgemark commented on
r/waltonchainPosted byu/[deleted]

You aren't doing anything wrong. MEW has a habit of not showing non-eth when you want to make a transaction. Think it has something to do with congestion on the server's side. I've always used the change node method - in the upper right corner, there's a drop down list of other nodes you can choose from. Try changing to or something else. WTC should pop up. If not, just keep changing until it does.

Original Poster1 point · 5 months ago

yeah lol. Im super confused because on one hand theres people saying that they are mining it successfully but there are other people saying that the full net isnt released yet

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I think what you mine are "test tokens" that's there to make sure the wallet's mining function is working, not real WTC tokens.

Original Poster1 point · 5 months ago

Ohhhh i see... Is there any way I can check the balance of test tokens? because literally nothing is showing up

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The test tokens should be showing up in your Beta wallet.

China's cracking down on how easily money leaves their economy to another without having to pay tax. It's the ultimate way to move money off-shore. No country likes easy ways for people to take money out of the economy instead of reinvesting it back, especially with the mass exodus of upper-middle Chinese from China to overseas in the last decade, who's been trying to find easy ways to move their money off-shore as quickly and easily as possible. There's also issue of easier bribery, tax evasion, money laundering, etc, with crypto that most governments cracks down on.

Because of this, actual currency tokens such as BTC, LTC, XRB, etc, are more at risk in the China crackdown. With WTC, especially with its physical RDIF chips, it's classified more as a new technology and less as a virtual currency that China dislikes so much.

XMR might become more popular in China because of higher crackdown though.

very contradictory and my head is unable to wrap around. On one side WTC says they are having Govt backing and partnerships.. while news around is that china is cracking on anything to do with crypto... who to believe

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China's cracking down on how easily money leaves their economy to another without having to pay tax. It's the ultimate way to move money off-shore. No country likes easy ways for people to take money out of the economy instead of reinvesting it back, especially with the mass exodus of upper-middle Chinese from China to overseas in the last decade, who's been trying to find easy ways to move their money off-shore as quickly and easily as possible.

Actual currency tokens such as BTC, LTC, XRB, are more at risk in the China crackdown. With WTC, especially with its physical RDIF chips, it's classified more as a new technology and less as a virtual currency that China dislikes so much.

Aye man thanks for the insight... I'm a GMN hodler.. but i might decide to get some VET after this post...

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Lol, I did not mean to sound like a VET shill. It's always good to diversify though.

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Comment deleted6 months ago

The scores show up after a certain amount of time to avoid vote manipulation I think.

Don't know about the rest of the world, but it can take up to 2 working weeks here in Australia for a business registration to be completed.

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