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He has his head down because he just got busted for parking his car during qualifying.

Just so everyone knows the guy at 1:00 is mentally handicapped.

What is everyone smoking. This is the cammers fault. He had a lot of time to slow down when he saw the car turning but he drives right up to it's bumper and starts tailgating. He was also speeding in the 60 zone. I would have flipped him off as well. Comon people!

How have I never seen this before. Amazing. Tempted to log into my other reddit accounts just to give you multiple upvotes.

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Pond water is a good comparison. I too used to be a Tim's guy but it's gone so down hill even in the last 4 years. Ugh.

Second Cup has replaced my franchise coffee fix. Very good coffee and still Canadian.

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I am an Australian, I've been here for six years. Let me tell you, I used to LOVE Timmy's. A double-double used to represent a little slice of Canadian heaven. But the coffee really doesn't taste that good and I can see they just use the Canadian imagery to sell their sub-par products. There's no reason their sandwiches have to be such shit quality, you can make decent food to go. They're basically full-on fast food now with their chicken burgers "sandwiches".

Basically, I love coffee and everything Canadian so I should be the easiest sell out their in the market. Even I can tell their chain is going to shit.

Does anyone actually give a shit about birthdays over the age of 25? You didn't do anything, why are we celebrating.

They could have gotten away with it if it wasn't for that fuckhead cop taking a picture for his personal collection.

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That's surprising, all the women I know get moist when I man wears fishnet gloves.

"If it's not broken change it until it is" - AFL

Does anyone really care? She's talking to him like it's the worst thing in the world, yeah it was a stupid mistake but get over it for fucks sake. A man doesn't need to lose his job over this.

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