Sexual Rewards by playitagainzak_ in sadcringe

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Step 1. Grow some balls and push your wife up against the wall and nail her because you both love it.

Williams announce Sergey Sirotkin for 2018 by dogryan100 in formula1

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Hick jacking top comment. Kubica is honestly World Champion material, the guy got a podium in his third race and was leading the WDC in 2008 after his first win in Canada. This just seems like a crazy decision to me.

Is there anyone on r/formula1 that attended the 2005 USA Grand Prix where only six cars started? I would love to hear your story. by freakalicious in formula1

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Haha, great story! I know what you mean about historic race, you could just sense it while it was happening. I'm glad I didn't spend money on it though.

Former Home and Away actress Jessica Falkholt dies in hospital by wharblgarbl in australia

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When will people realise how dangerous cars are. I have zero respect for anyone speeding or driving like an asshole.

One too many... by RynocovUK in WTF

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It looks like these people are having a bad time but they actually having the greatest time of anyone walking the earth at that moment.

Is there anyone on r/formula1 that attended the 2005 USA Grand Prix where only six cars started? I would love to hear your story. by freakalicious in formula1

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Why did you love every minute of it?

I should know, when I watched it on television I was enthralled with the drama and farce of a six car race, one of the most bizarre things I've ever seen.

HBO is Ruining Movies by cougarjpm in videos

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My dad was like that. He loved pan and scan VHS

Mail Theft by Friendly220 in cringe

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I don't understand adults who wake up in the morning and consciously put their hats on sideways and think it looks good. It's like your mind is stuck in the 8th grade and you are still trying to be cool. 99% of everyone who looks at you instantly thinks your a massive douche.

Two Eagles Fans Celebrate a Hard-Fought Victory by TheRealBoBice in videos

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Cameraman should have yelled Worldstar. I actually fucking hate it when people say it but scaring them would be amazing.

Train drivers in New Zealand share their stories of hitting people on the tracks. by freakalicious in videos

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Call me crazy but I feel like that's actually not a bad idea, like an airbag on the front of the train that pops open and inflates to bounce them off the tracks. They may still die but they might also live.

Kim Kardashian’s selfie book on sale for 0.99 cents. Still overpriced imo by [deleted] in sadcringe

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The fact that people are more fascinated with Kim Kardashian over astronauts, doctors or firefighters says a lot about western civilisation.

The fact that people are buying a photo selfie book of a woman who hasn't done anything with her life other than just be famous is staggering to me.

Just depressing by ShakyLot in sadcringe

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Holy fuck. This says everything you need to know about what humans need.

Apple blocks release of plans for Federation Square store by invincibl_ in melbourne

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So the money apple saved on not paying tax is now being used to fund a new store on public grounds. I honestly liked the Andrews Government, someone is finally fixing the transport system. But holy fuck this is bad, they really let this slip by allowing Apple to do this and I won't be voting for Daniel Andrews again.

"just as horrific as rape" by Ze-skywalker in sjwhate

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Being unhealthy isn't beautiful. I find beauty in being with someone who can do cool shit with me like hiking and mountain biking.