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Lotso_Packetloss 1 point

Sorry that happened to you.

This is exactly the sort of thing that caused me to leave CA and move to east TN (Knoxville) in 2005. I was born and raised in Riverside (La Sierra). Unfortunately, it's just not 'home' anymore.

freeseasy 3 points

According to, Riverside has had a lower crime index than Knoxville every year that they have listed. In fact, while Riverside's crime rate has been slightly above the national average, Knoxville has been double.



You'll find the stats about a quarter of the way down.

Lotso_Packetloss 1 point

Knoxville is the nearest major city. Try Oak Ridge.

freeseasy 2 points

Oak Ridge looks like it's about the same crime rate as Riverside. Hardly seems like a reason to move to the other side of the country.

The fact is, Riverside is a pretty great town and it's hard to find an objective argument for why it isn't.

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freeseasy 22 points

Ken Calvert is one of the biggest POS politicians in our area. Let's not forget how often he's been listed as one of the most corrupt congressmen, and let's not forget the dubious nature of his early congressional campaign.

(TL;DR, Calvert was caught with a prostitute one night in Corona, he tried to run away but was later detained. He denied the event occurred for over a year until the Press Enterprise was able to get a hold of the report, then Calvert came clean and admitted to having sex with her. How did he still win that campaign? He and his cronies accused Mark Takano of being gay.)

Just a little more reading on the subject

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Mtfthrowaway112 21 points

It's what us old fogies call a newspaper. That pay wall and the ads are how they accomplish paying for things like reporters and servers.

freeseasy 5 points

And I'd be perfectly fine with paying for that service if it didn't compromise my computer's security.

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reclaimerog -6 points

Please get educated stop thinking of trump just as the your fired guy. Get to know em a little better. PM me if you want some material ;)

PS I really love this subreddit please don't ban me for my views as you see I never post political stuff on this sub just not letting people openly lie about it. To any potential left side mods

freeseasy [M] 5 points

No one is going to get banned from this sub just for engaging in a conversation. We aren't like /r/The_Donald mods around here.

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freeseasy 2 points

One director comes to mind. I've only seen three of his films but I feel like they all embody exactly what you're looking for. The director is Ramin Bahrani and the thee films of his that I'd recommend are Man Push Cart, Chop Shop, and Goodbye Solo.

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freeseasy 2 points

There's not much in the area out here that isn't populated, we are part of the most populated area on the planet after all. You are in luck as far as wanting trees if you want to move to Riverside. For almost 20 years, the city has given out free trees to all residents; making it one of the most tree filled cities in the Inland Empire.

As far as a place to live within a small commute of Flabob Airport and a place that has plenty of mature trees, check out the Wood Streets, Grand, or Magnolia Center neighborhoods. Ramona and Arlington also have plenty of areas with mature trees as well.

PMcommenter 1 point

Sorry I made a mistake, the new workplace would actually be right next to the Riverside County Regional Medical Center. Does that change your recommendation? Thank you!

freeseasy 1 point

Actually, not at all, it just means the neighborhoods I mentioned would be closer.

If you guys have the money and want a little less people, look in the green belt area (just south of Victoria) between Central and LA Sierra, and if money is not an option, focus in on the Hawarden Hills or Overlook area.

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[deleted] 30 points


freeseasy 6 points

As I found out after the fact, this list includes framing hammers as well. When I took a worn out framing hammer into my local sears, they replaced it with an Estwing California Framing hammer.

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Gbcue 5 points
freeseasy 1 point

Maybe I'm missing something but that article doesn't seem to claim that it was a missle, it's just guessing (hence the question mark).

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