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frenchhorngod commented on a post in r/RoastMe
Solid_Jack -1 points

Sorry, no soliciting. Especially from people with the IQ of Forest Gump.

frenchhorngod 2 points

He's a hero to my people.

Solid_Jack 0 points

Hahahaha they think they’re people.

frenchhorngod 0 points

You're not.

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frenchhorngod commented on a post in r/horn
frenchhorngod 1 point

Horn playing breaks down into the factors of production. Air push - this is where the energy in your sound comes from. You must sound as energetic at possible no matter the dynamic.Never sound weak or lazy. Aim for singing quality, never shouting or mumbling.

Mouth shape - That's your oral cavity. It includes your tongue position, soft pallet, throat openness, and your nasal cavity. Mouth shape controls the resonance component of your sound. Changing your mouth shape will change the ring in your sound. Aim to maximize this ring.

Relaxation - you must always sound like you are playing effortlessly. You cannot do this by force. The ultimate way to do this is to distribute the effort across as many muscles as you can. If you feel one muscle or area getting tired too quick, that tells you your equation is wrong.

Eventually you will develop a feel for the notes. Always optimize your process of doing this. When your equation is off, you will notice indicators. Symptoms include (in order from least to greatest): ok tone, poor tone, poor articulation, crack, wrong partial (that's right fingering, but wrong notch. It's usually that you aim too high or put too much effort in).

Think of it like a bulls eye: 5 points = great tone,clean attack 4 pts is ok tone 3 is poor articulation 2 is a cracked note 1 is a wrong partial.

Save this permalink in your browser so you can revisit this idea every day or so until you automate this info into your learning process.

frenchhorngod commented on a post in r/funny
go_kartmozart 166 points

No turtle. Whoever shopped this didn't even try to be realistic. 2/10 would not buy.

frenchhorngod 0 points

I'm turtles, through and through.

frenchhorngod 2 points

But Master Splinter, you're a rat.

frenchhorngod 0 points

And you're an ass.

frenchhorngod commented on a post in r/ChronicPain
MSW64848 11 points

I had a bad experience with duloxetine. Every single SSRI I have tried makes me suicidal, even before I had pain (which by itself has led to some thoughts like that). It usually takes a few weeks of taking it to start having those thoughts (I've tried Zoloft, Effexor, Lexapro for anxiety before I tried Cymbalta for pain). Cymbalta got me there in 3 days! And it was some serious thoughts. It didn't help my pain, but of course I wasn't on it for long. It's almost funny that they want to give patients who are already suffering drugs that increase risk of suicide.... like, just what we need is something to push us over the edge. I understand some people get relief from them, but it really bothers me how forcefully they push pain patients towards these psych meds for the off label use of pain relief.

frenchhorngod 2 points

It's bad policy.

frenchhorngod commented on a post in r/Autistic
frenchhorngod 0 points


IR575 -3 points

I know this might be a troll, but does weed really make you more autistic? If it gets legalized, would you recommend taking it to become more autistic?

frenchhorngod -1 points

Weed makes you start over mentally. It makes you more aware of your process. It gives you an opportunity to resculpt your personality. If you want to connect with people, you will start down that path. Expect a learning curve.

frenchhorngod commented on a post in r/TheRedditSymphony
CasuallyNothing 1 point

Please do!

Also... both parts may or may not be the same... someone get on that!

frenchhorngod 1 point

If both parts are the same, there's only 1 part. Doubling on a multitrack recording doesn't really as anything to the mix.

CasuallyNothing 2 points

Yup we know haha!

frenchhorngod 1 point

Lol I know that. My comments are more of performance theater anyways. Aren't everyone's?

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frenchhorngod commented on a post in r/horn
frenchhorngod 1 point

Playing with an accompanist is give and take. If they're good, they'll follow you no matter what you do, mistakes and all. If they're struggling with their part, don't count on the following so much. Just play confidently. Go show them your art.

frenchhorngod commented on a post in r/AskReddit
Curlysnail 134 points

How can you not put butter directly on the bread?

frenchhorngod 47 points

I like to butter each component individually.

Curlysnail 19 points

You are a monster.

frenchhorngod 36 points

A buttery monster.

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