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What a steal!

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I bet someone is FURIOUS

This is what 5 gum feels like.

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I heard a silent gif

What an adorable little guy 😊

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He will eat you

250 points · 1 hour ago

When he was practicing his parts for Mamma Mia, his daughter would make him go practice outside because he was so awful and she couldn’t stand it.

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This makes me so happy

5 points · 1 hour ago

You probably want to stop embarassing yourself.

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No need to point it out like a jerk. Ironic advice.

Is it not mate in one? It looks like Rxb1 would be checkmate.

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Check the board letters. Those pawns are close to queening.

1 point · 3 hours ago

make a account, i'd be happy to teach you!

my username there is the same as here, MALON

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Now go do all of the lessons and tutorials and basics

"Not the MAMA!"

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They all die in the finale episode

There's two classes in America. Owners and slaves. We're here now. Again.

Solicalism at work

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A response to income inequality. Can't let it get too bad. It causes collapse.

388 points · 7 hours ago · edited 4 hours ago

Sounds just like something a going-nowhere cynic would say. It sounds harsh, but honestly why perpetuate this dismal belief in society ? Not everyone gets to accomplish their dreams, but to automatically shit on everyone’s efforts and hopes only does more harm than good to society.

Edit: it should also be noted that a “dream job” doesn’t necessarily have to be one of a rare luxury or a perfectionist’ dream. It could be a simple, common job that brings gratification and happiness to a person.

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Yes. We should let people persist in their delusions. Everyone automatically gets their dream job right after graduating.

42 points · 4 hours ago · edited 3 hours ago

The only delusion present is your lack of understanding the comment. I specifically stated “not everyone accomplishes...” But to create an environment in which striving to succeed is not applauded, but laughed at is not a world in which progress, success can thrive in.

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It's not something you should expect. A great many people will be left disappointed. Seize opportunity when you can. Only by expecting can you be disappointed. Work towards it anyway.

They'll ignore everything and do wtf they want regardless. This pacification attempt is just to keep us from rising up against these people. Let's make some repercussions.

This is 10 times cooler than most puzzles posted on here, love it!

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11 times

Adjust the resting tension of your muscles. There is no such thing as an exercise that loosens your muscles. Exercising muscles that won't let go can only make them tighter. You must let them atrophy. Rest and stretch.

This is like the old fashion mindset in neuro-rehab saying that exercising a limb with increased muscle tone and/or spasticity will lead to exacerbation of said tone, which has no evidence.

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When you have significant nerve blockage and the brain has to fill in the sensory information, muscles tend to hold onto tension. When I was really in bad pain, I couldn't hold a muscle flexed for more than a few seconds because it would just stay flexed.

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The world has been this way for a very very long time.

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Not like this

Call me maybe?

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Definitely not

Ballsy. Stupid, but ballsy...

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Tom Arnold is my hero

Country in the Middle East.

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I stayed there once just to check it out. Same exact thing happened to me.

Yo dawg, I heard you like cats.

How do I imagine something if I'm looking at it currently?

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