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I didn’t see the varnish until I was a young man

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By then it was nothing to me but shiny.

9 points · 20 days ago

I second what Hildar said. Plus, I was not only not playing in the battleground but actively impeding my own team by killing them. In addition, I was a repeat offender. Got temp banned quite a few times back then. I was young and immature when I played Vanilla WoW. I plan to be a nice player in Classic.

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I plan to be a nice player in Classic.

Sure you do >:)

/me has reported you for being AFK in a Battleground. Type /afk to remove the reported flag.

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Oh man I had some fun with this one.

What is the point of giving players the ability if they are not allowed to use it?

That's actually a great question, and I'm glad you asked because right after I posted that I thought about how I should have elaborated on it. I just assumed nobody would read it and they would blindly downvote further without actually reading anything I said, as they tend to do, so I never bothered expanding. Needless to say, my anger and frustration with the responses I am getting here didn't materialize just now after this one post. This is the culmination of months of watching this subreddit and the greater community outside of just this subreddit turn on itself.

The downvotes are a just an easily and quickly identifiable numerical value that really only amounts to a symptom of the larger problem. The larger problem of course being the vicious personal attacks on anyone who has even a slightly different opinion about what Classic and/or anything beyond that should be. I have seen some seriously fucked up gaming communities on Reddit and elsewhere in regards to all sorts of genres from virtually every developer out there but I have never seen anything quite as vile as some of the attacks people have received in regards to WoW Classic. You have camps that are for and against changes constantly at each others throats, and that would be fine if it was civilized, but of course it is not. Now I dared to have an opinion about TBC and people are downvoting me like I have some kind of actual say in the matter and commenting so hostile you might even assume I killed their mothers.

Maybe what you see here is acceptable by this subreddit's rules, I question that sometimes myself, but I assure you shit gets a lot worse when you venture outside of just Reddit. Long story short, the WoW Classic "community" is a grotesque group and one of the worst I have ever seen or had the displeasure of dealing with.

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That's all fine despite the fact that most of it had nothing to do with my question.

You seem to have some fairly extreme opinions about the WoW Classic "community". If you hate it so much, why are you here partaking in discussion at all?

If the downvoted poster said the words:

I also don't see the same fervor surrounding a TBC server as we saw/are still seeing with Classic.

And people STRONGLY disagree with his point enough to downvote him, that means inherently that people want TBC servers. Downvoting to disagree with something is fine when its an assumed opinion, downvoting well structured factual statements supported by numbers and evidence is wrong.

The line between downvoting off the cuff opinion vs facts you don't like are two entirely different things.

In this case the guy said something stupid that a lot of people didn't like, so he was downvoted. If he would've said "I don't think they'll do Cataclysm because that's when people unsubscribed" then I couldn't rightfully downvote.

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I agree.

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I've been a hodler since early 2015 but decided to call it quits today and sell most of my ETH.

Remember guys, whatever you do you need to make the decision for yourself and your circumstances. Do not let threads like this sway your ability to make rational, reasonable decisions.

So, while you have a point about penal system not being great for people who suffer from a mental illness like addiction, at the same time, a lot of the time, therapy alone isn’t enough to help with an addiction like that. Prison is a great way to ensure that steps will be taken to help stop this addiction (not overcome. Stop. This person has proven to have no motivation to overcome their addiction on their own, so it’s now a matter of forcing it to stop).

Yes, prison is a bad thing. We shouldn’t need it, and it’s definitely not a good thing in its current iteration. That being said, there is a point where you can’t let people run rampant ruining other people’s lives. It’s shitty that we have to do it, and I really don’t like it, but until we can come up with a 100% (or even just a reliably) successful therapy that permanently ends addiction, even a kind that is this serious (5 DUIs at 22 is absolutely disgusting), the responsible thing to do is to minimize, if not negate, the amount of damage that they can do to others in society and themselves. It’s a bit heartless for the individual, but the needs of the many or the innocent far outweigh the needs of the few or those with the problem.

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Prison is a great way to ensure that steps will be taken to help stop this addiction

Based on what evidence? Prison alienates you from the people and things in life that make you happy. Also, US prisons have a serious drug problem. Why do you think this is a good environment to help someone beat their addiction?

11 points · 1 month ago

Isn't Falstad dead?

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No he survived and in fact he was the leader of Aerie Peak in vanilla wow through wrath of the lich king.

Nice. What kind of drone do you have?

Original Poster3 points · 1 month ago

DJI Spark, really is great fun.

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Awesome. I’ve got a Mavic but I’ve not flown at Cromer before. There are so many great places in Norfolk to fly.

I listen to the vanilla and TBC OSTs every day while working. They are so good and are really great for maintaining Classic hype.

40 points · 1 month ago

That's his whole fucking meme, the ends justify the means. I can scam and viewbot as long as I save dem keedz.

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The ends justify the memes.

wrong. I dont regard it as an expansion. I regard it as a hole new Game and that's what it is. You guys just think you can slap a backup from 2004 on a server and the we can play? 2019 is just delusional release date.

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I dont regard it as an expansion. I regard it as a hole new Game and that's what it is.

Ok. So which new Blizzard games have taken 5 years from announcement date to release date?

You know that the announcement date is not the date when a games company starts working on a game right? more like the end of it.

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I'm really confused as to what your argument is.

First you say that Classic won't be released until 2022. I pointed out that if that is true then it will be far, far longer than any game development release schedule that Blizzard has ever done. When I asked why you think that Classic will take almost double the amount of time to develop than any other game they have released, you didn't give me a reason.

Now you are saying that the announcement date is not something that they do at the beginning of development, but more like the end of it. So you are saying they are near the end of development for Classic then, or what?

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Looks as though this is actually the old logo from back in the day?

I thought it was drek’thar?

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Yeah he is number one. Defies pillager is 2nd or 3rd I think.

The one change I truly want is a global chat across all zones in classic. If only for the pure hilarity that comes out of the aids chat.

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That's a terrible idea.

Whereas anyone not of the clergy would be thrown under a jail, and rightfully so.

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Not just thrown into a jail, thrown under a jail.

You jumped straight away to accusing others of "excusing the behaviour", having no morals, or working for the Catholic Church. I don't know if you realise this but it's rude to deliberately misinterpret and throw unfounded accusations at people just because you happen to disagree with them on one point and want to put yourself on a higher pedestal.

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You're either completely deluded or just an idiot if you think I've accused anyone of having no morals or working for the catholic church. Re-read my posts and try, even slightly, to include the context of what is being discussed and what I am saying when you read. This is a great general life tip for you, not just limited to this discussion. You will get no respect from anyone if you argue like you are arguing here. I'm genuinely not trying to be insulting or patronising, the things you are saying make you sound really idiotic and as though you haven't even read what has been previously said. Again, before you jump on this and claim I'm hurting your feelings or whatever this isn't supposed to be an unfounded attack on you - I am merely reacting to the way you are choosing to handle yourself in a public discussion.

Your entire argument has been centred around taking things (probably deliberately) out of context to try and support your pathetic personal attacks. It's the weakest possible way to argue and everyone knows that except you it seems.

You're so full of hyperbole, self importance, and hypocrisy that you don't even see that you're doing the exact things you just complained about.

You go on to say in one sentence that you don't mean to offend anyone, and in the very next you call me idiotic.

You can't pretend like you didn't say the things you've just said, everyone can see them plain as day and claiming it's taken out of context is a weak excuse for you here, the context is abundantly clear.

Just to be absolutely clear, here's the part where you accused everyone else of having no morals.

"We clearly have no semblance of morals or what is right and wrong. It's pointless even arguing about it."

What was the intended context in case it was misinterpreted?

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Thank you for proving my exact point by taking something that I said completely out of context.

"We clearly have no semblance of morals or what is right and wrong. It's pointless even arguing about it."

That wasn't the whole quote, was it. You deliberately left out the first part of what I said which adds CONTEXT to it:

If society doesn't utterly condemn people who think it's ok to physically assault a baby, then why are we even having this debate? We clearly have no semblance of morals or what is right and wrong. It's pointless even arguing about it.

You know exactly what you are doing, and so do I.

You're so full of hyperbole, self importance, and hypocrisy.

That's cool, just more vague personal attacks without actually referencing anything particular. Weak.

You go on to say in one sentence that you don't mean to offend anyone, and in the very next you call me idiotic.

What I meant here is that I don't mean to offend anyone needlessly, I don't mind offending anyone who I think deserves it. If you can't handle being offended, you are not ready for life, or even debating on reddit (apparently). Upon review of everything that you've said, I do in fact think that you are a complete idiot.

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Do I need to explain "context" as well as what a beta is? Cause it feels like I do.

This community, never fucking happy.

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You seem quite salty, most likely because you know you are wrong and you're trying not to look like a complete idiot (it's not working).

A beta is a release, my friend. It has nothing to do with context.

Source: software developer.

Hi developer, systems administrator here. Not salty, just tired of morons on the internet. That includes you.

A beta is not a live and final release, as is what was referred to in my comment. Hence "context". Done being a pedantic smartarse yet?

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Please refer to my previous post, specifically the first sentence. Then re-read your post.

You sound pathetic.

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I see you sorted it alphabetically but seeing Alexensual on top doesnt feel right...

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Let's not give the giant crybaby more attention than he deserves. The community largely dislikes him for a reason.

29 points · 3 months ago

MU 90 July 20th are all the rage right now

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Just make sure you get a nice round number of contracts.

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