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frogvanexel commented on a post in r/mathrock
frogvanexel 1 point

might be able to me people on Tuesday here

blindbryan720 2 points

I was actually thinking of going to that. I work at 5am during the week, but I might stay out late and go to the show. It looks really good. Plus Tuesday is my birthday, no better way to celebrate then a good show.

frogvanexel 1 point

I personally fully support the occasional rough morning at work to enjoy a good show. I think it'll be an amazing show, so you've picked good one to check out!

Regardless, happy birthday!

frogvanexel commented on a post in r/mathrock
frogvanexel 10 points

To be clear, Mike does not play guitar on TTT. I cannot speak to the influence of that specific group, but Mike Kinsella is undoubtedly influential. The fact that there is a Chinese band named Chinese Football (a name they have said was a reference to the influence of American Football) that includes within their Bandcamp tags "midwest emo" speaks to the global influence of his music. Personally, I see the rise of emo within mathrock as something that is directly related to artists like AF and Owen.

frogvanexel commented on a post in r/AdviceAnimals
frogvanexel 3 points

While her actions are less than perfect, how is she the subject of this meme? He is the primary one at fault.

Sexist nonsense if you ask me.

bostonwhaler 1 point

Would it be "sexist nonsense" if it was a gay or lesbian couple?

frogvanexel 1 point

The fact is that it was not a gay or lesbian couple. It was a woman being blamed for her husband's problem.

bmrobin 3 points

oh sweet OP im moving to Raleigh and would love a cool mathrock venue to check out. will check out Nightlight

frogvanexel 2 points

Like I said below, Nightlight is a place open to all sorts of acts. Ruby Deluxe has had some decent mathrock pass through.

snootymusicstudent 2 points

Wat. What math bands have played nightlight?

frogvanexel 1 point

To clarify, Nightlight is a DIY venue that is open to all types of acts. If we are talking about things outside of DIY I would maybe include Ruby Deluxe.

frogvanexel commented on a post in r/postrock
j0hnmc3n 10 points

Yes indeed! Most of us grew up with the 80s post punk/hardcore scenes. My first band was a hardcore band called The Oily Bloodmen. Kind of punk/funk before that was a thing...

frogvanexel 1 point

That's a fantastic band name!

How does that evolution towards what was ultimately Tortoise occur? I realize that's maybe too deep of a question for this format, but still curious!

j0hnmc3n 8 points

One of the perhaps only notable things about the Oily Bloodmen (I had left Portland by this point, so I cannot confirm this) is that Kurt and Courtney met at a Bloodmen show at the Satyricon back in the day.

frogvanexel 1 point

Holy shit, seriously?! That is insane (and perhaps unfortunate)!

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GPBOM 2 points

My mind melted, and I love it when that happens.. thanks for sharing!

frogvanexel 2 points

Very cool to hear. Monobody is definitely good at that.

Thanks for checking it out! The rest of their stuff is worth a listen.

boardrandy 2 points

Not my style of music, but I can definitely appreciate the incredible musicianship. Thanks for sharing something new with me! Aaaaaand now I need to go practice WAY more.

frogvanexel 1 point

A respectful and sincere response - love it

Thanks for giving it a try

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