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Banner248 2 points

Kronos 3 scripting is AWFUL

New Lights Hope server drops in a few weeks Be patient

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fscge 1 point

If you do vanilla, just don’t do lights hope - except you’re a Russian or Chinese player, then it’s the place to be.

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Guryzako 3 points

Lightshope pros:
- very good scripts
- very high pop (5-6k on 1.5 years old server, prolly 10k+ on Fresh)
- Lightbringer almost fully progressed (naxx opening in 2 weeks)
- LH 2 is gonna be FRESH (opening in June)
- highly competitive PVP/PVE guilds (including key players/streamers/mafias etc)
- active pop during all prime times due to NA + EU + RU + SEA communities
Lightshope cons:
- very high pop (this is a problem for some players), not blizz like
- shady administration but w/o solid proof on WK
- Nerfed few gold farming methods (dungeon farm, pickpocket etc)
- International community (a pro and a con at the same time as you have communities from all over the world playing there, not only NA and EU)
- massive gold spam (due to high population)
Kronos pros:
- FRESH (opened few weeks ago)
- Custom changes for PVP scene (.join BG, very cheap respec, etc)
- decent scripts (some things are better compared to LH)
- medium pop (3-4k, which is good for ppl who dont like overpopulation)
Kronos cons:
- many bugs (mostly small bugs but few big bugs too)
- example: pathing, aggro pets, combat state, levitate, armor values etc
- not "the main server" on the private scene, wont have that feel of playing on a huge server
- no Chinese/RU pop = innactive server during those primes
- might go to 1-2k pop when LH2 comes out (same as K1 / K2)

fscge -5 points

Blizzlike Armor values a bug. Topkek.

Takemura -2 points

If I want to try a few classes at 60 just to see how they are in pvp what is a good server for that?

fscge 0 points

For this I’d say lights hope since you can spawn lvl 60 chars for $$$. Just join their discord and whisper a gm.

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[deleted] 16 points


fscge 7 points

I’m starting to think that he really is a psychopath...

Mshaffy 11 points

i made the list!

the biggest LOL of the week has to be this line "I don't get paid. None of the Light's Hope team do."

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fscge commented on a post in r/wowservers
Gears_LH -7 points

Allegations were made that the database was leaked, there is 0 evidence of this. We have looked into it very thoroughly and continue to do so. We suggest all players change their passwords anyway.

Outside of this, ignore pretty much everything. It's just the usual suspects - shills and trolls misrepresenting and lying.

fscge 8 points

LuL you’re really tryharding to be a meme

fscge commented on a post in r/wowservers
[deleted] 6 points

A reputation? You have a reputation yes. You blew up with emotion twice and threatened to kill 2 people. A StockCraft admin and later a pro-Paladin pro-Merger person on Lights Hope. I know inner staff on the Lights Hope team. Inside the team you're known as someone with extreme anger issues. People know what kind of person you actually are when you aren't lyin abo

Besides your anger, on reddit you have a reputation. You're known as someone who gets paid to shill all day for lights hope. You've been caught lying about leaving the lights hope staff team as well.

you don't have an actual job. well you do, but you get paid through corrupt measures for pretending things aren't corrupt.

It would be understandable if you raised an eye brow from time to time, but it's so fucking obvious that you are a paid staff member to play damage control (poorly). You are always defending Lights Hope playing cover up, and you never question things. With you someone is either lying or making it up, you never even consider the possibility things are real. [Because you get paid to play public relations]

look at your comment and then look at kazimx's comment. so obvious.

fscge 0 points

I actually enjoy this guy gears. He’s so bad in his job that it’s just pure comedy when he’s writing.

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fscge 6 points

Hey, I’m level 48 and doing aoe farming since level 26 on my mage. It took some time to realize how to interact with people on the same spot. The thing is, if you farm single mobs there, you really fuck up the rotation. So it’s really frustrating for a mage who’s doing this for hours. However, I learned that people want to/need to quest, so our comp looks like this: 4 players for best respawn rates, 3 mages 1 priest or warlock. For the 5th slot, we invite people arriving who are doing the quest. When there’s arriving more than one (maximum was 3 questers), we explain them to wait and invite them one by one. The quest just takes one big pull, so that’s not a problem.

This way, questers are thankful and we are too, since Rotation isn’t getting fucked up.

Long story short: if you’re doing a quest on a farmspot where you see a group of mages, ask them if you can get an invite just for the quest so you won’t fuck up there rotation. If they say no - don’t hesitate to annoy them by tagging mobs, they deserve it.

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Gears_LH 3 points

We know that feel.

fscge 1 point

LuL Must feel terrible to lose $$$ because non-admins are selling gold and chars just like the admins. Good luck fighting them, LH team xoxo

[deleted] 4 points


fscge 3 points

Guys keep removing all posts here which prove that their claims are bs. How desperate are they, it’s hilarious.

fscge commented on a post in r/lightshope
Godmatik 10 points

K3 has seen a lot of success restricting mass influx of Chinese farmers, any chance LH will try and tackle it this time around?

fscge 5 points

LH would be dead without Chinese pop. Better go Kronos as an English speaker. Far better experience

Quadrala 2 points

If LH team were to open an Chinese/Asian community - it will end bad for them...

  • People will automatically switch to another english vanilla server.

  • Whitekidney staff team is english based, he would need to remove people and replace with speaking Chinese/Asian.

  • Developers will probably end up leaving due to moving towards Chinese/Asian community.

  • Population will be around 2k.

  • Server will just die.

fscge 1 point

Hmm, i don’t think Server will just die. I think it would attract more Chinese. WoW/Vanilla WoW is actually a BIG thing in Asia, so I believe the playerbase there is huge. Yes, they would have to hire Chinese speaking GMs, but they’re hiring atm anyways. For the English speaking admin team, I believe there are also other incentives to run the server and improve the content.

diablo950 -1 points

There are some specific vpn's that are not banned on Kronos.I am not here to defend LH but we all know that older servers lose players as they progress.Fresh servers will always attract new players.And the hate for chinese is stupid because only 0.01% of them are selling gold and most of the gold sellers are east europeans.

fscge 3 points

It’s not hate against Chinese, what are you talking about? They play there because they enjoy the game and have a huge community on LH. Ofc it’s somehow possible to play on Kronos as Chinese, but it wouldn’t make sense because there’s not really a Chinese community.

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veragood 6 points

cool info. so we're looking at 3k+ for late night north american players, most of them clumped between lvls 15-40

for context, at this time Lightbringer has 3192 online

fscge 2 points

It’s Chinese prime time at LH tho. These Kronos players are Caucasian and some Mexicans

Hasse-b 6 points

Are you a PR representative for LH or what is your role there?

fscge 17 points

No he’s LH CoS - Chief of Shills. Married. With a ring on his finger. Good guy. Just like Whitekidney. Also athletic. Just came home from the gym.

Gears_LH 2 points

So WK approached Chero to discuss allegations he had heard and evidence he had been given, Chero chose to leak that conversation (not WK), it was subsequently reposted incomplete to /r/wowservers in an attempt to slander LH, and we posted a response to all of that to make it clear what happened and why, and WE'RE the bad guys here?

Jeezus, mate.

fscge 4 points

An response to all of that to make it clear what happened. LOL. You just blamed Kronos staff working together with goldsellers without showing any evidence. And now people disagree with you and you just delete their posts which actually HAVE content. Yeah, poor you, you’re not the bad guys here, you’re saints lul

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