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I’m not religious at all. But actual Christian values, something that Jesus would actually do or advocate in the Bible, is fascinating stuff. I find myself questioning my good intentions and deeds, whether I am doing them because I want to or because they make me look like a good person.

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I took a Christology class at my university, and the more I learned about the Bible and Jesus's teachings, the more it seems like people have warped what he originally meant into something completely different. Almost like Christianity began as/was intended as a way of living before it became a social identity. My professor believed that and is one of the most Christ-like people I've ever met.

I see you too enjoy The Wilds

Great string of up cappy throws

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Makes me feel sentimental for some reason

I felt from the beginning that Breath of the Wild was basically the idea behind OG Zelda implemented in 3D, it was a real return to the roots for the series

This is the best thing I've seen all day, can't wait to see the finish product. I'd definitely buy!

Makes me think of Halo 2

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Classic Reek, first he tells on Sansa and now this poor girl

Super Metroid never gets old, that game is a gem

TMW you're fighting a moblin on top of a hill and you miss the perfect dodge

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Mario throws his hat onto a man, Dave.

Instantly, Mario knows everything that defines Dave. Mario goes to Dave's job, does Dave's work. Mario gets a promotion. Mario goes on a blind date with a sister of Dave's coworker. Soon he marries her. They adopt a dog, buy a house, and then have children.

Decades pass. He shares years of wedded bliss with his wife. His children grow up, and have children of their own. Finally, at the end of it all, Mario is on his deathbed.

"My son," he calls to Dave Jr., "I have lived a long and fulfilling life, and now I am ready to move on. I did my best to give you, your mother, and your brothers and sisters everything you needed. There is only one more thing I have to give you."

"No Dad, save your strength. All I want is more time with you," Dave Jr. says through his tears.

"It's alright, my boy. I don't have much time left anyway. Please, before I go, take my hat. I want you to have it."

"But Dad," Dave Jr. says, "You've never taken off your hat. Are you sure?"

"Yes, son. Take it, and promise me you'll wear it."

"I will Dad, I promise. I'll put it on right now."

Dave Jr. gingerly removes the old and faded hat from his father's head. By the time he puts it on himself, Dave has passed away without a sound.

But Dave Jr. does not realize it. Mario stretches his new limbs, and smiles with his new mouth.

There are no more game overs.

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Thought Mario was going to be Jean-Luc Picard, but instead he was the Collector General from Mass Effect 2

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She ate her peas one at a time

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In all honesty, this scene is sad. A goldmine for prequel memes, but sad.

It's the best scene in the prequels, I feel. The writing is good for both Anakin and Obi Wan, and both actors deliver their lines very well. The CGI works perfectly with this scene and it looks good too. Then there's the emotional attachment the viewer has between the two characters which makes the conflict deeper. And lastly, Battle of the Heroes was a wonderful and powerful score to accompany this scene. If only the rest of the prequels could have been this good.

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Well said. This scene is a good example and a big reason of why it's worth looking past the things that the prequels get a lot of hate for.

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I have unrealistic standards of what "skinny" is. And I'm talking extreme. A friend had said I looked skinny, and I vehemently denied it. I had lost a ton of weight, going down from about 310 to 157 currently. So when she was amused/confused why I wouldn't say I was skinny, I said that skinny to me was looking like Iggy Pop or David Bowie... she didn't know who they were and said "no, that's not normal skinny." For some reason that hit me then as a realization and made me feel better about my progress.

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310 to 157 is something impressive, good for you

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My favorite pizza instruction since nothing pizza left beef

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Usually instrumental music. Unless it's something really tedious, in which case I turn on a podcast instead.

A surprise, to be sure, but a welcome one.

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To name a few: SSBM, Soul Calibur 2, Half-Life 2

Did anyone else expect this to end with Hell in a Cell? u/Shittymorph has cultivated some serious trust issues.

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1000% yes

Im still tring to figure out what the dmiddie is looking at and/or trying to accomplish. Adjacent slide? Doubling that certain guy? No matter what... hes riding the bench for awhile

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I think he was guarding the guy the fake was to, it looked like he was helping in off ball and then tried to get to his man when he saw the flip coming

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