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gamerquest12 commented on a post in r/MorbidReality
combeaux 1 point

Insane. If you do something that may kill someone, and it does indeed kill the person, you should be held accountable. It's a dangerous precedent to let these people think that being young and "naive" caused the tragedy. They knew what they were doing could endanger others and that's why they did it. What entertainment would someone get from throwing heavy objects off an overpass? The rush from doing something they aren't supposed to? Why aren't they supposed to? Oh they can kill someone and did. Maybe don't ruin their lives like they have done others, but they certainly deserve severe consequences.

gamerquest12 1 point

being revengeful won't make them better people.

gamerquest12 commented on a post in r/europe
AllanKempe 4 points

There are more people feeling violated for being circumcized than there are people feeling violated for not being circumcized, though. At least you got the choice to mutilate yourself when you're an adult if you've got the body part intact.

gamerquest12 -1 points

please show evidence that majority of circumcised people feel violated, because i have never heard of a single circumcised people even care.

AllanKempe 2 points

I never claimed that though. Learn how to properly read, dude.

gamerquest12 0 points

still no evidence for that claim.

RecalcitrantToupee 1 point

I took the act first, without having studied. The test made way more sense than the SAT and ultimately felt more intuitive. I took that one, assumed the SAT was the same and took that without studying, getting a 2k ish. I took it again because my high school paid for it and got the 2210. I got most of the letters before having taken either (sophomore or junior year classes). When it comes to studying, I found the practice books (Princeton review, A+) to be so droll and boring, that I never used them. This isn't the answer you want to hear and it's not the answer I want to say, but the best way to study them is to take them multiple times. I found the hardest part to be the time restraint, so practice for me was time management, not the whole gimmicky thing they taught you in your prep courses.

gamerquest12 1 point

I always thought it was bullshit when they say if I can't answer a question under 30 seconds, keep going and go back to try to answer it. the worst advise I've been told is in the reading section of ACT, where there is super long prose fiction to be read, skip the entire thing and all the questions dealing with and come back and do it later. been told all kinds of bullshit strategies.

i heard that I have to study for atleast 4 hours a day in a practice workbook to drastically improve ACT score. I might take your advice and take it multiple times.

RecalcitrantToupee 1 point

I like the advice for the prose section, because you're not reading it to read it; you're reading it to answer questions. Searching for those answers isn't going to slow you down, but what I realize in college is that everyone studies, does homework, learns material, takes tests differently. There's so much that boils down to individuality that there's exactly nothing on earth that will work for everyone beside something trivial like "try to get the problem right".

Obviously, the advice to take it multiple times is completely dependent on funds/timing. When it comes to college your merits are also super important and carried me as well. I got into a good university because I had the extracurricular merits. I went deep instead of wide, committing a lot of my effort to an extracurricular youth mock government, which not only did I love, but I excelled in.

Again, when it comes to getting into college, don't worry too much about numbers unless that's literally the only thing you have to offer. Do something extraordinary that would justify not having a 2400 or a 5.0 gpa. Start a club, save some dogs, volunteer ( this one is important, specifically showing commitment to volunteering). Now it's a bit late to do that kind of stuff, but if you don't get into some of the programs that you want, going to a community college for n years then transferring is also a COMPLETELY viable way to progress. Some of the most intelligent and well-spoken people I know are doing/have done that. It also helps you not waste time bumble-fucking around till you know what major you want to be.

gamerquest12 1 point

i have been doing some volunteer service. i don't know if FBLA count as extra curricular.

My goal is to make at least a 25 on the ACT.

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Wanderer_Wolf 6 points

I think so, enough blood loss from vaginal tearing. Stephen King had a chapter in his book "Under the Dome" where a girl nearly died because of this. Not to mention the guy that got killed by a horse.

gamerquest12 4 points

i always wanted to know what killed the guy when he had sex with the horse.

gamerquest12 commented on a post in r/morbidquestions
TheOfficialSlimber 10 points

Yeah, I think she slipped Viagra in my Whiskey. IDK, we were like 15.

gamerquest12 1 point

why would you drink whiskey?

Stevecarrrx 3 points

Why would you drink anything OTHER then whiskey?

gamerquest12 -2 points

the guy was 15 and alcohol is disgusting.

gamerquest12 commented on a post in r/morbidquestions
DROCITY 2 points

A theory without evidence is just a theory

gamerquest12 4 points

i dont think its even a theory since its not backed by real accounts from actual observation of any kind.

happy-when-it-rains 1 point

Black holes have never been observed. Do you doubt those, too?

gamerquest12 3 points

there is tiny evidence like how stars behave around the center of galaxy.

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gamerquest12 commented on a post in r/AskEurope
Lyress 14 points

We live in a global world and consistency in units is very important, it can literally save lives.

gamerquest12 -4 points

so what? nobody in the world cares.

Lyress 5 points

Sparing lives, money, and headaches is not important?

gamerquest12 2 points

not talking about using imperial units in science/scientific career or living outside USA. i mean just everyday life in the united states, a person can live just fine using imperial system in america.

gamerquest12 commented on a post in r/watchpeopledie
[deleted] 17 points


gamerquest12 3 points

i hope you are okay. what you said is true, when i ride a bike, im always aware of my surroundings.

I wish whom ever downvoted that comment to explain why.

I-am-fun-at-parties 2 points

LPT: If you're unsure about the whole who/whom thing, always go for 'who'. That way, you'll be wrong far less often.

gamerquest12 1 point

thank you.

gamerquest12 commented on a post in r/morbidquestions
cantbeconnected 1 point

Technically they are incapable of being lucky or not lucky.

It's like saying, "That is one lucky rock." It is something we say but with a different meaning. You're not going to carry around someone's dead body as a source of luck.

gamerquest12 1 point

people have their own definition of what luck means to them.

gamerquest12 commented on a post in r/russia
gamerquest12 1 point

based on your post history, its seems that your comments are not viewed in a positive light on r/worldnews, your comments are downvoted a lot on that subreddit.

damondono 2 points

i got banned when i went against their homosexuality circlejerk, that just strengthend my beliefs

gamerquest12 3 points

you dont like gay people?

gamerquest12 commented on a post in r/morbidquestions
gamerquest12 9 points

if there is enough carbon monoxide and compared to oxygen in a enclosed space, of course it would painless. It would especially be painless if you sleep through it; there are cases of entire families dying because nobody woke up to escape.

I have no idea what the fuck wrong with these people saying its not painless, I feel im the only one being honest. its not called a silent killer for nothing unless the oxygen content is high and so is carbon monoxide and you'll have flu symptoms.

gamerquest12 commented on a post in r/watchpeopledie
carlyroseena 3 points


gamerquest12 3 points

I bet you would do the same thing.

carlyroseena 3 points

I’m not bashing the people around for not doing anything, i’m just saying, they seem oddly calm for what’s happening.

gamerquest12 2 points

yes, i understand.

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IPlayTeemoSupport 5 points
gamerquest12 -6 points

i dont care.

eaazzy_13 10 points

Suicide is known as “the easy way out”. Guy is a coward

gamerquest12 -5 points

a wise decision to. unlike most suicidal people, his problems can't solved, he truly had nothing to live for.

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