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samuentaga 2 points

The prison system as is is inhumane, does not work in terms of intended purpose, and preys on impoverished people, turning them into cheap slave labor.

I don't know the solution. Norway's prisons are nice, but people say it's too nice. Prison should theoretically serve three purposes: punishment, rehabilitation and relocation. Prisoners should be able to rejoin society if deemed fit, no matter the crime, but they should be motivated to not reoffend, and they should be placed in areas that, if they escape, is isolated from civilization enough to not put people in danger.

Prison rape should never be a thing. Ever.

gamerquest12 2 points

also hurts a person ability to get a job.

Scubawookie 1 point

I’ve heard good stories about Norway’s prisons. We don’t have Norway’s criminals though...

Let them rot I say. You want to become an animal then live as one too! We are WAY too kind in my opinion. Prison is a sign of pride for a lot of these career criminals and it’s not fitting to the crimes.

Violent crimes need to be punished much more severely and non violent maybe a little less. I want them to seriously consider just being a good person before they commit to their plan and lifestyle of crime.

gamerquest12 1 point

you dont know every person situation or their brain chemistry and who the hell takes pride in being in prison. I watch documentaries all the time about how they want to improve their life if they get out of prison.

gamerquest12 1 point

I really hate my slow internet service.

DrPresidentTaco 1 point

Depends on what they're in for.

gamerquest12 1 point

like for having marijuana or any drug for that matter and getting high or someone like Chelsea Manning.

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duchduchduchduch 23 points

It has been proven they cannot help having these urges, its not okay if they do it, and there ARE evil pedophiles.

My brother is a pedophile, struggled with it his entire life, and went to therapy for it. From what we know he has never touched anybody under age. He deals with a lot of depression from it, and suicidal thoughts. its sad to grow up with, and i hope someday there will be more therapy, and help, for people like that.

gamerquest12 1 point

sorry for commenting so late that I doubt you are still using that account.

is your brother exclusively attracted to kids or do he date adults?

gamerquest12 commented on a post in r/AskReddit
Ophelia_AO 2 points

People (that I know) make fun of the Android under the guise that the camera isnt good and the pictures are grainy. There are oodles of memes about this and the whole "your texts dont come through as blue" stuff. As Apple continues to barely innovate, Android looks pretty damn good, IMO.

gamerquest12 3 points

im 17 and never heard anybody refer to androids as for lower class. a phone is just a phone with the people i know.

Laskia 1 point

I really don't care at all, karma have no real value IRL anyway.

gamerquest12 1 point

you are right, i dont why me or anybody care about karma, its just a reflection on how popular or unpopular a person opinion is.

Myfacewhen9292 1 point

seems a little unnecessary.

gamerquest12 1 point

yeah whatever.

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gamerquest12 commented on a post in r/watchpeopledie
gamerquest12 1 point

I am really, really surprised this time that the pedestrian actually looked both ways before crossing. usually its mostly the dumb ass pedestrians fault for walking right on front of a speeding car in asia. this time the pedestrian was totally clear, but the stupid driver act like he couldn't slow down or pass like he's and experienced driver.

Virkungstreffer 2 points

In reality, students from the USA don't care and take what they have for granted, where as people who come over are told the USA is the land of opportunity and try harder so they have a better life than the hardships told to them of their parents and grandparents

gamerquest12 1 point

thats why I hate myself so much, wish I didn't procrastinate much.

gamerquest12 commented on a post in r/morbidquestions
gamerquest12 8 points

Because people have emotions; emotions blinds us from rational action and are conscious and that would be a reduction in tax payers that is why. no matter what explanation/justification to put people in psych ward, it all come down to emotions and people not being able to come to turns that a person took their life and feels somehow responsible, they just keep them alive to feel better. when people kill themselves, that means a loss of viable tax payers too.

gamerquest12 commented on a post in r/morbidquestions
gamerquest12 5 points

i like how these people say seek help, but how do you help for a sexual fetish? i dont think that is possible.

And no you don't need "help". as long as you don't harm another human being or kill anyone for the sake of gratification, it is no problem, even if it is weird. the fact you recognize that its not normal, means you are very self aware.

But if you do think need help, go ahead.

ILikeBubblesinMyWine 2 points

IME, if you have a terminal disease or some kind of disability that really affects your quality of life then a physician will usually find it reasonable. However, a healthy 18 yr old requesting a DNR would more likely be given a psych eval rather than be granted a dnr. It's not common for someone so young to not want to live. And I think there would be too many legal issues if a doc made someone at that age a DNR. It would be too questionable.

gamerquest12 1 point

in a psych evaluation, all a person gotta do is lie to not be thrown in a psych ward.

By the way, im not depressed or anything, its just in case my heart stop beating, i can die peacefully.

Rusky82 2 points

There are 3 types groups of human influenza and many, many sub types within the A B and C groups.

You have had all the hundreds of kinds of influenza then?

gamerquest12 1 point

are they all in the united states?

DiverseUse 3 points, do you have any evidence that someone is trying to die from the flu on purpose? Because that seems weird.

gamerquest12 0 points

i dont have proof but it seems like it to me.

I heard how some people who just had a minor cold/flu or something and a headache and less than a week later, they're dead. im feeling a little suspicious.

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southsamurai 11 points

Oh shit, I've been saving this story!

So, strap in, shut up, and behold the insanity.

I grew up in the eighties. As you may know, the aids epidemic was scary until better anti viral meds came along. It was more or less a death sentence.

So, I get through life and enter the field of home health by the early nineties. I'd done volunteer work and training are the local VA. They had a dedicated HIV ward. So the utter scariness of what the virus could do was pretty raw in my mind.

One of my earlier home health patients (during the summer I turned 21actually) was a young man, just barely out of high school. He'd contracted HIV after a bad batch of blood during treatment for hemophilia.

The early anti virals were working well for him though. AZT actually.

Anyway, he's this young guy, going to parties with the crowd of high school friends mixed with other pediatric patients he'd grown up with.

Among this crowd was a really crazy girl.

My patient was getting ready to go to yet another boring kegger (I fucking hated this kid by the time I left his case btw, he was a serious asshole for any number of reasons), and I was being payed to go with him. Yeah, his parents paid the company twenty bucks an hour (at the time) for someone to go to parties with their son.

By this point I'd learned that I didn't ride with him or his idiot friends, I followed in my car. So that's how I met the girl. She came to pick him up and I was getting directions from her.

He's taking his usual long ass time to get ready , so me, her, and her friend are on the porch talking.

The friend was actually pretty cool for a kid. But the girl is just one of those really annoying people that have to blab constantly.

The conversation turns around to her asking me if I liked the job with him. I gave a neutral answer and that seemed to give her an idea that I somehow wanted the entire story of her and my patient.

Just so this doesn't get too long, I'll cut through descriptions of the drinking, dumb stunts, drinking, wasting money, drugs, drinking, and general stupidity.

But she mentions having dated him in jr high, and it didn't work out, yada yada. I'm wishing I could blow my brains out when she says "but it wasn't until he got the hive that we started fucking"

No, that wasn't a typo. She called it hive.

My response was the obvious one for the time "that's none of my business, but condoms do a great job of preventing transmission"

"Oh, we don't use condoms, I want to catch it too".

Now, I was young. I hadn't yet developed the utter jaded and world weary poker face that would later get me though some really strange patients and their family members.

Out of my mouth comes "are you fucking insane?" (And yes, I damn near lost my job for that, but I'll cover that in a bit).

She goes rattling on about how it was a sign of real love, and the more people get it, the sooner there'll be a cure, and I'm just close minded (and this to a guy that took care of aids patients while they died left and right with next to no staff willing to do the job).

Now, I'd had a chance to rein in my shock. So I didn't call her the biggest moron south of the mason Dixon line. I didn't tell her that she was an ignorant, idiotic, insane child with less sense than a drunken donkey.

I wanted to, but I just told her it was her life and walked the fuck inside.

In my years, I've developed the ability to screen my natural arrogance a bit. Heck, I don't even really feel it any more when I can try to correct ignorance. I'm an idiot too. But back then, I had no ability to filter out the fact that most people just didn't really know anything about the disease.

But that damn girl just floored me.

If I hadn't cursed at her, it probably would have ended there. But with that, she did complain.

But, since I was not only one of maybe ten NA's willing to work an HIV case, but was the only one left that the kid hadn't really pissed off and the parents were willing to pay out of pocket for someone to keep him from doing anything extremely stupid, I got a pass.

Seriously, that kid was one of the worst human beings I ever met. I'm known for incredible patience with patients (not so much otherwise though). But that little over privileged, snitty, manipulative asshole pushed me further than almost anyone ever has.

The fact that the girl in this case wasn't the only one trying to catch HIV, and that he was more than willing to "help" them was just icing on the cake. I could go on about how much a douche he was, but that's off topic.

The girl though. She was the first one I ever heard of, but she wasn't the only one. There was a damn trend of it. They were called bug bunnies. For some strange reason, they wanted HIV. At the time, before the internet, they had a damn newsletter.

Afaik, it wasn't like a huge number of people, but there were a few dozen that I eventually either met or heard of in my area.

I swear to Thor that it ruined me for unprotected sex. Until I got married, I'd gone without a condom maybe three times in my life. Even with long term partners, I just wasn't willing.

People are pretty fucked up sometimes.

gamerquest12 1 point

did the girl and boy eventually die?

MLein97 1 point

Are you going to smoke your third someday OP?

gamerquest12 1 point

unfortunately no......... I see no point in smoking.

CswBizzel 1 point

You only smoked 2 cigarettes? It takes more than that. You're not going to get hooked on smoking after smoking just two ciggies.

gamerquest12 1 point

some people claimed they got addicted after one.

gamerquest12 commented on a post in r/morbidquestions
LipstickPaper 1 point

Would you trust a pedophile who said they believed children can consent to sex and they aren't harmed by it but society's view? And it seems rude to tell her to get around her bias when she was abused.

gamerquest12 1 point

of course I wouldn't want that person to be near my children, especially if that person thinks its okay and a pedophile at the same time. but If that person is a pedophile and know acting on that feeling wouldn't be appreciated, than I might trust that person a little more.

it probably was rude to say and expecting a human brain to get around a strong bias wont do any good.

LipstickPaper 1 point

You are saying a pedophile who doesn't like being pedophile could be trusted did babysit your children? And my other point was that it is rude to tell some to get over childhood abuse.

gamerquest12 1 point

only when im also around only thats when that person can talk to my kid. And got no thoughts on your second point.

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