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2.3k points · 9 hours ago

And due to the lack of a safety reversal system, the door continued down and took his head clean off.

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I saw this video on a different sub, commented something similar and got downvoted. You are my hero

I will follow your career with great interest

Original Poster-2 points · 1 day ago

If you don't know who Kvn is, you clearly haven't watched Final Space, and you're just on here to shit on an awesome show for a reaction from fans. Do you get off on this or something?

Original Poster-6 points · 1 day ago

I stopped watching it pretty quickly, and the rapid fire delivery of "nnng" "mmm" "aaaah" and chewing sounds in the middle of every single line probably made me miss some of the clearly meme-worthy scenes.

I'm genuinely asking a question: how was this piece of garbage made into a show? I want to know. I can produce something better than this by just jotting down a quarrel in a kindergarten, and then slightly rewriting it. So I want to know how, and who the fuck I need to speak to, to have a massive production started on the basis of a generous helping of faeces put in a shaker, and served with vanilla ice-cream on top in a nice glass.

What is the secret to the success here?

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W O W you big headed piece of shit 😂😂😂😂 how can you even talk crap about a show and admit you didnt actually watch it?

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Come here to see a long pier, but take a stab vest with you.

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See Kendrick Lamar live

Me when i realise what a shit world I've been born into.



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How the hell did you find that?!

Original Poster2 points · 3 days ago

I bought it at a space station from technology vendor

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I'm finding this

Covering an animal in oil is cruel :( effective nonetheless!

25 points · 3 days ago

They can get over oily skin way quicker then a broken neck from a mouse trap tho.

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You're right, i stand corrected

Was expecting Ewan McGregor. Was thouroughly disappointed

1 - Infant 2 - Childhood 3 - Retirement 4 - Teenage/Adolescence 5 - Adulthood

Probably a good thing as it's the only pussy you'll ever get

Fuck you cunt. You beat me to it. T-T

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Great cunts think alike

It's the communicator on your ship. It means someone is trying to contact you.

Original Poster1 point · 4 days ago

I’ve tried every button on my PC. What one is it.

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Not sure, im on ps4! You know the quick menu for summoning your freighter or charging your tech etc? It's on that menu, and called 'Starship Communicator'

I'm not, I'm on reddit

116 points · 5 days ago · edited 5 days ago


Edit: Y’all should give me some credit for finding this sub but don’t make me a mod cause I ain’t gay

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What’s going on in this sub

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6 points · 6 days ago · edited 6 days ago

Oh I dunno Kenny, what the fuck IS going on in this sub?

I mean, is it Friday 13th? NO, no it's not.

WHY is it not Friday 13th? Because /u/GangControl said so.

WHY am I giving you sass? Because it's NOT Friday 13th.

4 points · 6 days ago

It's ok, nobody blames you for being in a bad mood. I think we're all in a bad mood after this let down...

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I just don't understand how it's not Friday 13th yet

Isn’t that against animal cruelty laws? I suppose not.

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Animal cruelty laws are unfortunately much looser in a lot of eastern asia


ጠᗆᓓ⌐𝄩ጠᓓ, 𝄩 ᓀoᔕ⊣ጠᗜ ェጠᓓጠ ⊣o ᗆᔕ⌤ ╖oᓓ ェጠ⌐ᓀ ᗆ╖⊣ጠᓓ 𝄩 ╖o⊂ᴝᗜ ᴟ⤙ᔕጠ⌐╖ ᔕ⊣ᓓᗆᴝᗜጠᗜ 𝄩ᴝ ᗆ ᓓጠᗆ⌐ᴟ o╖ ⊂ᓀᔕ𝄩ᗜጠ ᗜoᓬᴝ.

ᘏ ᓓᗆ<𝄩⊣⤙ ェᗆᔕ ᔕェ𝄩╖⊣ጠᗜ ⊣ェᓓo⊂ᘏ ェo⊂⊣ ⊣ェጠ ᗜᗆ⤙ ᗆᴝᗜ 𝄩 ᗆᴟ ᴝoᓬ ᔕ𝄩ᗜጠᓬᗆ⤙ᔕ.

𝄩 ᓀᓓጠᗜ𝄩ᴒ⊣ ⊣ェᗆ⊣ 𝄩 ᓬ𝄩⌐⌐ ϖጠ ⊣ェጠ ᓓ𝄩ᘏ ェ⊣ ᓬᗆ⤙ ⊂ᓀ ᗆ⊣ ᴝ𝄩ᘏ ェ⊣ ⊣𝄩ᴟጠ ╖oᓓ ᗆ⊣ ⌐ጠᗆᔕ⊣ ᗆ ╖ጠᓬ ェo⊂ᓓᔕ.

ᓀ⌐ጠᗆᔕጠ, ᗜoጠᔕ ᗆᴝ⤙oᴝጠ ⌤ᴝoᓬ ェoᓬ 𝄩 ᴒᗆᴝ ጠᔕᴒᗆᓀጠ ⊣oᴝ𝄩ᘏ ェ⊣ ᓬェ𝄩⌐ᔕ⊣ 𝄩 ᗆᴟ ⊣ェጠ ᓓ𝄩ᘏ ェ⊣ ᓬᗆ⤙ ⊂ᓀ?


I’ll try to help you, but I’m very limited in my abilities, I’m only 1/16 cosmic being.

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Original Poster17 points · 6 days ago

ᴟ⤙ 𝄩ᴝ⊣ጠᓓᗜ𝄩ᴟጠᴝᔕ𝄩oᴝᗆ⌐ ⊣ጠ⌐ጠᴒoᴟᴟ⊂ᴝ𝄩ᴒᗆ⊣𝄩oᴝ ᗜጠ<𝄩ᔕጠ 𝄩ᔕ ⌐ooᔕ𝄩ᴝᘏ ᓀoᓬጠᓓ. ᗆᴝ⤙ 𝄩ᗜጠᗆᔕ oᴝ ェoᓬ ⊣o ᴒェᗆᓓᘏ ጠ 𝄩⊣ 𝄩ᴝ ⊣ェጠ ᗆϖᔕጠᴝᴒጠ o╖ ᗆ ᓀoᓬጠᓓ o⊂⊣⌐ጠ⊣ oᓓ 𝄩oᴝ ᓄ⊂ᗆᴝ⊣⊂ᴟ ϖᗆ⊣⊣ጠᓓ𝄩ጠᔕ?

Yes I have some experience with inter dimensional telecommunications. I worked with the 11th dimensional beings for a short time. To charge your battery without power outlets, you’re gonna need to astral project your body’s electromagnetic energy from The Higher Source, then concentrate that into the device. Anywhere is fine, as long as the energy is penetrating the device evenly.

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Original Poster7 points · 6 days ago

⊣ェᗆᴝ⌤ ⤙o⊂, ᴝoᓬ 𝄩 ᴒᗆᴝ ᴒェᗆᓓᘏ ጠ ᴟ⤙ 𝄩ᗜᴒᗜ ᗆᴝᗜ ᴒoᴝ⊣𝄩ᴝ⊂ጠ ᴟ⤙ ᓄ⊂ጠᔕ⊣ ⊣o ᓓጠ⊣⊂ᓓᴝ ⊣o ᴟ⤙ oᓬᴝ ᗜ𝄩ᴟጠᴝᔕ𝄩oᴝ. 𝄩 ᓬ𝄩ᔕェ ⤙o⊂ ᗆ⌐⌐ ⊣ェጠ ϖጠᔕ⊣.

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Original Poster0 points · 6 days ago

Although they are objectively far less powerful, even the biggest catapult hater must admit their enhanced mobilty can of advantage during a siege.

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It's treason then


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