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revan1013 1 point

Naive how?

georgewho__ 2 points

You can never know for sure. Maybe the profecies become true and it rises all the way to 1 million. But if experts are right, what happened in December was simply a bubble, and now it has returned to its natural state, meaning it's going to take A LOT of time to even get to where it was in December.

Visual representation of a bubble

Bitcoin graph

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DeskAce 1,462 points

From Top Left to Right

Michael, Pam, Jim, Toby?

Dwight, Angela, Andy, Erin?

Stanley (but I don't know why he has a mustache), Phylis, Kevin (lmao), Oscar

Ryan, Kelly, Daryl, Creed

georgewho__ 1 point

I think you switched up Pam and Erin.

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lofasecek 9 points


-We are going on a bigger exchange (VIBE recently did 400% after being listed on Binance)

-Partnership with Alibaba, Pixelllo, some new luxury brands and the Nvidia one

-A lots of development happening (take a look at roadmap Q1)

-People only start to find out about CAPP (For example, not even one crypto youtuber mentioned it yet)

My guess is, with the listing on new exchange, it will skyrocket to like 1.5 - 2 USD. Then there could be a dip. And then it will steadily grow through the year. But anything can happen, this is just my opinion.

PS: In february, I think, there should be one more unexpected announcement, too :))

georgewho__ 1 point

How much could it grow in like 5 years?

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georgewho__ 1 point

What are good market caps for ICO investing? (I know it's the smaller the better.)

Albyaty 3 points

Is there a subreddit to discuss ICO's?

georgewho__ 1 point
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georgewho__ 1 point

I'm starting to educate myself about all the buy/sell process, and I've basically learned that there are the usual big sites like Coinbase that make the process very simple, but only offer the big coins (BTC, ETH). So, what are the best sites to buy the smaller coins (<0.01$/coin)?

ExAAPLPeep 8 points

In addition to /u/xilefian mentioned about architectural differences, there is one other oft not known thing. There is a bunch of bad ass ninja engineers (~20 of them) that are Guardians of the Performance Galaxy at  / iOS. Seriously, these men and women are bar none, the best engineers I've ever worked with and seen work.

They can see the matrix, they can massage, cajole, coax -- and if needed -- judo your code to eek out that last few frames per second, prevent that UI/scolling hitch, and most importantly, be very efficient precious precious memory for your benefit.

I've seen these performance ninjas re-write whole messaging subsystems, optimize memory management, and even work with the Silicon Wizards at Apple to add specific instructions that will help with compression, image de/encode, and various other sorcery.

They hold office hours where I've gone with some colleagues and I'm floored at how they can open debug traces and ask you intimate questions about your architecture and code that they haven't even opened up Xcode yet, as if they divined the problem from looking at these trace files (which open up in a visual profiler, not Xcode) and told that performance problem "you might as well come out unless you want me to drag you out by your ankles."

All of this to say, the Apple Performance Team are a rare breed of Seal Team Six engineers which are a LARGE reason why iOS devices are so efficient with memory, not just that Apple the vertical SW and HW stack or their architecture.

source: was a former engineer at 

georgewho__ 2 points

That's very cool. I'd love to work with people like that in a few years.

John7oliver 1 point

Is this the same for PC/MAC computers? My old laptop had a 256gb ssd and 12bg of ram and i7 but was a fucking turtle compared to my macbook with a 256gb ssd, 4gb of ram, and i5 processor. I make music and the pc had its hic ups keeping up but the macbook is amazing.

georgewho__ 0 points

It's probably a combination of it being old and running Windows, whereas OS X is much more solid and efficient. I use a MacBook and cringe whenever I have to use Windows.

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adamjackson1984 8 points

Retail or Corporate or AppleCare? The processes are significantly different depending on which you're applying to?

In my case (2005, applying for an assistant manager position at an Apple Store not yet open)

  1. I receive a call from a recruiter "we received your information from multiple internal referrals for a new store opening. Interested?" I had never applied formally for the position..still have no idea who referred me but I was a big part of the apple community at the time and had befriended many people at corporate.
  2. "YES I'm interested"
  3. I have a pre-screening call with the recruiter for half an hour
  4. 3 weeks later, I drive to a hotel where Apple has a meeting room booked, The store manager and other ASM were there and we talked about my history with Apple as a customer, my thoughts on stores, how I managed people and my sales experience. I think it went pretty well. I didn't feel very challenged.
  5. After being hired, the core 25 of us opening the store spent 3 weeks in training program..well the managers had an extra week of management training so I guess 2 weeks for core, 1 week for manager? and it was some of the best training I had received so far in my life. Very hands on...taught the Apple way really well
  6. We opened the store a week after training completed
  7. There are a couple of days of plannagram work, inventory, on-site POS training some late nights

..and that was my experience. The hiring manager was pretty clear that a lot of my past experience wasn't hugely important. Apple would teach me everything I needed to know but not having a retail background really hurt me. I only lasted a year in that role and being 18 at the time, everyone that came from BestBuy, Circuit City and other apple stores walked all over me. I didn't have their respect at all. I should have been hired as a full time sales-person, not management.

The pay was $14 an hour w/ benefits.

and The NDA was only for 2 years so anyone that has left Apple more than 2 years ago is free to talk about it now.

georgewho__ 1 point

I should've specified I meant corporate (specially engineering), but your response was interesting as well!

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Ronnylicious 5,624 points

Who Says Hi First?

sees person walking Oh hey I know that guy from the gym. We chatted a couple of times.

You will cross each other "Yo dave whats up"

no response

You: Fucking twat.

Him: Shit shoulda said something

Edit: You know I get a few messages to this and it kinda annoyed me that I gave this fictional character the name Dave then refer to him as "him" So ima change "him:" to Dave.

Edit 2: Some people got frustrated that I changed Him to Dave, so Ima switch "Dave:" back to "him:" again.

georgewho__ 2 points

Oh hai Mark

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krazay88 7 points

Yeah, but he hasn’t realized yet that he’s no better than the other people, that he’s just as shitty/bad as others.

I wouldn’t be surprised if he was a “nice guy”

georgewho__ 3 points

I mean, he did call the girl he was dating m'lady...

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