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georgewho__ commented on a post in r/sixers
LRW35 8 points

I agree it is highly anticipated, I don’t think him beating us strengthens his goat case tho

georgewho__ 3 points

If anything, it solidifies his place as 2nd greatest. No one can possibly beat Mike.

Inb4 Ben overcomes Mike

carnivoross 2 points

Why would Lebron beating the Sixers in the ECF do anything to boost his legacy? Winning the championship yes, but beating the Sixers in ECF? Nah.

georgewho__ 1 point

Not really boost it, just solidify it, since the Sixers seem like a better team right now. But hey, who gives a shit about LeBron when we can go all the way.

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JBH-JustBeingHonest 1 point

What’s the source for these

georgewho__ 3 points

As far as I know, these are screenshots from a video uploaded to instagram that got quickly removed. I hope someone decided to save the video and maybe we get to see it.

PeterPaul0808 39 points

Full album ( you need to search ):

georgewho__ 6 points

You're the real mvp. I really hope there's a video of this somewhere.

georgewho__ commented on a post in r/AskEurope
georgewho__ 2 points

Fernando Alonso, Carlos Sainz.

the_real_grinningdog 9 points

I met Steve Jobs and he said "Who are you?" I was so proud.

(If anyone is interested it was during his NeXT years)

georgewho__ 3 points

What was the situation for him to ask that?

georgewho__ commented on a post in r/formula1
dsio 55 points

Exactly its just basic decency. The reason the plaque on the dashboard of every single Ferrari road car made in last decade says 31 titles and not 28 is in no small part thanks to Kimi's work for them.

georgewho__ 4 points

Why 3 titles?

dsio 17 points

2007 WDC + WCC 2008 WCC - The number Ferrari put on the dash is the WDC and WCC count combined.

georgewho__ 3 points

Oh ok, that makes more sense.

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georgewho__ commented on a post in r/formula1
MulticulturalHound 6 points

If Valtteri Bottas gets dropped by Mercedes and they pick Ricciardo or something, what team would he go to? Is there any chance of him going back to Williams? Is there the possibility of Red Bull taking up Bottas? Are there examples of top drivers (but maybe not the best) getting dropped by the top teams while they're still in their prime and there being no spots in any of the teams?

georgewho__ 2 points

If Ricciardo goes to Ferrari, Red Bull will probably get Sainz back, and thus there would be an open seat at Renault, which I'm betting would be filled by Bottas.

Are there examples of top drivers

First one that comes to mind and most recent is Pascal Wehrlein. He's better than at least 3 or 4 of the current drivers, but money speaks in F1.

cafk 1 point

but money speaks in F1.

Esteban Occon would beg to differ :) He replaced money (Haryanto) and got a seat in a better team, instead of Wehrlein :)

georgewho__ 3 points

That's because Haryanto was REALLY bad, whereas Stroll, Sirotkin, or Ericsson are just decent enough.

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