Post-Match Thread: Inter 1-3 Udinese by Meladroit1 in soccer

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Not the bianconeri I had hoped would end the streak but it'll do.

so no one is going to do anything about this trezbot spamming every 10 minutes juventus next game pre match? it is getting annoying now. by _dawgz in Juve

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I don't know/remember if I have access to trezebot's code so I think we'll need to wait for spiz. I tried setting up an automoderator rule to delete any new ones being posted but it's not working (I think because it ignores rules to remove another mod's post).

[Post Match Thread] Napoli vs Juventus by trezebot in Juve

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You come at the king, you best not miss

[Post Match Thread] Sampdoria vs Juventus by trezebot in Juve

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Khedira deserves benching for what he did on their third goal. That said I hope Allegri moves from this formation and we play three in midfield. Only Matuidi and in-form Marchisio have the work-rate to play in a two man system alongside Pjanic. Khedira-Pjanic is being overrun game after game.

I get conceding after dominating the game is tough to deal with but it's worrying how we just crumble mentally when it happens, we were ball-watching for a long period after going down yesterday which we clearly cannot afford to do this year.

Season is still young though, we were much further behind two years ago at this stage and we turned it around.