7 years later, I'm officially an U.S Citizen. 'Murica. by SaintFemine in pics

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It's like I'm speaking Spanish or something.

You: vast people want to incentivize illegal immigration. Your proof? Well, they gave some illegals amnesty in 1986. No plans for further amnesty beyond DACA, a concept that even Republicans support. None of that is an incentive to come to America illegally, as none of this affects future illegal immigrants. I say "citizen," you go blah blah voting and play stupid, then say it's all about living here, as if anyone wants to be illegal. If you had any concept of what living here illegally was you'd never say such a stupid thing. You're saying that comprehensive immigration reform is codeword for amnesty because that's your own fearful fantasy, but it's real enough to you that you literally cited it as fact. That's how your brain works, citing fantasy as fact. No, no one wants to make the every remaining illegal legal. Not one real lawmaker, let alone "vast people." This is all still some weird made-up boogie man.

You also keep citing the lottery? like that's the only method of becoming a citizen. You know it's only one path, and the least used right? I don't think you get that. We get refugees, asylum seekers, marriages, workers, etc. I had about twenty immigrants at my wedding, I've only met one person who won the greencard lottery.

Put down the propaganda and actually breath some of this stuff.

Finally- for the record, you never proved that vast numbers of people want to incentivize or reward illegal immigration. However, if you show me any real lawmaker out there who's encouraging people to illegally come here, I'm all ears. If/when you can't - really think about how you're so scared about something that doesn't exist, and how those thoughts got into your head.

7 years later, I'm officially an U.S Citizen. 'Murica. by SaintFemine in pics

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Obama called the civil war in Libya a shitshow, and ... ? Are you suggesting that's the same as claiming the entire country of Haiti and other African nations are shitholes? Are you serious that that's the line you want to go down?

But in general it's the liberals who seem uniquely able to hear all these "dog whistle" comments that supposedly only racists can hear.

Then most of the country is liberal. All it takes is some common sense man. Even if he had a D next to his name I'd say that.

Its sad that some people can't discuss policies intended to make our country great without focusing on the color of people's skin.

That's some ignorant shit right there.

Funny, it was Obama's list of failed/terrorist countries being banned.

Again, you're trying to equate two things that aren't equal. Please, for God's sake, read into these things.

Here's how this works.

Trump punches someone. The majority of the world says, "that's fucked up." Then Trump says, "but Obama poked his finger in someone's chest, and no one cared!!" Then people like you say, "SEE LIBS!! YOU'RE ALL HYPOCRITES!"

7 years later, I'm officially an U.S Citizen. 'Murica. by SaintFemine in pics

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I don't wanna sound like a dick, but I don't think you actually know what this stuff is like.

Amnesty in 1986 isn't relevant because there are no proposed plans for amnesty. You can caps it all to high heaven, it's still not relevant.

Citizenship is not the goal - who cares about being allowed to vote?

Seriously? Gonna be pedantic? Sorry, "legal resident," are you missing the big picture on purpose? No one wants to be illegal here. being illegal here fucking sucks. Ask anyone illegal.

No, they don't. DACA grants work permissions to illegal aliens.

DACA isn't for every illegal immigrant, they're for only illegals who grew up here. I don't think you realize that, and let me use your caps this time - NO ONE WANTS AMNESTY FOR ALL THE ILLEGALS.

7 years later, I'm officially an U.S Citizen. 'Murica. by SaintFemine in pics

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Making illegal immigration a shortcut to citizenship would incentivize it.

No one is proposing that.

it’s hypocritical that they raise a fuss now that Trump is in charge

Hypocritical? Obama didn't spew xenophobic rhetoric, try to ban an entire religion from entering the country, or detain children at airports with a poorly thought out EO. You can absolutely see the difference, there's no way you think they're the same.

Either way the deceit and pushing fundamentally bad policy as an emotional guilt trip are a big turnoff to me.

So you're not a Trump fan, I can dig it

7 years later, I'm officially an U.S Citizen. 'Murica. by SaintFemine in pics

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Im not sure why you're bringing up partisan politics here

Because that's the genesis of this whole exchange.

One person figured she'd be a democrat, and the much supported reply is:

Well, she’s a legal immigrant so she might be anti illegal immigration

So, here we are.

I appreciate your long reply but that doesn't connect to anyone wanting illegal immigration. Amnesty from 1986? Aight, thirty years ago. Let's not vote for Reagan again?

I want to bar work permission for illegal aliens and prosecute identity thieves.

That's already a thing. Identity thieves are already prosecuted and it's illegal for people to hire illegal immigrants. Everyone supports those two things.

There is absolutely no incentive to illegally immigrate here. Your conclusion is built on some idea that ... I don't even know... you think there will be some mass-amnesty for all the illegals here or something? That's not going to happen, under any president. If you're trying to come to this country and be a citizen, coming here illegally is the dumbest thing you could possibly do to achieve that goal.

7 years later, I'm officially an U.S Citizen. 'Murica. by SaintFemine in pics

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That doesn't reward illegal immigration nor incentivize it.

Even Republicans don't want to deport everyone who was brought over illegally when they were children, so to this thread's vibe that democrats aren't anti-illegal immigration, can anyone provide any real person's efforts to open the borders to illegal immigration? Because I run in democrat circles and have gone through the American citizenship process twice and no one is like "omg everyone should be able to flood in here!" Obama deported more illegals than anyone before. It's this weird boogie-man myth that dems love illegal immigration. Like anything short of detaining 11 month old Iranians at the airport is considered "open borders." Just tryin to figure it out.

7 years later, I'm officially an U.S Citizen. 'Murica. by SaintFemine in pics

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Can you show me the vast people who want to incentivize & reward illegal immigration?

New 'Ant-Man and the Wasp' image released. by rlawliet in movies

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Because they aren't in the Infinity War trailer, some people think they aren't in the movie. Likely, though, that something takes place during Ant-Man 2 to change their appearance... or existence.

I duped Gwempool (I know shes a 3* don't judge me for being excited) by benx101 in ContestOfChampions

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I used a 3* iceman to take down Mephisto's Master EQ back in October. They sometimes still have their uses

this guy probably needs new fingers! by prestigehero in ContestOfChampions

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Shit man that’s sole destroying

Ruined his damn sneakers!

Next two champions you want revamped by slntscrm in ContestOfChampions

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Carnage could be absolutely brutal if they maximized his Blood Lust thing. If stacking bleeds (like AA) would increase Carnage's damage output - it'd be a great mechanic. Imagine saying "Yeah once you get 6 bleeds goin he's puttin out 200% damage."

Coincidentally the first thing Sentry did when he entered the normal Marvel universe, in New Avengers, was fly Carnage into space and rip him in half. He ended up literally ripping a lot of people apart. Carnage, Ares, Loki, Morgan le Fay...

Sentry, my fav Marvel character, needs better-than-Hyperion level power. He should be the ultimate "idgaf" character, brushing off attacks and pummeling people with his golden goodness.

Whose’s life has yet to be made into a biopic? by _DoItForHer_ in movies

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Theatrical release, it's a sorta well-known rumor that every major studio has a Houdini script ready to go, but if one greenlight's it they know another studio will just rush theirs out first.

What’s the name of that movie poster protesting censorship? by Varrick2016 in movies

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I googled "hays code poster" to find it, there were a lot of results on it.

The climactic scene with the heat seeking missile in 'The Fate of The Furious' was stolen from a short from 2007 by [deleted] in movies

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Pretty much something that someone was bound to do sooner or later. I doubt OP was the first either.

Conservative writer: Trump called friends to brag about 's---hole countries' remark by mootymoots in politics

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Prob goes in hand with how no one wants to look like a wuss, and they think Trump is a tough guy, so they'll hang with him even if it makes them look like wet lettuce.

So much I've seen in the last few years online is a large amount of dudes feeling emasculated yet ending up acting like the biggest pussies possible.

With 20 4 stars and 160 units, is it possible to for me to grind sparky in round 2? by waytootall4ya in ContestOfChampions

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You'd be spending 15-20 hours to do it, but yeah. You're in the same category as me, similar rosters. I can only do about 2.7m and that's taking an uncomfortable amount of time for me. You'll need 4m for Sparky.

In one push I spent 400 units in 3 hours and got 1m pts though.

Which actor or actress are you surprised hasn’t had a bigger career? by scaredofcheese in movies

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I almost wonder if it's deliberate.

It always seems like it, somehow. Like Thomas Jane. Liev has worked so many A-list project but hasn't had his Transporter, hasn't really had his name in lights.

Closest was when he was Sabretooth, and Ebert said that he and Jackman acted their asses off in the film which was the only redeeming quality - but damn I want more. I've loved him since Sum of All Fears, I wish the movie had just been about his character.

In case anyone ever wondered, a walk-in 4hr emergency room visit for a potential stroke results in a $10,800 bill at Parkland by girafa in Dallas

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Ya when they told me that I straight up asked them if it was some weird knock off MRI or something. I was expecting like $800 at least.

Which actor or actress are you surprised hasn’t had a bigger career? by scaredofcheese in movies

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Already pretty famous, but I expected Liev Schrieber to be on a Jason Stathom level by now, and Ben Foster to be leading more films.