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Cass needs to catch a break :(

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2 points · 4 days ago

Cass very seriously considered raping Tulip with his little "love" potion.

What are your interests? What kind of music do you like, what kind of food do you enjoy? Are you a daytime or nighttime person?

I live in Kreuzberg. Just yesterday a brat from NY strolled by telling another brat "Oh, I would totally love to have a flat here." My emotions went straight to rage. Those kind of tourists are the reason why the rents are exploding in Kreuzberg. All that Airbnb bullshit from Starbucks-Craving bohemians seriously harms our infrastructure, economic and also social perspective.

So I'd say, stay in Kreuzberg 61. That's the NY of Berlin...

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I get it, I truly do. The neighborhood I grew up in doesn't exist anymore. But I think it's a bit harsh to judge OP like that based on the limited info we have. And remember, what happened to Kreuzberg also happened to Brooklyn, the Bronx and Harlem so don't assume NYers generally don't know what gentrification feels like.

Who else thought Serena wasn’t going to give the baby back?? I held my breath.

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I actually had to do a few 10sec jumps because I was certain Serena would keep her.

I don't think Fred alone would have the power to execute an Eye

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16 points · 10 days ago

Fred didn't even have the power to relocate him.

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The beginning of this episode really had me fucked up about Nick. I've been so focused on thinking about how June feels that I practically forgot that this is HIS baby too! He has to stand there and go through the same shit she is. It's SO fucked.

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I just dawned on me in that scene that what the waterfords are doing is a whole new level of fucked up. They "employ" a couple, they orchestrate them to make a baby, then stole their baby and now keep employing them side by side, dangling the baby in front of them.

Crows remember faces. I read a book or something once where a crow would bring a girl a shiny token frequently for years. Also - have an article.

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My neighbor has two crow friends that wait for him in the park for little dog treats every morning and evening.

Me too. WTF is with us and the mosquitoes?

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No idea, some people tell me it's my smell, some say it's body temperature. I don't care, I just suffer. Last night I got 10 bites in about a minute, one right over my eye. = (

Oh! I want to be a person that tells you things! I've heard it's blood type... do you know what you are? I never get bitten and I'm O positive.

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Don't know my blood type but it must be yummy

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giulynia commented on
55 points · 15 days ago · edited 15 days ago

Here's the original illustration from 1949, this screw-up is from the 1998 version so I doubt her husband's grandfather is the one responsible

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40 points · 15 days ago

depends on OPs age, given that the grandfather is still alive and was an adult when working on Candyland, I'd say it is much more likely he worked on the 1998 version than the 1949.

For example: I am 24 and my oldest grandparent is 78, he would have been 9 in 1949

It varies a lot, when i was 24 my grandfather was 94 and would have been 32 in 1949

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The point is how old he would be right now, my age was only to reference that people with grandparents born in the 1940's can very well be adults, so married. Your grandfather would be 101 years old today.

53 points · 23 days ago

My best friend needed a morning after pill a few weeks ago and while she did get her medication, the (male) pharmacist shouted at and shamed her in front of the other customers. Something about already having sold a few that day and how it isn't candy and that young people have no morals anymore. This was in Germany, an otherwise rather secular country.

Another thing that upsets me a lot is that men can get a vasectomy anytime they want but women can't get their tubes tied unless they're over 30 AND have at least 2 kids - even if they want to pay for it themselves. "You'll change your mind eventually." Disgusting.

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This is such a powerful TEDtalk about the challenge of getting your tubes tied that I saw a couple of days ago, I'm sure you'll appreciate it:

"she was born very suddenly in the middle of the night before any of us could get there" seriously Seth Meyers wife gave birth in their apartment lobby lol she couldn't even get to the Uber it happened so fast. It does happen sometimes.

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weirdly I was thinking about Meyers and his wife the entire birth.

10 points · 1 month ago · edited 1 month ago

I guess I'm not sure what she would turn him in for, exactly? Reading letters she should not have been reading? Being a "cold" husband? Does Gilead give a shit if husbands love their wives? He did his duty--he consummated the marriage. Sadly, I don't think a 14 year old married off girl in Gilead has much power, and I don't think she has a leg to stand on now. She just cheated on him. I mean, if Fred can beat Serena's ass without fear of consequences, I think Nick can be cold to Eden. Whatever Eden says, couldn't Nick defend himself that she's a lying, hysterical woman? And how is it a "woman's place" to go above her husband? Why would any authority figure in Gilead take her word over her husband's?

If she does successfully get him in trouble then I would cry shitty, uneven writing. Maybe if she told her Guardian boyfriend some shit...but that also seems suspect. Why would a Guardian be having secret conversations with a young, married woman, and why would they be taking her seriously? I haven't seen any woman succcessfully get any man in trouble in Gilead...why would Eden be different? June tried to rat out Fred to Aunt Lydia and that didn't seem to go anywhere.

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Nick could rat on them for cheating and have them both sent to the colonies.

I think it is very possible that Nick was captured by a rebel faction of guys who might be working as Gilead security, but who also operate a resistance movement of some kind. Here are a few reasons: (1) They didn't "arrest" him or even mention that he was under arrest. (2)The way one of the guys was looking around while Nick was being loaded into one of the cars, as if concerned that there might be somebody watching. (3) one of the guys says to the other, "Follow me." If they were security, wouldn't they know where to go/what to do? Plus...would Waterford set up Nick like that, only to have his have handmaid be left alone, in the state she's in?

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hmm I mean she did mention to Waterford that it wasn't his child (not sure if he knew that before) and he doesn't seem to care for the baby too much any way. Maybe this is his way of getting rid of her and punishing Nick at the same time. And isn't Nick an eye and a rebel? Why would his people (rebels) capture him?

69 points · 1 month ago

Well, shit. Makes perfect sense.

On a side note, it is starting to alarmed me how much Nazi documentaries appear on the "Trending" section my Netflix subs. What's going on in this country?

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Hm I wouldn't be alarmed just yet, in Germany we have a few history channels that just play hitler/nazi documentaries all day long and it is more a deterrent from Nazism than propaganda. But they are also carefully curated here, with a lot of what was propaganda only legal to show in an educative context. I remember we once went to some museum with my history course and watched an actual propaganda film with a two hour lecture on the harm of propaganda and the insidious techniques before and after.

2 points · 1 month ago · edited 1 month ago

it is more a deterrent from Nazism than propaganda.

I truly question this. It is like an anti-porn group makes a documentary showing 99% porn then at the end show a voice over and a banner saying "Remember folks, porn is bad."

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Well no, it's lots of dead people, war, more dead people, hungry people an and entirely destroyed country, occupied. Not really like porn.

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72 points · 1 month ago

Jonathan, I love you but that haircut made him look like tintin

Comment deleted1 month ago

how many people in Lucifer's demographic won't have Netflix?

But think of how many people they will be gaining now since netflix is international. I am in germany and I only found out about Lucifer because they had the first two seasons on Amazon and I very randomly found it. So many people here haven't even ever heard of it yet. However, I much prefer to get a show at the same time it's airing in the US and I gladly pay for that option.

20 points · 1 month ago

I think that’s mean and I don’t like that thought because it’ll probably damage the kitten’s eardrums and traumatize the kitten but I don’t want to downvote people being honest just because I disagree so I’m not gonna do anything and I’m just glad that no kitten was hurt

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Here's a little gift for you, use as you please:

. . . . , , , - ;

Comment deleted1 month ago

In my country we have laws that (rather regretfully) mark pitbulls and a few other dogs as dangerous and therefore regulate owners to get a license, leash them and keep them muzzled in urban areas. I don't really agree with the law but when I see unmuzzled, free roaming pitbulls I get super tense because I already know the owner doesn't give a crap about at least one law. In addition my dog is small and dog-reactive so I am straight up terrified if I see a lose pitbull approaching us.

As someone how has swum with dogs: "Ouch"

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28 points · 1 month ago

Our german shepherd we had in my childhood loooved swimming with us. Nothing like being pushed under water by an overexcited 40 kg doggy.

Right? Those mock meats are plant based. “Eat vegetables”? WE ARE. He’s clearly not super sympathetic to plant based diets, his reaction to the soy milk in the fridge last season. It’s mild and I don’t actually mind it but I do notice it.

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39 points · 1 month ago

That stood out to me too. I am not even vegetarian, I just try to avoid meat when possible and very rarely have actual meaty-meals. I very often buy the mock meats. Like right now I have a pack of mock minced beef and mock chicken in the fridge so I can make delicious vegan meals that feel like meat and are high in protein but don't hurt any animals. Don't see where the problem is.

164 points · 1 month ago

I cried so hard at the proposal, I had to blow my nose afterwards.

So happy to see that not only was it saved...its NOT on network TV where it will require 10 million (or some similarly ridiculous) number of weekly viewers just to stay alive. Netflix has so many shows serving so many different niche audiences, that its okay if this one stays sorta Niche, too.

So glad to hear this.

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It also means that people all over the world can enjoy it at the same time!

Put parental controls on Fox News. Don't give him the password. That would be hilarious.

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I always felt that parental control sounded more like it was to control the parents than to control kids.

This show always makes me feel all kinds of ways and this episode is no different. Tammye is such a sweet soul and I was so happy for her!

I was not expecting to spend my day crying but that is what I’ll be doing!

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I'm having a really good cry-in-bed day today. First I watch the recent episode of the handmaids tale which made me ugly cry and now I am spending the rest of the day weeping to the loveliness of QE!

Mama Tammye is a literal Saint. First episode and I've already ugly cried.

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71 points · 1 month ago

Seriously. She is the kind of person that used to be pronounced a saint. How lovely would that be? Saint Mama Tammye

I'm... I'm worried he's going to hurt her and she's going to get blamed for it.

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I feel like Nick would try and watch out for her.

Original Poster60 points · 1 month ago

Yes, I can give insight and perspective. I’m booked because I’m able to set aside my personal emotions and actually get to the nuts and bolts of the issues, and being from the south I criticize with a certain southern charm that I hope transcends the fact that I’m speaking out against the current administration and trying to get the viewers to think analytically and not just tune me out because it says “Former Obama Campaign Director” under my name or whatever. Usually it’s “I don’t agree with you, but I respect you for doing what you do.” The only topics that have been overly personal to me have been the ones say about the transgender ban in the military (as a vet myself), the proposed “religious freedom” (to discriminate) laws, etc. Those are a little harder to disassociate myself from and not speak from an emotional place. I try to just be authentic, but collected.

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Would you mind doing an AMA? Would be awesome!

Original Poster2 points · 1 month ago

I’ll be happy to, I underestimated the interest, but since enough people seem to be interested I’ll definitely get on the schedule. Thanks!

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Awesome! Thank you.

!RemindMe 10 hours

I was just venting my frustrations to my husband and how it feels like we (the sensible citizens of the US) are being held hostage by a fucking moron, a rapacious and yet inept congress, and the radical disciples of a demagogue. Oh, and Russia.

Dear World,

Please send help.

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10 points · 1 month ago

We don't know what to do :(

There isn't really any way to take influence on the inner US politics and our leaders are barely scrambling to keep Trump from breaking off all ally-relations. He just started a trade war with us, so there is that.

Honestly, we are also scared.

There isn't really any way to take influence on the inner US politics

Targeting tariffs toward Trump supporting states and industries is a small example of what other countries can do, but in general it's a bad idea to have Trump around. EU and Canada are getting the idea, but it's hard to swat Trump away when he's actively trying to dismantle international relations and (conveniently) doing things that help Russia's position. Best to just put international relations with the US on freeze until Trump is out.

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I mean, in a way this what Merkel said, when she came back from her very first meeting with Trump. Not "lets put it all on freeze" but "Just so you all know, the US are currently not an ally we can rely on."

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-10 points · 1 month ago

I had sex yesterday, but that won't resolve your envy or lack of masculinity. Critical thinking skills can though.

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Very sorry for your sexual partner.

This is witch hunt and even if all this is true, it's massively lacking compassion and empathy. But: You don't know what happened, you are all just speculating and you feel entitled to do so, because of the illusion that, somehow, you are more affected by his death then his immediate friends and family.

If she left him, do you think it is fair to blame his suicide on her? Seriously? Have all of you never left a relationship? Shall we all always live in fear that someone will kill themselves if we do?

And finally: I bet if this is all true that she will beat herself up more than you guys can even imagine. It's not even fair. Mentally healthy people don't commit suicide over the end of a relationship.

I say all of this as a longterm fan of Bourdain and someone who tried to commit suicide over a relationship fight.

Redbull tastes wierd i dont get the hype around it

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It's a truly nasty drink with a nasty anxiety inducing high and also there is this whole ordeal with the company pushing people into extreme stunts and many of them dying as a consequence.

Yikes, the company makes it look like some sort of miracle drink with the way they advertise it. Even r/holdmyredbull is just r/beamazed but with a redbull hype

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I mean, if you call being slightly more awake with a racing heart a miracle...

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