Harald Töpfer by Bumpel in de

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"Hoibriesen" = Halbriese = half-giant Verhärmung = Hagrid for some reason.

"I let him talk to feel empowered" by Mads563 in iamverysmart

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at least she stoped before becoming too smart.

He keeps trying to demonstrate his stunning super power. by giulynia in iamverysmart

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I love this idea of "proven track record". Like it has been measured that he is exceptionally good at saying "brutally honest" (that's what all of this is referring to) shit to people extremely fast. Stunning.

My team-leader at work is ostracizing me out of the team by [deleted] in offmychest

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Thank you so much for this very elaborate answer.

The only good reason to stay quiet is because you already know your bosses are assholes who don't really care about a healthy company culture.

This is it. There are people leaving every day and new people coming in constantly, nobody is there longer than 1,5 years, because it has a terrible work-culture and the lack of HR is overly evident.

Actually this picked me up a lot. I knew it was only a little more to go, just a few more shitty days before I wave bye-bye, but I really needed to hear it again. Thanks!

I'm dead by frogbutts in AnimalTextGifs

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It gave me my first legit smile today.

Death sucks by Nuttercupz123 in offmychest

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As someone who has had 3 deaths in the immediate vicinity since the beginning of the year, I can totally sign off on this.

You're right. It simply sucks. That's about everything that can be said about it. People die all the time and it sounds insanely euphemistic, but bottom line is, it's just a huge bummer.

He has definitely done this before by namraka in interestingasfuck

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don’t just treat them like dogs or worse

Do you mean that like a phrase or something? Because most dog owners nowadays actually treat their dogs like royalty. I know mine is currently napping under the blanket on my leg and eats half my food.

As Johnny Depp got older / more successful, his GF's got younger [OC] by Smart_Ass_Pawn in dataisbeautiful

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I see your point. Since they weren't married, which term would you suggest?

Trump Tower fire victim was called 'crazy Jew' by President, friend says by Nutjob18 in politics

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Hey me too, only that my "near"-death situation was already in summer during the election, but it still makes total sense.

As Johnny Depp got older / more successful, his GF's got younger [OC] by Smart_Ass_Pawn in dataisbeautiful

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To be completely fair, Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis dated where in a relationship for 14 years and have two children.

I guess this qualifies? by annastiina73 in likeus

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which is exactly how I take care of my fingernails.

Van drives into pedestrians in Germany by [deleted] in worldnews

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You guys just have to make everything about yourself, don't you?

[Megathread] Münster - Fahrzeug fährt in Menschengruppe by SLNC in de

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Finde ich gar nicht so absurd, ist mir aber auch aufgefallen. Ich denke das ist vor allem, weil es in der Schulzeit vieler älteren Erwachsenen noch gar keine "neuen" Medien gab, dementsprechend nicht so vehement Quellenkompetenz gelehrt wurde. In meiner Schulzeit wurde schon sehr darauf geachtet, zugegeben vor allem in Bezug auf Recherche, aber es hat schon einen Grundstein gelegt immer sofort zu denken "OK, wo ist hier die Quelle?" wenn man etwas im Internet liest.

[Megathread] Münster - Fahrzeug fährt in Menschengruppe by SLNC in de

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UPDATE: Nehmen aus Zeitgründen nur schon registrierte Spender.

[Megathread] Münster - Fahrzeug fährt in Menschengruppe by SLNC in de

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eben gelesen: "Sagt doch erstmal welche Rasse der Täter ist", wollte heute eigentlich noch was essen, aber jetzt erstmal kotzen.

[Megathread] Münster - Fahrzeug fährt in Menschengruppe by SLNC in de

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Bin gerade extra hierher ausgewichen weil twitter gerade einfach nur ranzig ist.

Always secure your furniture with kids in the house by speedycat2014 in KidsAreFuckingStupid

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parents of small children today were born in the 80's and 90's

MRW a facebook-friend of mine fake-outs himself as gay for a april-fools and makes fun of closeted people being afraid of repercussions by giulynia in TrollXChromosomes

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Nono, he immediately started making fun of everyone, granted most his friends played "with". Nobody made a negative comment, some took the "fun" to other levels, but no, there was no time passing or anything. In fact, someone wrote "oh wow, this is a surprise, haha" and he immediately went all "TRIGGERED, deleted you you intolerant asshole" ...just ugh 😒

Edit: Also the making fun of closeted people being worried already started in the end of the main post like "I know its insane because 2018 and there is absolutely nothing to be worried about and literally no one cares but I am really really scared of your reaction so I hope you will all be nice to me ok please im fragile"