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This was my first experience on Reddit. I thought it was fun. I hope you did, too. I need to run, so I guess I should wrap things up. That said, feel free to write anytime. I try to return all letters. I can be reached at

Hello Reddit. My name is Greg Kincaid,, and I am the author of A Dog Named Christmas, Christmas with Tucker, A Christmas Home and Tantric Coconuts. Tantric Coconuts was released in July. I find writing inspiring and I'm looking forward to taking your questions. So, AMA!


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Mr. Kincaid,

It's a dream of mine to write a novel, I know the direction, setting, and the main characters, however I haven't written anything down.

What advice would you give an aspiring author, on how to get started writing a novel?

What is the best method you have found to get your thoughts organized?

Thanks so much in advance!

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I think the best metaphor for writing is painting. Get the paint on the canvas and don't worry too much if everyone else in the world thinks your art stinks. Many will. Most, however, have never even tried to hold a brush, so you can't worry to much that they don't think your work compares with Rembrandt. At least you tried!

Even more than ignoring the criticism of others, we must learn to disengage the critical part of our personality (the super ego). It is great big pain in the backside for us if we let it rule the roost. It will always find fault in everything you do. The creative right side of your brain has to take control of the writing process. That's where your joy and enthusiasm will shine through. You have to start somewhere. In the beginning, try to keep it fun and meaningful. Good luck!

Tantric Coconuts is SUCH a great title - where did it come from?

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Thank you! I love the title, too. It's a bit silly and I suppose there a number of motivations for it. It drives the literally minded folks nuts. They want to know EXACTLY what I meant by that. Others (I'm guessing you and me) realize it's not an effort so much to mean something as to hint at something. That what's fun about spiritual work, nobody knows much of anything really. Do we? I like the saying that doctrine is the finger that points at the moon. It's not the moon! The title points; it doesn't tell. That said, I actually try to explain the title in the book. Thanks for checking in with me!

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