TIL all US states allow children to marry with parental consent; from 2000-15 more than 200,000 got married legally, some as young as 10. by goatsgreetings in todayilearned

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And while 18 is also the legal age of marriage in most states, the laws in all 50 states allow minors to marry with parental consent. In some states, a judge must also approve the union.

Between 2000 and 2015, these laws made it possible for more than 200,000 minors to marry legally, according toa FRONTLINE analysis of marriage records from 41 states and the largest counties in Arizona, Nevada and New Mexico. Data was unavailable for California, Georgia, Maine, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania and the District of Columbia.

Almost 90 percent of minors who married were girls. Most of them were 16 or 17 years old. In rare instances, however, children as young as 10, 11 and 12 years old were granted marriage licenses in Alaska, Louisiana, South Carolina and Tennessee.

[TOMT] [Music video] Indie/pop song, video has couple in bunny suits chased by hunter(s) by dondeestalalechuga in tipofmytongue

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Could this be the Moldy Peaches? They were an early noughties male/female duo who regularly dressed up in rabbit costumes in their performances, photo shoots etc. I can't find a video though, might not be online. Does their music fit with what you remember?

What are examples of spiritual successors that actually improved/built on the formula (and ones that failed) by BastillianFig in truegaming

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Fumito Ueda's Ico, Shadow of the Colossus and the Last Guardian come to mind as strong examples of building on success.

They progressively build on themes of exploring strange, sparse, isolated places with another character, while developing an incremental understanding of what brought the central character there. Each game develops in size and complexity of systems but they all share a similar sense of place and atmosphere that I haven't experienced in any other works.

It would if great if games could follow movies in terms of having more directors/auteurs known for their distinctive styles.

TIL owing to the severity of death threats from local Mafia, the public prosecutor for Sicily has 42 bodyguards. by goatsgreetings in todayilearned

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Sicily is Mafia country, and no one is more aware of this than Nino Di Matteo. The 56-year-old public prosecutor is Italy's most endangered man. Because the Cosa Nostra wants to see him dead, Di Matteo has had around-the-clock protection for the last 23 years, with 42 officers working in shifts to provide his security in Palermo. With submachine guns over their shoulders, they follow Di Matteo wherever he goes.

It's an excellent article and for anyone interested in the wider context, well worth reading in full.

TIL the music of Estonian minimalist Arvo Pärt brings the most comfort to dying people, according to a 2017 study. by goatsgreetings in todayilearned

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The Scottish Ensemble has been doing its own investigations [into death bed music]... its string players asked [hospice] patients what music helped them feel the most mindful, the most calm and present in the moment.

They tested works by Philip Glass, La Monte Young, and Bach’s Goldberg Variations. The Glass (part of his String Quartet No 2) was generally popular but soon wore thin.

The most popular choice, though, was the light-filled music of Estonian Arvo Pärt, which chimes with extensive anecdotal evidence from across the world.

It seems like we use “etc” whenever we’ve run out of things to list... which defeats the point. by layla__ in Showerthoughts

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I've noticed that when people finish a sentence with "the list is endless", it means they have run out of things to list.

TIL the 1980s was a turning point for the general outcome of war. Since pre-history to the Iran-Iraq war they have built nations and improved political order, but modern wars tend to cause internal decay. by goatsgreetings in todayilearned

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Across this long history from the Stone Age to the modern era, the basic political formula remained the same. Disparate elements of a society learned to cooperate outside familial structures in order to arm themselves for plunder, defence – or both. They formed hierarchies, bureaucracies and institutions that endured and evolved. For emerging nations, the aftermath of the wars imparted important shared experiences too. Defeat could be even more unifying than victory.

Since the Iran-Iraq War (1980-88), wars have tended to be mainly destructive forces for nations. Countries amid the throes of war now seem to be breaking down rather than rising up. In countries today ranging from Libya to Myanmar, conflict is undermining governments, and threatening to undo nations much as strife tore apart the former Yugoslavia in the 1990s.

[TOMT][video game] Indie horror game from 2012-2013 set in winter by AlaskanBullWorms in tipofmytongue

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Could it be Scratches? It has most of what you mention, but is from 2006 and there's no snow.