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gofor3 commented on a post in r/flying
douger1957 0 points

You would be incorrect. But thanks for playing.

gofor3 1 point

Yes, we can all see how much you totally don’t care about the credit she’s getting for being a woman who “squats to pee.” I look forward to further responses detailing how little you subscribe to identity politics.

douger1957 0 points

It'd be nice if we could get past that and judge a person based on their accomplishments. That's probably a concept way beyond your level of thinking.

gofor3 1 point

Funny how the moment someone else starts getting credit for overcoming generations of systemic hurdles meant to protect the predominant status of white males, the fragile among the white males suddenly want to “get past it” and “just talk about accomplishments.” The ultimate ex post viewpoint.

Oh wait it’s actually not funny. It’s just sad and predictable.

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gofor3 commented on a post in r/army
grimmcrisis 3 points

Battle of mine also left teaching for the army.

gofor3 152 points

Ima need you to stop referring to people as “battle”

MrPink10 35 points

It would be hoove of you to track that the correct term is "warrior companion" tracking? Hooah.

gofor3 32 points

*be hooah of

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gofor3 commented on a post in r/MBA
gofor3 7 points

What kind of “startup” is offering $200k cash comp plus equity stakes?

Bbayey 1 point

All in = including signing bonus / annual bonus I'd assume. . . already was making $140k in prior role and all friends are in stages of recruiting for B-School. . . so I'd guess ~4y out of school.

Doesn't seem too too crazy if it's a "very well funded" startup.... like an unicorn or the like.

gofor3 3 points

The math still doesn’t make sense. $200k comp plus equity for a non-MBA in a “general management” role and yet he now wants an MBA? This story doesn’t track.

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gofor3 commented on a post in r/CFB
burningwater202 8 points

All the Twitter replies from Ohio state fans acting like they're not even remotely afraid that a repeat of 2016 will happen lol

gofor3 -8 points

What, that you’ll win a fluke blocked kick with a perfect bounce and a ridiculous PI no-call?

Definitely bet on that outcome.

xDaeshaunx 4 points

Just like in 2014 when you won on a phantom interception call and kicked a field goal 3 seconds after the play clock expired?

gofor3 -7 points

Mmm I love your tears.

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gofor3 commented on a post in r/army
gofor3 2 points

If you ruin your life and career over some 20-year-old pussy we will hunt you down and slap you stupid. You’re lucky. You found out she was trash before she could take half your money and maybe your kids. Grab some sack and jettison that walking dumpster. Your life is going to be great.

She doesn’t love you. Find someone who does.

gofor3 commented on a post in r/pics
BuCakee 24 points

You could see the smoke from Mercer County in Central NJ (near Trenton)

I remember it clear as day, there was not a single cloud in the sky that day and it was the only mar on an otherwise perfect fall sky. Me and my girlfriend drove up to see if we could volunteer but you couldn't get into the city, they shut down both tunnels and the GWB and we didn't realize what that grey streak was in the sky until we got to Newark Airport.

Was a shitty day

gofor3 11 points

You didn’t realize the smoke was smoke but you were driving to volunteer at ground zero?

Paraleia 2 points

Damn dude I just randomly spotted you and recognized you from r/mba

gofor3 3 points

I get around

gofor3 commented on a post in r/MilitaryPorn
Wyodiver 1 point

Looks like a "Little Bird" that used to travel on the C-130's I worked on.

gofor3 1 point

That’s an OH-58D

Wyodiver 1 point

I said it looked like, not is.

gofor3 1 point

Well you’re wrong about that as well.

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gofor3 commented on a post in r/army
BecauseImNightwing 13 points

On the same note, I have a hard time playing Halo now because everyone calls Chief and SgtMaj Johnson "sir".

"Yes sir, Sergeant!"

No. Stop that.

gofor3 19 points

I have a hard time playing halo because it’s 2018

Nebor 17 points

Thesaurus/Hershey/Himmler are my preferred pronouns.

gofor3 8 points

I should’ve never assumed your gender

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gofor3 commented on a post in r/Helicopters
ElevatedAltitude 1 point

Haha I hear ya. Moped line killed me 😂

gofor3 1 point

Never had “all the power.” MGW is MGW whether you’re in a Robbie or a Chinook. Power management is a lifelong skill set.

Glock18C 2 points

Especially when you fuck it up

gofor3 1 point

Good one, kid.

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