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Original Poster-21 points · 15 hours ago

This is a meme, guys. Don't be too salty.

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24 points · 15 hours ago

Your meme is shit.

Get on a flight longer than 6 hours. I've never wanted to jump out of a plane more than being stuck on a military flight back from Japan.

2 stops and 15 hours of screaming toddlers and kids in a cramped tube.

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-5 points · 2 days ago

Here’s a tip: don’t fly Space A you cheap fuck. There are ways to fly more comfortably, but they’re gonna cost you money.

Lol that flight was space A but also on PCS orders. Everyone who turned in their data sheets early and the correct way to IPAC ended up om that flight. Everyone who waited til the last minute flew commercial.

One final Fuck you leaving Oki

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2 points · 2 days ago

The green weenie always wins

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2 points · 4 days ago

That guy wears Transitions. He deserves it.

Unlikely, OP said peers care only about Finance and banking, with no one caring about Tech. Definitely not Sloan.

Also OP uses T10 term instead of M7.

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1 point · 4 days ago

FYI, Sloan Fellows is a program with slots at Sloan, GSB, and LBS.

Comment deleted4 days ago
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The Sloan component actually tends to be a very finance and ops heavy crowd.

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Knew a Private that was going through the crew chief course. When you go through the crew chief course they are also training new pilots in the unit.

From my understanding the pilot hit the basket with the blades and caused them to do a sort of controlled crash. He said he looked over and saw the crew chief instructor laying on his stomach and holding the floor rings with his hands on the way down so he copied him. They ended up hitting the ground and the blades contacted the middle of the 47.

Damn that would be a scary descent.

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3 points · 4 days ago

I remember that one.

9 points · 5 days ago

Reminds me of a life flight landing my friend (the son of an EMT) described. The only flat level ground to put down was partially under some telephone/electric wires. So the pilot brought the helicopter down next to the wires, then slid very slowly over to set it down under the wires.

Unfortunately, my friend wasn't there to see the takeoff. Would have been interesting.

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2 points · 4 days ago

It’s actually not that interesting. Low hover, transition clear of the obstacles, conduct an altitude over airspeed takeoff. Basically the entire process in reverse.

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Once you meet a threshold, most top schools couldn't care less about the GMAT. 730 to 750 is very few percentage points.

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-1 points · 6 days ago

Oh tell us more please.

I've actually personally spoken to a chair professor at HBS about this (childhood connection) and he claimed its more of a check box. So to say, a little above 700 they really care more about what your story is and what you've done as a leader. Since they could fill their class with 3.8 750 bankers the numbers don't mean anything to them.

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1 point · 6 days ago

So you’re going with “the numbers don’t mean anything to them”? Professors have little contact with the adcom, and most will freely admit that.

If they didn’t care about the numbers, they wouldn’t be leading the upward march in median GMAT.

We know what this guy’s leadership profile and WE will look like, which is why the advice that 730 is “more than enough” is silly with three years of runway left.

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44 police officers were shot and killed 2017. Police shot more 1000 people to death, 36 of them unarmed black males.

Cops aren’t the ones who need a flag, and the people who fly this don’t do it for cops’ sake.

2 points · 6 days ago

Fuck that flag.

Original Poster1 point · 9 days ago

Hey Fellow Vet,

Thanks for the lengthy response. I appreciate you emphasizing the significance of the accelerated promotions. Sometimes I forget that non-vets don't know how promotions are structured in the military.

As for age, I'll be 31/32 at time of matriculation; so yes I'll be on the older side of most applicants. I'm glad you're throwing East coast schools out, because that's my ideal location. I've heard good things about Wharton as well, but all of the schools you listed would be a dream to attend. I'll start digging further into Wharton based on your advice.

My post didn't get a lot of traction, but I appreciate your help and your service.

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1 point · 8 days ago

HBS is probably a non-starter. There’s one prior enlisted guy now. He was also SF, a Harvard undergrad, and a jointee at the law school. The only other enlisted folks were some Europeans with mandatory 2-yr conscription time.

Columbia could be a good landing spot. Wharton will be a big lift with a weak undergrad.

I think the biggest issue is going to be your career path. Adcoms are going to see that you don’t need a top MBA—or any MBA—to advance on buy side.

If that’s really where you want to stay, an EMBA might be a better fit.

Original Poster1 point · 7 days ago

Interesting thoughts. I can see how an MBA wouldn't be seen as necessary, but at the PM level the prestige is important for attracting capital. In my opinion, prestige is the biggest missing piece of my personal/professional record despite evidence of being a hard worker and strong analytical skills.

I never really thought about an EMBA, but that may actually be a good way for me to check the box without all the hassle of leaving work for 2 years.

Thanks for the input.

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1 point · 7 days ago

If the prestige is what you need, a Wharton MBA and a Wharton EMBA get you to the same place, since no client is likely ever going to ask you how you got your MBA.

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What is it with cigarettes/cigars/whisky/black coffee being badass. Those just make everything stink.

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Original Poster10 points · 7 days ago

It’s apparently what all old men love because old men are secretly hard as nails and ready to kill whenever they need to, despite the fact that they mostly just cruise around locker rooms naked and complain about their shins hurting.

gofor3 commented on
3 points · 8 days ago

“Top” is for turds.

I am a diabetic and this is scary and horrible, and since I lost my insurance I have had similar fears. But if any other diabetics are reading this, I want you to know about this. I’m not sure if I just got lucky by having a great doctor or if this is standard practice.

If you’re in a tough spot, CALL YOUR DOCTOR.

Until I got things sorted out, my doctor was regularly providing me with free samples of insulin and also set me up with a social worker to help me navigate the world of insurance. All free, didn’t have to make an appointment. I just called and said hey, I lost my insurance, I don’t know what to do, and they said come on down, gave me insulin, set up a meeting with the social worker.

It’s worth a shot. I’m still afraid but I’m less afraid knowing that my doctor will at least try to back me up.

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3 points · 8 days ago

Yes. There is zero reason a person should die from DKA. Any ER would’ve saved his life. Our medical system is broken without a doubt but there is absolutely no fucking reason this guy should’ve died, even in our shit system.

-6 points · 9 days ago

Not that I want to defend Trump supporters, but there are thousands of people who are unemployed or under-employed with no idea where to turn, and Trump offered them a way out. We all know that none of what he promised was true, but can you really blame them for being desperate?

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Original Poster24 points · 9 days ago

Cool story. Millions voted for him.

1 point · 9 days ago

Yay! 50% better performance since last macbook, and more power savings. HUGE upgrade from the last models. It’s not like those were 2 years old hardware.. oh wait..

This refresh for macs should’ve been WAY sooner, or the price of current MacBooks should’ve dropped. Asking full price for current MacBooks that rock 2 year old processors is super dick move.

At least they’re refreshing it finally, hope for some good news..

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2 points · 9 days ago

They refreshed today. On sale now.

Sorry, it took quite a few words to straighten out your convoluted logic.

Also, I said that because you resorted to name calling and assumption making instead of making an actual argument or citing sources.

Something you still haven’t done by the way.

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1 point · 9 days ago

Too busy laughing at you comparing a GTX 680 to a RP560 and your inability to understand processing capacity.

Clown status confirmed.

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Still for sale?

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Original Poster1 point · 11 days ago

Hi, thanks for that. I’m curious - what makes you say that the story is not coherent?

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0 points · 11 days ago

As an interviewer, if you said you are a generalist who excels at applying this knowledge and specialized skill broadly, I’d want to know what you’re basing that on. And if your knowledge and skill are the secret sauce, why do you need a HBS or GSB MBA to do that?

3 points · 11 days ago

Almost every top school is going to balk at your age, and I don't think the story is all that coherent.

It really is too big for you though.

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5 points · 14 days ago


Original Poster0 points · 15 days ago

So basically you are trying to say I'm a fraud ....

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3 points · 14 days ago

I mean you probably are, but he didn’t say that.

Comment deleted15 days ago
3 points · 15 days ago

That’s...not a saying

7 points · 15 days ago

The osprey is partly a response to the devastating failure of operation eagle claw. In it's role with the air force as a special operations platform, it has proven itself many times over. The V-22's in this picture are the SOF varient. The osprey's ability to cover long distances quickly lets us pull off modern missions like operation eagle claw in a single night with no tanker support and a 4 ship of CV-22's. Contrast this with the 4 C-130's, 8 H-53's, multiple C-141's, AC-130, FARP infrastructure and security team, and two days of operations that were planned for operation eagle claw.

For the marines it cuts way down on the need for FARP's and Air refueling. This is important when you are dealing with great distances over water or unfriendly territory where this added level of support is impractical or impossible. Not to mention the huge increase in speed. People like to quote price per flight hour of the V-22 vs traditional helicopters but never factor in all the added cost that comes with the support helo's need when travelling further than a couple hundred miles (i.e. The tankers cost per hour and the slower cruise speed requiring double the flight hours of a V-22 etc..).

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2 points · 15 days ago

While an interesting story in theory, CV-22s aren’t even remotely part of the go-to force for those operations. It’s a nice story AFSOC tells themselves, but they got written out of that mission set after Desert One. ARSOA owns that capability now, and always will.

We don’t run those missions with a dollar figure in mind. Nobody cares about tanker cost, and CVs are a terrible assault platform with pilots that aren’t capable of the mission set. They’re a supporting asset. The MVs are even lower down the totem pole. TRAP teams are about the limit, and that’s an order of magnitude below Eagle Claw and true HR.

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