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Facebook becoming more and more like Topix & Craigslist from people you knew from high school and the privacy concerns that followed after the Facebook-Cambridge Analytica scandal.

Checking information on Atomic Cartoons, it didn't show anything about if they were involved in Oh Yeah! Cartoons and What A Cartoon Show nor Kevin Gillis having involvement in with these two shows.

But I think the guy to the right might be the green skinned character (though his hair is orange) you are looking for who is from Jelly's Day from Oh Yeah! Cartoons.

This is very well spot on.

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[finds pitfall]

[buries pitfall near villager]

[pushes villager to buried pitfall]

[villager falls in]

One thing that will be obsolete could be social media sites such as Facebook & Twitter as we will be moving on to something else by then.

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We all can hope for this.

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Though it happened a decade prior to living in one the towns I lived in. A girl with cerebral palsy was kicked off the cheerleading squad after some cheerleaders and parents complained that she endangered herself and her teammates and said they also were encumbered by attending her personal needs.

Once involved me and my friends being a private academy that was not like Hogwarts but was like the Prufrock Preparatory School from A Series Of Unfortunate Events.

Someone eating a sandwich after it fell to the ground.

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I made the mistake of seeing Finding Dory during a midday matinee. Theater was packed with children, most of them were well behaved but the girl next to me would start screaming and crying when Dory wasn’t on screen. Every time it would cut away from Dory all I could hear was “WHERE’S DORY?! I CAN’T SEE DORY! WHERE IS DORY?”

Her mother did absolutely nothing to stop her.

Now I only go to midnight showings for “family friendly” films.

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Agreed, with kids like one you described screaming and crying about Dory being not on screen is one of the reasons why I just wait for “family friendly” films to come out on DVD/Blu-ray and digital if I want to see it, or usually just watch it years later on TV or Netflix/Hulu.

Someone bringing their young children to see World War Z, those kids were screaming and crying and the parents thought they were enjoying the movie. I bet they got their comeuppance with the nightmares the kids got after seeing the film.

The X Files and the Drew Carey version of Whose Line Is It Anyway?

Having two wisdom teeth taken out.

Damn good coffee hands down as I don’t smoke or don’t intend to.

A motorcycle wreck that happened near a hospital.

When Capaldi had S8:E1 Deep Breath, there was a movie theater event where you could watch the season opener. Is there anything like that scheduled?

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Checking Fathom and there is nothing scheduled yet next month.

Since Easter I have been rewatching both the Eleventh and Twelfth Doctor in anticipation for series 11. Currently at The Pyramid At The End of The World. Thinking of rewatching both the Ninth and Tenth Doctor before October 7.

Somehow Younger is on the same network as Yellowstone now. That just sounds odd.

P.S. For my money Younger is one of the best shows on TV. I absolutely love it.

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I think this may have to deal with Viacom restructuring their networks to a 'flagship six' which Paramount Network is part of.

And with Younger gone from TV Land, I think that makes Teachers the only original program they have (unless it has been cancelled).

The American game show Wheel Of Fortune has been on TV since 1975 with a NBC daytime version hosted by Chuck Woolery and Susan Stafford. As crazy as this is, there are some people who think it began in 1983 with Pat Sajak and Vanna White.

I don't do New Year's resolutions at all as I tend to break them before Groundhog Day.

Do not lack off and do not be affected by the pandemic that plagues the world that is known as senioritis.

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