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316KO 3 points

Just look at the sub count

greatyellowshark 2 points

A more meaningful indicator would be, how many subs do the sub's subs sub to each sub per day.

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greatyellowshark 2 points

For the Peter Green era, I'd start with Then Play On (1969). For albums with Bob Welch: Future Games (1971) & Bare Trees (1972).

You could start at the beginning and listen to them chronologically, but Mr. Wonderful, their 2nd album, doesn't represent them well in regards to sound or material. So don't get bogged down there if you go that route.

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simonthedlgger 10 points

Not on the Internet. Based on the info available, I predict they will make a formal announcement after Friday's performance or perhaps they are waiting until rehearsals begin this spring to make sure it is for real happening.

side note, are there any active Fleetwood Mac online communities?? This one is dead :(

greatyellowshark 3 points

It's not that dead. It's actually pretty active for a subreddit of its size. What doesn't help is that it was unmoderated for a long time, maybe some people gave up on it.

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