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greatyellowshark commented on a post in r/Aberdeen
greatyellowshark 4 points

Cool name, nice homage to the Captain.

IcfcTapes 2 points

Thanks :) Yellowshark, is that a zappa reference?

greatyellowshark 3 points

Yeah, cross-pollinated with the Great Red Shark from Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, and the yellow Crown Vic I drove at the time. It was one of those complicated but simple light bulbs that go off when you're lucky enough.

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wears himself out in atrocities

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Think of a man whose health can never be restored, and who from sheer despair makes matters worse instead of better. Think, I say, of a man whose brightest hopes have come to nothing, to whom love and friendship are but torture, and whose enthusiasm for the beautiful is fast vanishing; and ask yourself if such a man is not truly unhappy.

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