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you got those backwards i think

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Someone should crosspost this to r/assholedesign. Oh wait.

86 points · 1 day ago

Sure Global Slavery Index

Had to check a bunch of sites this report seems close to capture world wide

*edit - if anyone has a better source on the global slavery population in 1700 I'm open to it.

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According to this index there are more than 1 million slaves in Russia, around 300,000 slaves in Japan, 200,000 in South Korea, 180,000 in Poland, more than 50,000 in the US, 17,500 in the Netherlands.

With such numbers they're certainly going by a different standard than what used to be considered a slave in 1700.

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Who’s paying for the damage?

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The Herald said the unnamed artist paid a farmer to use the field. The farmer himself ― also unnamed ― doesn’t seem to care about the politics of it either way.

“A lot of people have asked me this, but my thoughts on Trump are completely neutral,” he told the Herald. “For me it was a transaction between myself and the artist.”

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Feelsbadman my German friend always comes at me with "lol Brexit."

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You should respond with "lol Seehofer."

That'll switch him from schadenfreude to self-pity real quick.

The deleted submission has been flagged with the flair Out of Date.

This might give you a hint why the mods of /r/worldnews decided to remove the link in question.

It could also be completely unrelated or unhelpful in which case I apologize. I'm still learning.

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Article is from Tuesday 5 July 2016, so two years old.

13 points · 8 days ago

They never confirmed that's why the user was banned. People leak admin chats all the time and don't get banned.

The person who complains to the admins trying to shut down speech might be a person who is harassing people they think are using hate speech, though. Or bugging subreddit mods. You know the type, right?

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or threatening to murder people for refusing to ban speech they don't like:

I’m so confused. Why is the sub named that when it has nothing to do with advertisements. If anything, they seem in favor of ads. Can anyone explain what’s going on in this sub?

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They want to cut off reddit's ad revenue stream by shaming companies that advertise on reddit. It's explained in the sidebar:

If you find an advertisement in close proximity to a racist, homophobic or generally alt-right associated post/image/meme/ anything, screenshot it, submit it here and then blast it on twitter to the advertiser it concerns. The rest of us will help when you submit it here.

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probably even worse

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The lowest temperatures ever recorded on the planet outside Antarctica occurred in the basin of the Yana River to the northeast of Yakutsk, making it the coldest major city in the world. Although winters are extremely cold and long summers are warm (though rather short), with daily maximum temperatures occasionally exceeding +30 °C (86 °F), making the seasonal temperature differences for the region the greatest in the world.

The lowest temperature recorded in Yakutsk was −64.4 °C (−83.9 °F) on 5 February 1891 and the highest temperatures +38.4 °C (101.1 °F) on 17 July 2011

That nature of it being a 'cliffhanger' means that the outcome is still uncertain while being completely measurable. Crucially, imo, there is still time for the outside world that the readers/viewers consider themselves part of to affect definitive change for the better. That's a big draw. These exact people are in this exact danger and we will find out exactly what happens to each of them after "your" efforts.

A flood where a bunch of people already died before the first report comes out and any outside help will go toward a vague effort to find/save some more unknown people in unknown situations, maybe -but also it might not- is not the same kind of human interest story, even if it's the more serious event in real terms.

People equate the amount of coverage something gets with its severity. See Fukushima. That's the error, not the reporting, but it probably isn't one that can be corrected.

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People equate the amount of coverage something gets with its severity.

I would say it differently. People don't care about severity at all. They care about the emotional appeal. This story is the epitome of an emotional appeal story. People in a dire situation they can't get out of on their own, involvement of heroic characters who put their own lives at risk, a chance for a happy ending with some degree of uncertainty, a time constraint, the availability of pictures/videos of them and last but not least the trapped folks are mostly children.

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they also told they rescued the 4 weakest. SO the others probably will do fine. the water is still dropping too. They got around 5 more days till the rain will be too much.

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At the official press conference they said they rescued the healthiest first.

That was originally the plan but after the doctor examined the boys he decided to rescue the weakest first

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Thai official heading the cave rescue operation says the healthiest have been taken out first. Earlier we understood that rescuers had prioritised getting the weakest boys out first.


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22 points · 10 days ago · edited 10 days ago

Almost everything in the "What we know so far" post there is contradicted by the latest reports.

4 boys have been rescued. 9 remain in the cave. Besides, an official has said the healthiest boys were rescued first, not the weakest:

Thai official heading the cave rescue operation says the healthiest have been taken out first. Earlier we understood that rescuers had prioritised getting the weakest boys out first.

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You can send the people running this thread a modmail if you would like something to be changed

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I just did.

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"First time"

What was all that bombing in Syria if not using violence to achieve political aims.

Or does that not count because lots of countries are dropping bombs there.

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Original Poster22 points · 10 days ago

I think the difference is that in Syria the government asked them to intervene whereas in Montenegro they organized an attempt to overthrow the government and assassinate the Prime Minister in a stealth operation.

Original Poster179 points · 10 days ago

From the report:

In the months leading up to the parliamentary elections of October 16, 2016, Russian agents, Serbian extremists, and leaders of the Montenegrin opposition alliance (Democratic Front) prepared to oust the government violently on election night. They planned to instigate political violence with the hope of triggering nationwide protests and toppling the Democratic Party of Socialists (DPS) government led by Milo Djukanovic. According to officials, Serbian nationals initiated the enterprise in early 2016 under the direction of Russian GRU18 and FSB operatives.

The planned takeover was relatively straightforward. Under the command of Dikic, a group of 20 individuals dressed in stolen Montenegrin police uniforms were to occupy parliament on the night of the election. Meanwhile, the Democratic Front would declare victory and call on hundreds of mobilized supporters to storm the building. In response, the group of disguised police would fire on opposition protestors. The DF would then call for nationwide protests, alleging that the violence was an attempt to prevent the “victorious” opposition from seizing the reins of government. The plotters also planned to assassinate Djukanovic. In this manner, opposition leadership envisioned a state of emergency as the springboard to state control

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This one's the most embarrassing one ever, but it's not on frame as there wasn't even a shot:

I think that might have been the worst penalty I’ve seen that I can recall that was actually on frame. Just no power whatsoever so an easy save if goalie guesses right, which he obviously did.

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the worst penalty I’ve seen that I can recall that was actually on frame

That would be this one:

There's at least some chance the case will be dismissed:

The cartoons, originally drawn in 2004 by prominent Turkish caricaturist Erdil Yaşaroğlu, had previously been subject to a lawsuit for the author on the same charges, but the case was dismissed. The weekly humor magazine Penguen had put the drawings on its cover after another prominent caricaturist Musa Kart was convicted on the same charges after depicting a cat with Erdoğan’s head tangled in some yarn. The conviction had later been overturned by the Supreme Court.

7.4k points · 11 days ago

Hell of a call and raise

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Zlatan confirmed the terms of the deal:

It's depressing how many of the comments are incorrectly jumping on what this tweet means. It might have a slightly different meaning in the original Swedish, but Spencer is clearly the "global anarchist" in this quote, and there's another quote in the same article that makes that more clear.

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Spencer is clearly the "global anarchist" in this quote

Definitely not. Neo-nazis would never describe themselves as anarchists and even less so as global anarchists. Besides, the Polish tweet doesn't actually say "the global anarchist", it says "the global anarcho-tyranny".

If you google that term, you find only alt-right content and it's very clear which ethnoreligious group they mean by that term.

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