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Original Poster40 points · 3 months ago

I'm getting the feeling you all hate my suggestion 😔

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I’m the interviewer of this series, and I wholeheartedly agree with this suggestion. I guess we would consider the home tour.... housekeeping? Lol

(Btw, I’m an avid Sam Harris listener)

I admire the idea, but what a horrible video. I'd like to hear them actually discuss the questions, not this ADHD garbage.

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Maybe they only had fifteen minutes of access to the astronauts 😀

spent a lot of time trying to figure out which conde floor this is lol

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Original Poster1 point · 6 months ago

guess which one!

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floor 21! (CNE)

I was at this event too - but the way Sam at the end implored and begged Lawrence to give mindfulness a try sounded kinda... religious? definitely elicited a groan from the a few of us in the audience

Woah... I had the complete opposite reaction. I was astonished that Lawrence wasn't able to grant Sam the possibly that there might be something to what he was saying. Especially since Lawrence has never tried it properly. Tbh, this has completely changed my view of Lawrence. For someone who's constantly spouting off about science i was kind of shocked by how dismissive he was. What Sam said was 100% on point... Paraphrased - "I would never claim to know how physics equations work because i've never did it so why then would you claim to know about the self being an illusion when you've never did the exercises required to notice the truth of it".

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fair point!

'I have only two faults, a big nose and a weak fourth finger.'" - Chopin

i can ascertain i have sent this to Alec baldwin's publicist, and she truly thinks it's amazing.

I'm 2 minutes in, and I have to say, I fucking LOVE whoever edited this video. (S)he played audio clips three times in a row on repeat and I love when editors take that ockham's razor straight-to-it approach to solving a problem like highlighting very subtle difference in the enunciation of a single syllable without taking up too much of your time. That was a beautiful little moment where I thought damn it's incredible that this sort of janky-ass solution actually works perfectly and feels natural. The whole thing is put together so well and flows...for thirty minutes! Kudos to that gal or guy.

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i edited, and took a very long time. this series has always maintained itself to be an obsessive compulsive endeavor for me in editing. very thoughtful look into what is a very un-thought of process. thank u!

If this really is your work, you should reconsider having the presenter paused on the screen while the clip plays. It looks like it was cribbed from 'Saved by the Bell.' It is terribly distracting and just looks like shit.

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awesome thank u so much!!!!

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Chopin and Liszt were friends.

So were Brahms and Schumann.

Liszt was also friends with Wagner I think.

Tchaikovsky disliked Brahms.

EDIT: apparently Chopin and Mendelssohn were also quite fond of eachother:

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Liszt also banged the ex-wife of Chopin's best friend in Chopin's apartment. Chopin was infuriated. True story.

just show up early at the passport agency next avail day, take a number, and after a full day's wait and extra fees, they'll take care of you. they make sure everyone waiting gets their passports done. I've had to do same-day service a couple times in the past.

Unless they show proof, it means nothing.

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Here's your proof:

This is matt greens blog that he's maintained since 2011. He even shows a visualization of every street completed.

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