Which celebrity would be the least surprising if they turned out to be an alien? by Maxiscoolerthanyou in AskReddit

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John Travolta. Like he's almost human, but it's kind of like when Europeans try too hard to be American, there's something wrong that can't be explained by simple geographical dislocation.

Why is the world so complicated? by Jamaican_snow_owl in AskReddit

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I was thinking more about the game go. If you make a few empowering rules then suddenly the combinations and complexity are staggaring.

How can we change the world for good? What can we citizens do? by _maxi in AskReddit

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Attempt to understand others--especially when the issues they face are not obvious--and then show some respect.

What is a TV show from your childhood you’d recommend to someone? by AndyBobRobb in AskReddit

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All in the Family, becuase I think people don't remember what social issues were relevant in recent history and too often expect radical change at break-neck pace (me included.)

What is the best clothing item you own? by Jamaican_snow_owl in AskReddit

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I don't use anything more often than a good mid-layer--especially this one not-so-puffy hoody. Like 7 mos out of the year I wear that thing.

What exactly is respect and do we all deserve it? And what is it that makes some not worthy of it? by Helene-M-H in AskReddit

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Actually, I only looked up the def after, and was surprised not to see my def there... So, I guess I'm claiming it. I reserve all rights :) /s

What’s something special about you, that you don’t mention to everyone you meet? by Kid_Nitrous in AskReddit

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Given a reasonable amount of time and resources, I can come up with solutions that other people just can't. I don't tell people because it sounds like a big goddamned brag.

What profession would personally give you the most anxiety and why? by SmokesWithSherlock in AskReddit

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Spy. Nothing you do is legal. You are constantly in danger of being found out. And, if you're involved in shady stuff, your life is constantly on the line.