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hahaitwasme 1 point

Now, I have been muted from r/news because I contacted them a second time about the issue! This is unbelievable!

Edit: Now i can't even contact one of these ridiculous mods! I want a goddamned appology from these assholes. Reddit is a site run on user generated content. Fuck this.

hahaitwasme 1 point

And here, it seems a mod labeled an article "Title not from Article" and removed something that had been on the r/news front page all day, when in fact the title was from the article at the time of submission.

hahaitwasme commented on a post in r/AskReddit
networkedquokka -1 points

Of course they have problems, but there is no problem that is made worse by being rich.

hahaitwasme 1 point

I beg to differ.

networkedquokka 1 point

Name a problem that is made worse by being rich.

hahaitwasme 2 points

A terrible custody battle/divorce fueled by wealth that goes on for (literally) 20 years complete with PI's, affidavits coerced from the child, and cross examination.

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hahaitwasme commented on a post in r/worldnews
Mysterymender 20 points

Says the guy that drives a $80k Audi.

hahaitwasme -16 points

A fuckin $80k car? Are you serious? [Do you think that makes him rich?] Do you have any idea what .01% or .001% type wealth looks like? Try a garage full of exotic and classic cars--cars for different moods, peasant.

Edited in []

Mysterymender 5 points

Damn I thought he only owned that red Audi.

hahaitwasme -6 points

Not Bernie. Bernie is poor in comparison to a rich person!

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Grim50845 7 points

Only one? Y'know one is the loneliest number right?

hahaitwasme 6 points

Two can be as bad as one.

snapper1971 2 points

Three is a magic number.

hahaitwasme 2 points

That is as may be, but two is the loneliest number since the number one.

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zmetz 3 points

This is quite an unusual one, I bet no one here has ever heard it. It is called "Hurt" and was by a band called the "Nine Inch Nails", but covered by an underground Country singer called Johnny Cash.

Never hear it mentioned on reddit.

hahaitwasme 1 point

It's called, "Hurt," you say?

VVillyD 3 points

All Along the Watchtower by Jimi Hendrix is far superior to the Dylan original.

hahaitwasme 1 point

Always brings tears to my eyes. Jimi was just something for which there are no words and we lost him far too soon.

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