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Coming back to eso from first release and i had a blast back then and now it just feels great to queue up for a dungeon and BGs and everything feels a lot more refined im pretty happy with what theyve done but I did have to put some money into it to get summerset and membership for dlc .

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Ralph_Squid 3,142 points

So one of my best buddies in elementary school had this weird issue where he would poop his pants. Like all the time. Wellllll beyond the years where it was acceptable. I remember playing baseball in middle school and he slide into second base. When he stood up, he had diarrhea running all down his leg. Super embarrassing. He even had an issue through high school, pooped his pants in gym and it was a real issue amongst the kids as well. Everyone knew about it and it got to the point where it wasnt really funny to make fun of it, you could tell there was a legitimate problem. Well he goes to the doctor his sophomore year of high school, after the gym incident. He was super self conscious about it and knew that he wasnt doing it on purpose. Doctor ran tests and found out he was lactose intolerant. Got the help he needed and immediately became a real person. Huge turn around. Super happy for him

hahrsl 1 point

You mean you judged him as not a real person because he had a different problem and now he's fine no worries

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t0m80w 2,590 points

CBD has been life changing for me. I've had chronic depression and anxiety my whole life (it runs rife through my father's side of the family).

Since starting to take CBD regularly (either Oil or Vape) I've been able to decrease my SSRI dosage from 200mg down to 100mg, and my anxiety levels have dropped by around 80%. I'm aiming to taper off SSRI's completely over the next few months.

Regardless of the quality of that article (which I didn't bother to read btw) CBD really does work for a lot of people.

hahrsl 1 point

Its in your head anyway, you could do anything productive expecting it to help you and it will help you

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BaronSciarri 31 points

I've seen the police murder a dude before...this kind of thing isnt rare in the slightest...police officers lie all the time to get what they want...or to get away with what they's a disgrace and the most shameful thing about our country

hahrsl 3 points

There are good people in the world, the police are not one and its sad how corrupt humans can be , some police save all lives right! Sad to hear bad stories though the bad people are all throughout our history :(

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Mtaylor0812_ 796 points

Thank you very much. I do too. Just a tough time financially right now. I would LOVE to do it again. With a newer GoPro that I can attach an extended battery to so I can track the decent. Better video quality. It all costs money money money. I will,somehow, do it again eventually. I can’t not. - I felt like a child on Christmas when I got my camera back. Can’t even begin to accurately describe that feeling.

You’re too kind. Honestly. Thank you stranger.

EDIT: Here is a photo of the payload the exact moment I got back into the car with it after getting it from the farmer. My fiancée snapped this. That’s the look of pure happiness. Gives you kind of an idea of how the setup was.

hahrsl 2 points

Do you worry about where it comes down and what it hits

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Hawt_Dawg_II 7,876 points

That's how america builds houses. They put weak material inside the walls and doors and then paint them to look like proper materials.

Edit: Nice

Edit²: we've passed Nice by hundreds of upvotes but still Nice

hahrsl 1 point

I build houses as in actual framing and its all good wood, expensive houses.

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the__zohan 2,092 points

I'm sure nobody is going to dump their sexual fustration in the comments... that never happens... P.S. How does one attend a sex club?

hahrsl -1 points

This post is cringe I dont even know why people care about others sex life and why share. Sex addicts taking pride in that? Cringe

PM_Me_Tank_Tops 2 points

What's cringey is how much you cringe at the thought of sex.

hahrsl -1 points

Ur a gay boi you'll prob masturbate to a picture of me in a tank top, hotter than your 100 year old grandparents that think of sex all day every day

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hahrsl 1 point

How can i give love more purpose ? i need it.

citro-naut 2 points

Love more. Love deeply. Let others know they're loved and that they mean something to you.

hahrsl 0 points

They show fake love randomly and dont have time to ever , like ever say hi back . I have to stop giving love to things too.

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Draknir1310 1,110 points

And then you get attached to your friend and realise that while you have that one friend you depend on, they have many and will not have the time for you, that you have for them. Technically you have a friend, yes. As a bonus, you get growing dread, the feeling of being the third wheel and, if your are very lucky, an incoming depression.

Edit: This is getting a tad more attention than I suspected, and with that more controversy than thought.

I do not say that you should not make friends. I just want to point out the dangers of this way of going ahead. It will be beautiful if you actually find that person that will appreciate you as much as you do them.

The problem is the devastation that comes from being invested in someone for whom you are one of many and with whom you maybe are happy about time shared, but are even more pulled down by the feeling of worthlessness whenever that person prefers anyone above you and you know exactly that you have no right for more. Either you learn to live with that, or you leave what you started. But breaking true affection is easier said than done.

People just should know the risks of this and not take it for an instant happiness scheme.

hahrsl 4 points

Thank you

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prgrmr_noob 1,561 points

People need to be real with themselves

This and people need to stop watching so many Instagram and YouTube fitness personalities and thinking that in just a few short weeks, they too can be supermodel gorgeous or Iron-man strong.

Those people don't show 99% of the hard work and self-control it actually takes to get and maintain a body like theirs.

Edit: I'm not making it my resolution but I'll be back in a gym for the first time in 5 years. Free words of encouragement if I see you at a gym in Denver.

hahrsl -3 points

You both sound like you want attention for your hard hard work.

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hahrsl -4 points

Lol babyrage, there have been other posts in the past of people cancelling their sub. Is it for the upvotes for the crying children or is it in hope jagex will say oh wow look someone unsubbed from our dying game time to turn every thing around that we've fucked up.

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