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KBrot 30 points

Morning! Some important numbers...

On December 21, 2016, BTC's dominance over the cryptosphere was at 86.7%. One ether was worth 0.009 BTC. That was one year ago.

In the summer of 2016, BTC dropped to 39% dominance compared to ETH's 32%.

Today just one year later, Bitcore's dominance is at just 45% and one Ether is worth 0.05 Bitcore.

The entire summer was one world-spanning gigantic dead cat bounce for Bitcore's reign. That was the beginning of the end. This is the middle of the end. We flip Bitcore on March 15, 2018 and that will be the end of the end.

Happy Holidays!

haircuts4every1 1 point

Beware the ides of March...

SaucyWildcat 3 points

To be fair, it's subjectively boring to sit and hold square while everyone else is partaking in action. They just need a supremacy type mode for the players that don't want objective based modes.

haircuts4every1 2 points

I agree completely. My reason for posting this was more to point out that it took nearly the entire hacking period for somebody from the clone army to realize I was there and literally touching them.

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haircuts4every1 2 points

It seems for a growing number of bands to be viable for record companies to take a chance on them these days, they need to be able to "prove" some sort of following via social media such as followers on a facebook or twitter page. Obviously this is a relatively new thing to be able to look at when considering an artist, but when your promotional team is looking at a new act is this a factor you take into account at all? Are you ever presented with a questionable act who you may not have worked with otherwise but think "I don't really like these guys but apparently there are X number of people/idiots/12 year old girls out there who already do so it might be worth our while?"

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