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I can tell you a slightly OT story about a bus line in Eindhoven, The Netherlands:

A neighboorhood in Eindhoven is called Acht, which in Dutch literally means the number eight. Now you can guess what bus number goes to Acht... bus 8.

Even funnier, it used to depart from the central station at 8 past the whole and 8 past half the hour. This means it was possible to take bus 8 to 8 at 8 past 8!

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Come on, I made this and posted this some summers ago and then it just reappears... It literally copied my OC tag, lol.

I'll use a watermark next time, this is the incentive.

So a lot of people are stating disadvantages, which is fair enough. However, there are commercial motorcycles which work with a similar system without a chain. Why do those disadvantages not reign in that domain, but do reign in the bicycle domain?

Not really the same. The motorcycle designs use an involute bevel or hypoid gear design. This produces reasonable efficiency and torque transmission without slipping. This piece of junk doesn't accomplish that.

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Interesting! Would a normal bicycle with such gears be a feasible option?

Keep in mind that it was for just one race. If it hadn’t been for Kubica’s accident none of the current drivers would have driven a BMW engine

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False, in that case Kubica would be the only one! ;)

But he isn’t a current driver

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Think about it...

Bloody hell, a 10 km/h gap. Did he put a gold nitro cap in?

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He made the greatest powerslide after the contact with Sainz, so I guess he charged up his nitro massively.

Here is a more elaborate 2 minute video of the situation.

An even more elaborate video would be the entire conference!

Are you from Canada? How did you end up being a supporter of Bottas then?

Let's make this a little AMA for our beloved gif creator! :D

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American/European = astronaut, Russian = cosmonaut, and Chinese = taikonaut. Waiting for India to get their space program booming to see what their astronauts will be called.

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why did this turn into a shitpost halfway through

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Exactly my thoughts! First I was like not bad, but then... boy, that escalated quickly.

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There was a time when there were televised caravan races at Zandvoort, they were fun to watch

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There is one tomorrow at Zandvoort.

Today Max and Dan will be jury, determining the starting grid order by choosing the most beautifully painted caravans!

You can see the camera man zooming out preparing for the car to go past

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All the camera work is done by computers digitally following a car? I would like to see some kind of documentary on that.

I wanted to downgrade this propaganda video, so I went to the always very neutral website called Wikipedia to find the 'Poverty in Bangladesh' page. Then I read:

Poverty in Bangladesh have declined remarkably since the early-2000s, as result decades of accelerated economic growth. The remarkable progress in poverty alleviation has been recognized by international institutions.[1] According to the World Bank, Bangladesh's poverty rate fell from 82% in 1972, to 18.5% in 2010, to 12.9% in 2016, as measured by the percentage of people living on the equivalent of US$1.90 or less per day in 2011 purchasing power parity terms.

Not bad actually. I'm positively surprised!

It's 9 for 9 engines though

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But it are 10 engines! :+

What would be a reason for such an abort?

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A random sensor giving an unexpected value which probably turns out to be a sensor error instead of a real error!

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I don’t know if this idea is going to work out, but since SpaceX isn’t going to name the boosters, why don’t we? Each one is planned to be reused 100 times total, so they deserve names like “Discovery”, “Atlantis”, “Endeavor”, “Enterprise”, etc. None of the STS Orbiters even flew 40 times.

What do you think B1046.1 should be called?

EDIT: I put u/FutureMartian97’s ideas in separate comments so they could be voted on individually.

EDIT: Whichever comment is the top comment by liftoff (and is appropriate) will be the Official-Unofficial-u/yottalogical​-Approved-Hopefully-This-Will-Become-A-Real-Thing-Ahem-u/ElongatedMuskrat​-Did-You-Hear-That?-Thanks! name for the SpaceX B1046.1 Falcon 9 booster.

EDIT: ‪The Official-Unofficial-u/yottalogical​-Approved-Hopefully-This-Will-Become-A-Real-Thing! name for the SpaceX B1046.1 Falcon9 booster as chosen by Reddit is “Small Step”. This is in hopes that the first BFR will be will unofficially be called “Giant Leap”.‬

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The only official way to distinguish the cores is their number, 46 in this case. How about we think of names related to these numbers? For example a two-worded name, in this case the first word starting with a 'D' and the second with an 'F', which are the 4th en 6th letter of the alphabet.

Is anyone feeling this or am I thinking too hard?

Penis size of all inhabitants of Vatican City?


This was one perfect song during the skiing holiday, but what are they actually saying? :D

This is the song:

This is the refrain of which I would like to know the translation:

Auffe aufn berg und oba mit de ski

Eine in die hüttn und die händ in die höh

Aussa mit de hasal und ei mim jagertee

Oida des is schee

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Going up the mountain and down with the skis

Into the ski hut and the hands up in the air

Out with the bunny1 and down goes the Jagertee2

Man, that's nice!

1 - leaving with a hot girl. Not a literal bunny, of course.

2 - drinking Jagertee (black tea & rum)

Seemed like a nice holiday :D

edit: formatting

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Original Poster2 points · 4 months ago

Excellent, these lyrics explain the accessory dance of the song. Thank you!

And now that I got your attention. What is the play on words in this Johnny Däpp song? I'm not sure what Däpp means.

Funny, below news comes in only 3 days after this bet has been offered!

EM-1 officially slips into 2020 and EM-2 into 2023. And Europa Clipper into Q4 2025 (prev 2022)

Everybody (including the mods) is so hyped, that the "Select Upcoming Events" in the sidebar is still not updated, 24 hours after liftoff! :P

So perhaps the landing algorithms were not that easy to update for a heavily modified booster, which the center core is. But probably they can learn a lot from this!

I’m getting blue balls. And I’m a girl. (This is a joke - I know it’s much better safe than sorry!)

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Of course we would have anticipated you're not really a girl.

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About the Tesla Roadster going to 'Mars orbit'. The consensus seems to be now that we assume that the Roadster will not go to a Mars orbit, but only do a flyby of Mars and stay in a solar orbit with aphelion at Mars's orbit and perihelion at Earth's orbit. However, I didn't read any convincing reason for this assumption. As a matter of fact, this assumption does contradict the original tweet of Elon saying that the Roadster will go to Mars orbit, nothing else.

Why do we all assume that a ballistic capture to a high altitude Mars is not the case? ( ) Is this not possible with the low attitude control of the Tesla Roadster? Why not? It doesn't require any deep space insertion burn which the second stage can't execute. I can agree that it is a challenging task to do the Earth escape burn so accurate that the trajectory will lead to a ballistic Mars capture. But they can at least try it? I can't understand arguments I read that this is unrealistic because the spacecraft will not be sterilized, as a ballistic trajectory leads to a high altitude orbit with no chance of deorbiting any time soon. (An inaccurate Earth escape burn might lead to a 'contaminating' crash at Mars, but this risk is still valid when just a flyby is attempted)

Sorry for long post, I hope someone can give me some more information why a ballistic capture is realistic or why not.

From this article by Phil Plait:

So I decided to contact Musk. He got back to me, and gave me the info.


No, it’s not going to Mars. It’s going near Mars. He said it’ll be placed in “a precessing Earth-Mars elliptical orbit around the sun.” What he means by this is what’s sometimes called a Hohmann transfer orbit, an orbit around the Sun that takes it as close to the Sun as Earth and as far out as Mars. This is a low-energy orbit; that is, it takes the least amount of energy to put something in this orbit from Earth. That makes sense for a first flight.

So that answers why we assume no ballistic capture.

this risk [of crashing] is still valid when just a flyby is attempted

Not if you're aiming so far away from Mars that even calling it a flyby is a stretch. It'll be interesting to see the expected closest approach distance (both this year and later years). The phrase "going near Mars" in the article above is Phil Plait's editorialization, and it may be generous.

To get past planetary protection (which Elon says they complied with), all of this had to be reckoned with.

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Thanks for that, I completely missed that article.

This way, could they give the second stage a bit more energy, so that the second stage can cut off a bit earlier, which means that there is some fuel left for testing a controlled re-entry of that second stage?

That proud smile at the end of every fold.

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Just like me as a tight fish in poker!

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