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Kahzgul 129 points

I left out a lot of the conversation, obviously. Connie straight up told us she'd given up on herself ever being happy. Literally.

"I've given up on ever being happy," Connie said. Then she laughed. It was forced, to put on a brave face, and it ended too quickly as she realized how many of us were watching her, shocked and saddened by her words. "I'll be fine," she said, taking a deep drink of her vodka and soda, "really." Then, to herself, softly, she repeated it: "I'll be fine."

She looked up suddenly, with a new light in her eyes. "Enough about my sad life of loneliness and despair. Who has kids? I love pictures of kids." And then, as we all took turns showing off our respective rug rats, Connie began to cry. It was the ugly sort of drunken cry more often associated with ruined prom dresses and bad college break-ups.

"This happens all the time," Connie said between sobs. "Don't worry." And then, again, "I'll be fine." Same tone, same inclination. Like she wished it would be true.

That's sort of how it went down.

hanr86 4 points

This all really sounds like a romance/fan-fic novel.

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CritikillNick 5 points

I’m a 5’8 guy, I don’t think girls who are 5’8 look tall

Edit: what a weird opinion to downvote. It’s not like I insulted the guy or said he was wrong

hanr86 1 point

Girl that are as wide as they are tall look short in comparison. Try looking at skinny girls.

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BigRainRain 1,086 points

We do happen to have a rule about pink flamingos in our yards. When I first moved here, people on our street would put one in someone's yard on Friday morning. It meant that whoever had it, had to host the weekly BBQ. It was a pretty cool tradition. It got ruined when people would get jealous of it being placed in someone else's yard. No one ever called the HOA about it, but it was always so cool to me.

hanr86 3 points

It got ruined when people would get jealous of it being placed in someone else's yard.

Sounds like rich white people things to me. I would never get jealous of not having to host a BBQ

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msflowername 3 points

Bull Pan in Stamford, Connecticut

hanr86 2 points

Haha nice restaurant name. It's a play on words for bul(fire) pan(grill) which is technically serving bull on a pan.

NerdyDan 9 points

Korean food has a lot of American influences now due to the Korean war

hanr86 2 points

Thanks Truman!

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LordFelcher 714 points

Why don't they just have employees work perched on crappers? Problem solved!

hanr86 3 points


aron2295 1,108 points

Open office plan, shared communal desks, an lounge with a PS4 or Xbox and an open snack bar and ping pong table and you can bring your dog to work and wear jeans and a t shirt.

hanr86 1 point


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jaredpullet 40 points

I disagree. Those two are not close by any means.

hanr86 5 points

Well...they both have t's in the name so pretty darn close.

maldio 2 points

I thought Sea Cows were extinct... or do they serve Manatee?

hanr86 1 point

The mermaids serve manatee with crumpets.

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FFkonked 278 points

if i start doing a human tornado while holding two knives around someone and that someone happens to get slashed to death, was it intentional?

hanr86 3 points

If I were to shoot a machine gun at an apple from a person's head, would it count as murder if I accidentally hit him?

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Ventoron 35 points

My grandmother used to sit at her dining room table with an ice cream cone and do a “one for me one for you” thing with the cat.

hanr86 3 points

Thats how you get toxoplasmosis.

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Landlubber77 2 points

You can play a Kelly Clarkson record but you'd have to use a £290 note.

hanr86 3 points


pinniped1 150 points

If you try this with a $1 bill, all you hear is Nickelback.

hanr86 3 points

So it keeps 95 cents?

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hanr86 commented on a post in r/pics
egalroc 137 points

Probably not a good idea right now. Turns out there's a glut of the stuff and they're probably going to have to throw away around a million pounds of it.

hanr86 2 points

No kidding, my friend had a huge bag of "shitty" weed that he threw away because it was a bad batch from a start-up farm in Oregon.

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