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Supporting Trump. We're making the same mistakes the Germans made in the '30s, and the result will be similar.

Hells_Kitchen_NYC 11 points

Pretty dramatic exaggeration there bud

hasbeengrendel -4 points

We'll revisit this in five years, I guess.

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hasbeengrendel 2 points

Everyone seems to say to teach them not to be bullied. It's a lot of work, but I say make sure they are athletes. All my kids were swimmers and polo players, not super macho sports, but the kids were strong and healthy, and they didn't need much coaching to refuse bullying. Bullies avoid kids who CAN defend themselves. Ability paired with attitude.

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iced-torch 1 point

Like glasses and pacemakers?

hasbeengrendel 2 points

Exactly. And titanium hips, implanted teeth and hearing aids.

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hasbeengrendel 2 points

Why are so many of us being so judgmental? Why do we want everyone to share our situation? We used to have pumped gas in California. It was OK! It created entry-level jobs for kids, kept drivers out of the rain and cold weather, and avoided idiots driving off with the nozzle still attached to the car. yes, anyone can pump gas. But it was pretty nice in the day when we didn't have to.

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hasbeengrendel 1 point

But he didn't "pull anything out of his waistband." The cops always say this, but in other countries cops are trained to try other things than shooting.

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[deleted] 2 points

student council isn't supposed to have any real power. this kid isn't living in the real world

hasbeengrendel 1 point

Oh yes he is. He now knows that the admin/school serves only itself. We want kids to take school seriously, but they are denied basic civil rights and agency. The school is just a training ground for conformity, as he demonstrated to his entire cohort.

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