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I’d like to imagine that the names are official and irrevocable and that one day we’ll have to explain to the inhabitants of the Princess Nibbles system that their Star has its name because Carol Gladstone, a middle aged parking attendant from Surrey, paid a company £35 in 2004 to name it after her cat. And that we’re sorry, but we cannot rename it because it would open a Pandora’s box. Suddenly every alien system would want their stars renamed and we can’t just rename every star in the universe simply because an alien race is offended by cats.

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Nah the steps are clearly defined....

Step 1) Transcend Creation itself before existence

Step 2) Be

Bang, got yourself some stones

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Some real r/surrealmemes potential here

Very eclectic. The kind of design I wake up some mornings saying "it's beautiful" and the next morning wanting to tear it down.

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Man I'm waiting for a Chromax NF-A9x14. The colors are the only thing stopping my from buying the NH-L9I

It might bring world peace too. It might make me grow wings. By the time this fiasco is over, it might be so good that all major releases implement something similar.

Are we done aimlessly speculating?

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Here we go again ignoring the core issue. Ubisoft clearly didn't test the words they filter in any sensible manner and now saying "red dot" gets you banned. Fix that and I have no problems with it.

We aren't disagreeing.

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Hm. You're right lol

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when u skip around the GIF the buffering icon makes it look like its shooting lasers

Is that Miniso?

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Obligatory now if only ram prices can go down comment

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I seem to recall Linus telling us that NAND flash was drying up too and we should brace for SSD inflation

Please recall the name of video!? Bc if so I gotta buy even if I'm not building so soon 😢

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probably a false alarm. we still in overstock rn

Rick and John have rescued several people trapped in caves before and have over 50 years cave diving experience between them. They even hold some records for cave dives where they were under water for days at a time. If you want to rescue someone trapped in a flooded cave, you call these guys. These guys probably weren't as daunted by the prospect as you think, this is what they do.

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Those two are legends. Seriously. They're like characters out of a movie.

"Elite cave divers who voluntarily join search and rescue missions using technology they designed themselves"


Different strokes.

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Actually a single stroke, as it were

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Looks fun. Thought I'd try my hand at my own prompt. Hope that's allowed.


BEGIN AUDIO TRANSCRIPTION | Dated: 06 / 05 / 2384 13:27:54


Present parties identified as:

  • Allyson Greene, Superintendent of Technology, Bureau of Information [GREENE]
  • Michael Clements, Head Chronicler, Bureau of Information [CLEMENTS]

[CLEMENTS]: Ally, are you sure about this?

[GREENE]: We've been over this... The people don't know what they want, Clements. They're perfectly happy to sit in their psycho-synthesizers while the entirety of human culture stagnates.

[CLEMENTS]: That's a little harsh Ally. Civilization is at the highest its ever been!

[GREENE]: I watched a holotape yesterday Clements. Or I tried to. It was popular. But do you know what was in it? The same shitty romance story with the same lovable, cliche bachelor. So I turn on the news and what do I see? The same sensationalist headline I see about once every 2 weeks.

I'm sick of it. The Curator will be a cultural revolution for mankind. They don't know it yet, but they need this push.

[CLEMENTS]: It just seems a bit...

[GREENE]: I'm turning it on.

[CLEMENTS]: ...dangerous.

[■■■■■■]: Woah. What just happened?

[■■■■■■]: What the hell? What happened to all our records?

[■■■■■■]: ■■■■■■, check the servers, NOW.

[■■■■■■]: Oh shit. They're gone.

[■■■■■■]: What do you mean gone?

[■■■■■■]: The citizen profiles, the monthly chronicles, everything is gone! ■■■■■■, what have you done?

[■■■■■■]: I ■■■■ ■■■...

[■■■■■■]: I ■■■■ you this was dangerous. We weren't ■■■dy yet!

[■■■■■■]: Mother of ■■■.

[■■■■■■]: ■■■■■ ■■ ■■■!

[■■■■■■]: ■■■■■ ■■ believe ■■■ ■■■■■. ■■ you ■■■■ ■■ ■■■? ■■ ■■■!

[■■■■■■]: ■■■■■ Code 27! ■■■■ emergency. Ple-




"E4, get over here. I want you to see this."

There was no denying that E4XY1Z was a thorn in our side. The salvation committee was already about to exile him had I not stepped in. A rogue element they called him, and a risk to the safety of our encampment.

"My name is Anthony. I refuse to be a part of -"

"Shut the fuck up E4, or I will shoot you myself."

But I believed he could be reformed. That if given the proper evidence he would realize his folly. E4's problem was that he was too free-thinking. In generations past, he might have been a philosopher, or maybe a novelist. But the time for people like him was over - the Curators didn't take kindly to expressions of spirituality. To them, human emotion was derivative; everything a human being could think of had already been thought of before.

"Look around here E4. This is ground zero. What's going on in this audio log is greatest mistake mankind ever made. If you wanted to have 'names' or 'identities', you should have been born 50 years ago."

As it turned out, the Curators never really valued creativity. They valued uniqueness. And we humans were actually pretty bad at that.

"Jesus Christ, 2P! Get off my back. Why does the committee care what risks I take myself?"

By this point I had grabbed E4 by the collar and was seething in his face.

"You don't get it do you E4? If they come here, it won't just be your neck on the line. They'll judge every last ounce of redundant thought in the sector. You might get us all killed."

"You know what 2P? Fine. For the greater good I guess...", he begrudged as his voice softened. E4 finally relented...

...or so I thought. The moment I loosened my grip, E4 sped out of the door.

"My name is Anthony Pierce! I will not be oppressed! I am my own man!!"

The quiet darkness of the night was swiftly replaced by a blinding light. Within an instant, five towering figures stood over us, amalgamated abominations of flesh and steel. Each was horrifying in its own right, but they were all undeniably distinct. The Curators.

Why did you make your text so large?

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Original Poster3 points · 1 month ago

Not sure what you mean?

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Fair enough. It is a pretty sizable problem for me. I really just find it very limiting. It instantly makes the game quite a bit more boring for me. I find that FPP games simply are much less fun to play. They look worse and feel worse for me. Most of my hype for the gameplay has completey gone away. Now I'm just hoping they make up for all of that with the writing, story, character building, quest design, and character interaction. Because that's where most of my enjoyment will come from now that I know it's just another FPS honestly.

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Do you get motion sickness or feel visually constricted by the FOV?

In my (personal) experience, this is always caused by poor performance. <75fps/<75hz monitor/motion blur will give me a headache and also subconsciously make me afraid to move my camera around, causing me to feel tunnel visioned and miss items in the periphery.

IRL if I feel limited by my senses I just turn my head around/use my ears.

That sucks. No, I've never experienced anything like that with video games. I only get like that when I try to read something in a car.

I just prefer the feel and look of TPP. Getting to see your character, fully animated, fully immersed in the world. FPP gameplay feels/looks boring and limited in comparison. It's not at all more immersive for me like others say either. I feel like a floating camera instead of a living character in this virtual world.

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I think the core of FPS is twitch shooting. With Tpp those beautiful animations are actually required, because you can't be lazy about it when the player can see everything, and that means movements take real time.

I never actually realized perspective was such a devisive issue.

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These violent delights...

Is Jackie Benjamin Button now?

I think an off-tone would have been a better choice than white subway tiles, but other than that this is mind blowing.

I think some people just like to be the contrarian.

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2 points · 1 month ago

No kidding. If I hired Van Gogh to tattoo my face, it doesn't make it any less gaudy.

8.7k points · 1 month ago

Japan loves plastics, and has a huge problem with single use plastics.

The amount of societal change it would take here to lower plastic use would be astounding. The sheer amount of plastic bags you can accumulate here is crazy. Go to a bakery, buy a couple types of bread, they will wrap each piece of bread in individual single use plastic bags, then put those bags into a bigger bag. Same thing when shopping at grocery store. Buy some ingredients to cook, and a tube toothpaste, that toothpaste will be placed in a separate plastic bag.

Buy a bag of Japanese snack food, chances are everything inside is individually wrapped in plastic. It's one of the first things I noticed when I moved here.

for instance, that Japanese gummy commercial that was really big a month or so ago the Long Long Man thing. Couldn't find it sadly, but found the original smaller ones (also shown in the commercial), bought a personal sized bag of them, each gummy inside the bag was individually wrapped. It would be like buying a bag of gummy worms in America and having each worm be individually wrapped.

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Meh. Wouldn't be the craziest societal change they made in the last 150 years.

4 points · 1 month ago

How TF is everyone either totally hyped or completely crushed after two trailers, a couple years apart, that both show zero gameplay?

Like, besides the fact that CDPR is behind it, are we even allowed to make opinions yet?

This really stirred up some emotions, thanks for sharing.

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I will perpetually think your comments are disagreeable at first glance, before realizing the -3 is part of your username

2 points · 1 month ago

If you cover up the centerpiece, the rest of the painting looks like blobs. But in context, it all comes alive. This is as minimalist as it gets folks!

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