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hawktopuss commented on a post in r/Vechain
RockStarDrummer 2 points

I will be having delicious Bulgogi, Kimchi, and Rice for lunch today.... LOTS of it! :)

hawktopuss 1 point

Had Korean food last night. Eating leftover bulgogi for lunch lol

hawktopuss 19 points

Don't know anything about to VET?

hawktopuss commented on a post in r/Vechain
hawktopuss 22 points

I'm planning on holding the rumor and buying the news

cryptoheat -1 points

If I were sunny I may try holding off a few days to see if this market is going to bounce than dropping the AMA in the middle of a falling market. Would that be going through his mind or do you think he has no concern for price in relationship to when he drops news

hawktopuss 1 point

A few days brings us to the rebrand. I am also surprised it hasn't been released. Maybe today or tomorrow?

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hawktopuss commented on a post in r/Vechain

I am no moonboy, but $10 is very low for a EOY prediction.

hawktopuss 12 points

It's some FUD joke that started on 4chan. Don't bother

hawktopuss 18 points

Slow day today.

Disclaimer. I am doing this for fun.

In CCK's recent post two things stood out to me:

1) He references the "Chevaliers of Glass jumping ship." Chevalier is another word for knight and WTCs biggest partnership is with a glass company. Coupled with the fact that WTC has "knights" who are links between the community and the team, I believe he is referencing WTC.

2) He states "The red swarm is ready." I think this refers to the general population of China itching to buy crypto again. Hopefully, this comes with a fiat on-ramp with RMB.


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hawktopuss commented on a post in r/Vechain
Bacon_Hero 1 point

Where do you trade them that the government would know?

hawktopuss 5 points

I trade on binance. I just don't want to risk anything with the IRS and VEN is a strange project with their news releases. Remember how they released the tobacco partnership on a Saturday night/Sunday morning?

I feel the cons greatly outweigh the pros to trading this token, but that's just me. If you can pull it off, that's great, but not my cup of pu'er tea.

Indraputra87 3 points

What were you implying when you said it’s a strange project? You mean it’s unpredictable and nobody knows if it will even dip after the rebrand?

hawktopuss 3 points

Sorry, I don't necessarily mean strange. Maybe atypical is a better word? What kind of company announces they are going to be tracking 1/3 of the worlds tobacco on a Saturday night/Sunday morning? I thought that was extremely odd. I read the news at a dance club lol.

My point is I think this project is going to blow everything else out of the water. I do not want to deal with timing the market or their announcements so I am just going to hold and be happy with what I have accumulated to date.

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hawktopuss commented on a post in r/waltonchain
hawktopuss 4 points

Hopefully I'm not too late to add my opinion.

Disclaimer, I am all in on VEN, but really like this space and think WTC is a fantastic project. I lurk on this sub and think the discussion over here is better than on the Vechain sub.

I chose to invest in VEN rather than WTC initially because of the partnerships with PwC and DNV. I think we can push and pull all day about who has better partnerships, but in my opinion those two companies will make sure VEN succeeds by introducing them to dozens of Fortune 500 companies. Then there is the fact that Jim Breyer is an advisor to the project and that is the nail in the coffin that keeps me from switching over. He knows China better than anyone.

This being said, WTC is my second favorite project in crypto and if I had fiat I would dump it into this. The market cap is lower, there is more room to grow in my opinion, and VEN is definitely more cut-throat in this space, which is not necessarily a trait I am fond of.

This is my two cents and I hope you don't all see it as me shilling VEN. I am a big fan of WTC and this community. You are mature than the investors in the VEN sub talking about erections when the price goes up. I wish I could take the best things from both projects and combine them into an unstoppable force, but for the time being I am going to stay in VEN. I will continue to lurk though and if there is something that catches my interest enough, I might switch over.

If you read this thanks for reading through the whole thing and I wish you luck in your crypto investments. Hopefully both projects succeed.

hawktopuss commented on a post in r/Vechain
myaplus -20 points

Personal Opinion: Seems like the pump for the rebrand has already been factored in the price. It will probably go up to 8 by the re-brand event and then dump to ~4-5 over the next 3 months (unless we see a huge bull market).

hawktopuss 9 points

Sorry but I disagree. The Vechain team are debatably the best at marketing in crypto and they want to see a big increase as they announce their new vision.

The fact they are releasing partnerships and tidbits of info this entire week tells me there are big things yet to be announced, just my opinion though.

anonmehmoose 0 points

Realistic EOY price predictions? Obviously we're all only speculating.

hawktopuss 7 points

I think 75

hawktopuss commented on a post in r/Vechain
[deleted] -5 points


hawktopuss 5 points

55k? Wow, if you're nervous take out 30k and you'd still have more than almost anyone here. Vechain is not immune to the market and as we have seen the market is unpredictable. Be careful

bluemoon_33 6 points

DNV GL might be at the show as a guest not as the honored guest. Might just want to be there since they are on the same team

hawktopuss 1 point

Who are the honored guests?

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hawktopuss commented on a post in r/Vechain
hawktopuss 17 points

To add my input as well: The way this is titled combined with the post made it seem like there was going to be announcement from PwC. So I ended up disappointed when there wasn't any new info

JohnPNjui -25 points

The problem I see here, is an excess seriousness w.r.t cryptocurrencies.

It cannot be a daily news-feed of T.A, partnerships and star dust.

Embrace the weird side.

hawktopuss 2 points

Agreed but up until rebrand it will more or less be daily news feed of partnerships and other info relevant to the rebranding.

hawktopuss commented on a post in r/Vechain
9eleven -9 points

Neah man. Ven is falling out of the public sight with the /r/cc ban. We've noticed a downtrend since then. Growing reluctant that we can rise to $8 during rebrand.

hawktopuss 10 points

Even if that's true, so what? There will be a time when FOMO flows into this coin. Whether it is in two weeks, two months, or six months who cares.

hawktopuss commented on a post in r/Vechain
pinoyboy82 1 point

For DNV GL for example, check out

and apply % savings you think is worth it from their perspective to have VeChain replace a current expense. Extrapolate.

hawktopuss 1 point

Unrelated, are you Filipino? If so, do you live in Philippines?

hawktopuss 3 points

T minus two weeks, interested in seeing how they handle the run-up to the event

hawktopuss commented on a post in r/Vechain
pbinj 11 points

We don't attract many reddit people since being banned from talking about it on the main sub.

Then most of the investors don't speak English. So they don't come here.

The big China coins won't be mentioned much on Reddit but may provide the best returns. The few China coins I'm watching hardly anyone on Reddit talk about.

hawktopuss 1 point

What are the other ones?

hawktopuss commented on a post in r/Vechain
hawktopuss 1 point

Can't check binance, what's going on right now?

bunch_o_faces1 4 points

But I thought you said this was a P&D!!!! zomgomg!111!

hawktopuss 2 points

No need to rub it in their face, although I did laugh at your comment

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hawktopuss commented on a post in r/Vechain
BigStuggz 0 points

(Sorry in advance - slightly newbish to all of this), but what effect will the rebrand or the separation of VET and Thor currencies have on people who have been holding VEN? Will VEN just be "renamed" VET?

hawktopuss 2 points

No worries. VEN and VET are the same thing. VEN is rebranding to VET. Thor is what you generate by staking VEN/VET in a wallet.

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