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hawktopuss 10 points

Crypto is, and will continue to be, an irrational market.

Your musings would be mostly correct if this were a traditional investment, but the truth is you, me, and everyone else on here have no idea what is going to happen

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hawktopuss 6 points

I say nobody knows what is going to happen because you seem to be very self-righteous in the idea that you know what is going to happen.

It's not the message you are harping on that I disagree with. It is your pompous language that implies that you can't be wrong.

I think many of us are aware that this project will not "moon" overnight, but instead gradually gain in value as use cases are developed, clients are onboarded, and network transactions are increased.

With 250 use cases in Vechain's pipeline, 25 use cases about to be deployed, an unknown # of clients per use case, and ~13 ICOs getting ready to launch there is not much we can do to predict. Mainnet launch is when your all-knowingness will be more appreciated

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jpl691 10 points

with vechain being in the contest, you would think they would be on the exhibitors list.. they are now.

hawktopuss 1 point


bupperna 17 points

Getting married this weekend so I’ll be drinking plenty of beer and getting as much sweet ass from the Wifey as we can manage (hopefully with the LVMH Innovation award newly announced in the back of mind)!!

hawktopuss 9 points

Congrats man! Wish you and your wife the best and hopefully some good weather

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PoliticalShrapnel 2 points

So do you think it refers to the transaction fees? Because that'll mean, assuming companies spend say 1% of their costs on transaction fees, that vechain will capture $2 trillion of the world economy. That is insane.

hawktopuss 11 points

Saying what it refers to is harder than saying what it doesn't refer to.

Using China Tobacco as a reference point: Their sales in 6 months are $120bn or ~$240bn/year. They provide nearly ten percent of Chinese governments tax revenue.

Couple this with the fact that they just signed a partnership with one of China's top 3 insurance companies, carbon bank, 250 use cases, PwC, DNV, etc...I think $2trillion flowing through the platform is feasible.

So yes, I personally believe the $20bn is transaction fees, but my guess is as good as yours.

I can let you know in five years when I am hopefully living in the Albanian Riviera lol

sicko78 1 point

Albania is pretty cheap, so... :-))

hawktopuss 1 point

I LOVE Albania. Have you been?

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btlaffin79 34 points

Lead singer of the band Avenged Sevenfold performed wearing a VeChain shirt last night haha

hawktopuss 5 points
GreatWhiteSharkCIA [M] 5 points
hawktopuss 1 point


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hawktopuss 22 points

So there are now over 250 use cases in the pipeline and according to the Q&A sesh last night they have a goal of implementing all of these by the end of the year.

They are building a massive ecosystem I can't even begin to comprehend the reach of.

It's crazy how fast our world is moving now, but at the same time it is also insane at how slow moving certain industries are. There is much to be disrupted and I can't wait to witness it.

Release the whitebible.

shoot2loot 1 point

Is it confirmed that Thor is staying at 0.00042 per VET per day ?

Having that many supply Vs demand could create single unit value that's so low would cause issues with some exchanges trading engines.

Unless demand for Thor is already estimated to be that high...

hawktopuss 3 points

I am going off what I heard Kevin say in the audio recording someone posted from last night.

Whitepaper this weekend will hopefully confirm and give us a firmer idea of the supply and demand at play here

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buggersee -4 points

Feel free to give me some constructive criticism

hawktopuss 8 points

You feel like this seems rushed and you have convinced yourself that the CEO has no idea how well the Vechain platform will perform. Both of which are just feelings you have rather than fact based concerns that demonstrate flaws in the project.

Your post is completely subjective

buggersee 3 points

This ICO sounds really shady imo, i'll give you a few points.. :
- Seems rushed because they dont wait for our upcoming mainnet launch
- They switched from Ethereum platform (most stable application platform ) to NEO (because of more tps) and then to Vechain, before its mainnet is launched. So their CEO doesn't know how stable/fast Vechain will perform after mainnet launch.. This is a huge risk for starting a legit ICO.. ( )
- This looks exactly like GOL Token. Boxmining added as advisor is litteraly the only change they did. (
- Their roadmap and whitepaper is pretty bad
- Last but not least: Boxmining as advisor lol ..
I would say this is not a good ICO to start the Vechain platform with, i would much more like to see bitocean or something as the first one!

hawktopuss 5 points

Nice copy and paste

Lots of generalizations

Original concerns

Overall: B- FUD

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Fluffywiggle 4 points

Kevin just released an update.. during mainnet 1 erc-20 token will = 100 VET.. meaning the total circulating supply will increase x100 (to keep price low) .. what I foresee happening is that there will be a major sell off right after mainnet.. hopefully the price stays the same now until release.. that means some lucky few will be able to get a really good price! But what I HOPE doesn't happen is a sell off now...

hawktopuss 1 point

Interesting move

Thanks for the update

neptunian 5 points

You guys wanna see something weird?

Download the VeChain Pro app and scan this QR code:

What is that video in the beginning??

hawktopuss 1 point

Can you tell me? I have no storage on my phone

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Durango44 -5 points

Chinese exporters and importers are already adopting XIM for cross-border trade. You can see it happening here

hawktopuss 2 points

No one cares

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